23 September 2018

Getting Revenge for my HORRIBLE Diet (NOT clickbait) [Axe bomb prank]

Thnx For watching, by watching you helped show my stupid family who's boss Link to pocket bunny thing: ...


I'm doing [Music] [Applause] today this is a very bad day Norma its days not a good day neither were these past weeks maybe wondering what you're seeing right now I'm not happy my parents said if you're gonna keep being this fat I can put you on by it so it's been really hard to past week and feed me no minecraft no nothing I'll come make a video I feel so weak I can barely barely even whiffed oh hang on and I had to make a new mask because it won't fit my face today's a sad day so I'm sorry I haven't been posting I've been starving and hungry I'm gonna start GoFundMe to make me diabetic again cuz that's how every American should be they should all be diabetic so I'm gonna start a GoFundMe page and if we can get three million dollars on a GoFundMe then I will tell my parents that I am I need to be diabetic and I'll show you I'll show them that I need three million dollars okay now today is not we're not gonna just mourn this loss of my beautiful

body we're gonna act today is the day to act so my parents and my sister have no idea what's going on they're just going to be eating dinner I'm gonna come at him with an axe bomb that's right guys when I go down man just play some acts everywhere they're gonna all die and then I'm gonna be like I win and then I'm gonna stuff my face full of Oreo cookies and I'll be back to normal guys okay let's get right into it still now as you can see so my old laundry I'm gonna have to get rid of because I'm skinny now what we're gonna go destroy this place now I don't have any axe deodorant but I got something simple it's called pocket bunny I bet it will have the same fact [Music] smell how does it feel no it doesn't you're crying right now you're gonna die I hope you won't die epic prank guys we got them good but our job is far from over this stuff may be nasty what's not nice enough I mean you get even nastier we got ourselves and it's not ashle a spray but we can still make this work you're getting pranks right now how do you feel get pranked we know it

doesn't smell a death oh thank you so much for watching that short video guys I think it was totally epic totally awesome balm in my my family telling them teaching them a lesson thank you so much for watching thank you for pocket bunt bunny moist miss moisturizing mist and myrrh best meisten my in the in the world thank you so much smells great but it's like acts if there's too much of it then you you die make sure to LIKE and subscribe guys smash that like button and hit the hit the bell if you want to get notifications thanks so much for watching guys make sure check out my GoFundMe that's right only 3 million 3 3 million dollars till I can get diabetic again and show my my parents who's boss be sure to show them today guys ok this is diamond gamer one one one one one sign up free my stomach doesn't even reach the camera anymore this is not good checking burp hey hey game burp anymore it's not good I think I'm dying so scared I'm gonna freaking die I can't even I can't even run into the camera anymore so you know I'm gonna have to do I'm gonna just have to do this