12 September 2018

get healthy with me 2 | Pre & Post Gym Meals [vegan] | smoothie recipe

It's episode 2 of my Get Healthy With Me challenge! In this video, I show you my pre and post workout meals and a smoothie recipe. Both of these meals are ...

hi it's a few days later after I filmed

the last couple of videos but in the last couple days things haven't been necessarily the healthiest yesterday I feel like I was pretty healthy today I am going to be very healthy it is currently 431 and I have fasted all day sometimes I partake in intermittent fasting I'm not promoting it I'm just letting you know that I do it I think it is worth researching at least to see if that's something that might fit your lifestyle if not totally fine so since I have fasted until 4:00 I all I've had today is just one cup of coffee this morning I'm basically on an empty stomach so I am going to do an apple cider vinegar drink before I make food so I'm gonna go ahead and drink that what I've changed is that instead of just putting two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water or in one cup of water I'm going to put it in significantly more water because it hurts my stomach like I didn't know what it was until I put two and two together and realized that I wasn't diluting my apple cider vinegar enough and it was like burning my inside it was awful do not recommend so I'm going to put my apple cider vinegar in a significantly

larger amount of water and then I'm going to drink a cup of coffee while I cook a pre-workout breakfast dinner lunch it's an awkward time and it's my first meal of the day so we don't really know what to call this so I'm gonna go do all that and I'll film it for you [Music] always search or these are not chickpeas I always do chia seeds I usually measure but today we're not I'm going to do some mixed nuts I just do about that much on every single smoothie I do coconut chips this is just because I love them I'm gonna do a little extra so the chia seeds give me extra protein and a lot of fiber the nuts are extra healthy fats also extra protein healthy fats are super important in my diet because it helps balance my hormones and I feel a lot better when I'm eating worth that and then of course you've got our protein in our greens and whatnot so I'm going to eat this bowl and I'm also going to finish up this dinner or this lunch from earlier actually that was the you know the cauliflower rice kale all that so it's kind of a lot of food altogether but if you remember I have not eaten that much today so I'm gonna

eat this and see how I feel and maybe come back for a little snack [Music]