25 March 2019




what's going on guys welcome back to the channel this is your boy physique I know I've been m.i.a for a little bit regarding high shredding series and you know I turn away and what I've been doing to get leaner and leaner but nothing's changed I promise you it's still gonna eating less drinking more water basically just following my program stick into the curriculum okay other than that I do want to take you guys on workout today and we're working out the brows all right I'm gonna do is I'm gonna see you guys at the gym and I want you guys to try out these back exercises and trust me if you want to do just a quick super-powerful back workout these exercises about the ones for you okay and other than that don't forget to Like share comment subscribe and your interested in any diet plan training plan contact me DM me on my Instagram so that we could chat more no details and we can get you going okay [Music] barbell rows barbell rules widen your back so if you want to take that shirt off and you want to flex your back a lighter back this is exercise do about four sets light weight increase weight

stick to ten to twelve repetitions a roll baby it's a compound exercise okay this is a staple of your phone and strength training routine from me [Music] [Music] he's coming back anything to say [Music] [Music] see [Music] to come back come back season the next exercise you're gonna be doing is the single don't go around ten to twelve reps each side alternating okay make sure that you squeeze on your way up please slowly on the way down to get a really proper block on OK and that lat definitely get on fire okay trust me if you want to really mark that back out detail it slap some muscle on there this is a water baby [Music] these are dumbbell rows as you can see here the homie going on wider back these are the ones [Music] killing it they say

[Music] next exercise lat pull-downs I'm using the straight bar so what I'm doing is I'm placing my hands each shoulder width apart and so the lat pulldown is basically coming to your chest and you're pausing there and you're releasing slow on the negative and you're doing that for a good 15 wraps okay I love this exercise you can really go heavier if you'd like I do just because you know I love that range of motion and I love the way that that exercise feels and then last but not least cable rows now this is a little unorthodox movement so if you have this machine available or if you have any cables available to you at your gym do this specific exercise to really target those extra fibers okay so make sure that you're stretching out contracting really hard and really slowly and just blow your back out finish it up with that exercise okay [Music] comeback season 2019 and there you have it thank you for watching this video and I will see you on the next baby peace

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