06 September 2018

Georgia Medicare Supplement Quotes - Georgia Medigap Rates - Atlanta Plan G Quotes

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Robert Bosch Medicare Bob owner of

senior healthcare direct it is rate watch Wednesday and in this video it has been requested that I pull some quotes in Atlanta Georgia so I'm going to show you exactly how we do that just a reminder we are not limited we can actually give quotes all over the country in all 50 states so if you like a quote for where you live just give us a call or send us an email leave a message on the comment message below I'll be happy to help so let's take a look at Atlanta we're gonna look at three zero three zero five and we're gonna do Medicare supplement plan G that's the most cost effective plan G if the next cut most cost effective plan for next couple years Atlanta Georgia sixty five year old female we're gonna select get quote and it is gonna pull up all the quotes in Atlanta Georgia for a 65 year old female non-tobacco for Medicare supplement plan G what we're looking at here is a company called western United Life Assurance Company it's you might have heard of them as Manhattan Life that's them they have the best price right now at 109 fifty for a 65 year old female GPM health and life at one 1622 is the next best price

Edna's one twenty four twenty united healthcare which is AARP is one twenty five twenty five combined is about 135 CIGNA's one thirty eight ninety as I scroll down you'll see the prices increase mutual Omaha's one forty Transamerica is 142 now remember the price of the plan is the only difference Medicare supplement plan G is a federally regulated and standardized plan so the benefits are identical the only difference is price so your doctor takes it the same the benefits pay the same the only difference is how much you pay so that's why it's important to work with a broker like us so that you get the best price so this is for a 65 year old female let's take a look at a 65 year old male so 65 year old male non-tobacco I don't have any discounts or anything applied you'll notice it's a different company it's actually AARP at 125 25 is offering the best value right now and then there's western United life at 126 GPM is at 133 66 Aetna's 140 to 78 combined as 155 22 beech Omaha's about 150 six trans Americas 156 CIGNA's about 157 bankers about 162 so as you see as I scroll down the prices increase for the

same exact plan now why the prices are different there's a lot of different reasons administration administrative costs some companies want to make more money some are public companies some of mutual companies and they put the companies back in the profits back into the company but the point is you should not overpay because it's the same exact plan G you can go to any doctor go to any Hospital you don't need any referrals or anything and you're only out-of-pocket costs is that 183 dollar deductible so let's take a look at a 70 year old female so 70 year old female 3 0 3 0 5 we're in Atlanta Georgia plan G non-tobacco GPM health and life which is as kind of a parent the parent companies kind of each of Omaha they're their own company but miu chi-wah reinsures them and administers their benefits and their underwriting and everything their price for a seven-year-old female is the best at 117 98 western united lifes 123 58 Etna's 130 cygnus 145 then there's mutual omaha 1 47 48 AARP at 148 25 as I scroll down the prices increase again same exact plan the only difference is price so let's take a look at a 70 year

old male 70 year old male Atlanta non-tobacco plan G G p.m. health and lifes 135 67 western United lights 142 AARP is 148 edna's 150 mu CH of Omaha is about 164 Cigna is about 164 and as you can see again the prices get higher so there's no reason to pay more Medicare supplement plan G is offering the greatest value and go to any doctor any hospital your only out-of-pocket cost is 183 a year there's no co-pays no referrals nothing like that nationwide coverage because Medicare's your primary she can go anywhere you want to go the only difference is price so you want to make sure you work with a broker like us because we have access to all the quotes I mean look let's say you didn't work with a broker and you just called Cigna and said Cigna I'm a 70 year old male I live in Atlanta Georgia how much is plan G they're gonna say it's 160 for 35 they're not gonna tell you that you can get that same exact plan G for 135 they're just not they're gonna tell you whatever their price is so I'd encourage you to work with a broker now remember as a broker senior health care direct Medicare Bob's office we're not limited to Atlanta

Georgia we help everybody in all 50 states we have licensed agents here that will help you right over the phone so no one has to come to your house no one's gonna try to cross sell you life insurance or talk about annuities all we do is Medicare so we'll help you save money in your supplement and we're not limited to these ages so if you're a different age just let us know and we'll be happy to give you an exact quote and look at all the companies for you our services are always free so leave a comment below give us a call please like this video please share this video and if you have any questions just contact us we'll be happy to help