22 January 2012

Garlic Soup - Natural Antibiotics - Weight Loss - Magic Plan

Garlic Soup - Natural Antibiotics - Healthy. Garlic Soup, the perfect Natural Antibiotics, helps build up your immunity system, Helps fight off Colds and the Flu.

hi this is tony from cookingaround you

know it's really really cold outside the winter has hit really hard here pulling rain mixing with snow and then it's snowing and this is the time that you know when usually a lot of people catch their colds and flu so I come up with my famous garlic soup now this garlic soup will actually help your immunity system to fight off your coals and whatever ugly virus comes your way now you know that garlic is a natural antibiotic now I'm not saying this is going to prevent you you know if you still need your flu shot please go take your flu shot any medical advice please go see a doctor not me but I'm just letting you know how this helps me so try this garlic soup and you're going to see it's absolutely awesome my friends love it and it will give you an oath to your day once you eat this but no kissing for one hour after you eat this okay so let's get started okay take a medium sized pot or larger or smaller one and we are going to add about two tablespoons of olive oil you can use a regular olive oil if you want and I'm just going to wait for that to heat up and we throw one onion in there any way for that facism okay now you can see the

onion is sizzling so I take half of an onion or a small one like I have here and roughly chopped I'm recording and we do basically buy that on medium high until we get just about a hat fall and now them taps often oh yeah about a quarter cup of butter anyways the last melted now I'm going to add half a ball of garlic which is approximately six to eight cloves of garlic and I press it with this handy dandy presser if you don't have the pressure just cut it as fine as you can and we add that to the mixture with the butter and now at this point I do not want the garlic to be overcooked or burn because it's very very fine so what we do we just turn it until we mix it and break it down and that's as far as I go into the blender now so grab some water and I just pour that in until I'm about two inches from the top of this pot just about like that now you can add more water or you can add less water whatever you want that's about the level that I want for this size and soup now to there we add four small potatoes or three large potatoes I usually cut up this way because that way they basically soften a lot faster for some reason it's

improving faculty and put that in and about half of a large person or one small parsnip I cubed it about this size you're going to see why later put that in there and one carrot do not dice the carrot just put the carrot in hole like this I will show you later why and we just put that in and one cube of chicken stock now if you don't want to use chicken stock which is vegetarian stock since it is for me my girl was not here she's a vegetarian I'm going to be using the chicken stock so stock and since we have the chicken stock we have to be careful how much salt we put in there so I'm just going to put about half a teaspoon for now and then I'm going to taste it later before it's done now what we do is we appreciate you cover it once it's boiling reduce the heat to medium-low and keep it on a oil for about 25 to 30 minutes and we will be back okay here we are we're back again now what we do here is you grab the carriage and you remove the carrot and put that on the side and now you turn off the heat let this cool down and then it's gone to the blender and we will be back okay we're back the soup is cooled down and have everything in here

except for the one care and now what we do is we just live a fight and this is what we want as we take a liquefied soup and we pour that all back in if you make a lot of stupid may have to do this in two three matches okay we have the soup all back and have addition to portions there's a half size in the blender and I what we do is we put in our carrots Dougy to college now you can add more or less carats depending how you want and I take one and a half green onions chopped just to give it some color in the soup you can add more or you can address and fresh ground pepper here you can add more or you can add less depending on whatever makes you I'm going to add about 1/2 teaspoon stir that on around see how that's coming if you can just smell the aroma of that garlic boy oh boy oh boy your mother would be proud except when you eat this if you have any neighbors other bother you believing after you eat this the neighbors will all disappear form so cover it bring it to a boil and let it now cook for about 15 to 20 minutes and we will be back we're back it's been about 15 minutes and you can see it has been boiling here really nicely now I

didn't come to it give me five minutes and give it a nice stroke so you can see how that's really turning out really really good but we're not done yet now at this point it's important for it patience you need more salt or whatever you need now remembering it is free enough for me so you can add more or less whatever you want at this point and for me it requires just a pinch more salt some more pepper and about a tablespoon and a half of parsley now I'm using driving videos Russian you watch and now to finish it off some 18% cream or you can use milk but when you add this I want you to stir and just add very slowly as you stir it like this until you get it just a little bit more clear because we don't want to overdo it and that's how I want it now look how that soup is looking down and the smell is absolutely awesome and here's the soup it's now finished and you can see that looks absolutely awesome now you have a bowl of this it will clean your sciences it will help you fight any type of coals or fever and it also is guaranteed that wants you to bowl with this you keep the neighbors away for a while so here it is

enjoy and thank you very much for being with me thank you very much for having given me the opportunity to share this recipe with you and I hope bring you some enjoyment and good health thank you and see you again on my next cooking recipe thank you