19 March 2019

FULL SOUND | "I'm making a name for myself at this quarter position," JaCoby Stevens

JaCoby Stevens speaks about LSU's upcoming football season and gives some March Madness predictions. Check us out on our new website for more!

oh I have a Duke win today at all it

hurts to say that I know I'll go to LA she got Trey and all these other guys are really talented on the basketball team but I have Duke I just don't see anybody beating Zion and Duke I think I think Michigan may give a run for their money or North Carolina may upset could I have a chance to upset Duke but I don't know I'll see anybody beaten sighing that dead team is really powerful especially with Coach K so I don't know I do want to say cuz I don't wanna bring that I don't want to I don't want to talk about that right now I don't know Kent reddish has a he can he can shoot he saved him gets Florida State I mean most most three-point three-point shooters are streaky you mean Ray Allen in the league could go cold and then all of a sudden five threes in one game so this is depends on what night you kitchen but Zion is very consistent RJ Berry's is the I think he's an underrated point guard I know they haven't plan to but he's very underrated point guard and then they have the best point guard in the nation second to Trey waters and and I just forgot his name I trade Jones so those those guys are those guys are offered

they have they have first round in town all over play all over the court on that team so yeah they're doing the same thing um I just got my feet wet last year and now kind of getting comfortable and kind of wiggling in and making uh making a name for myself and at this quarter position in the same position I played last year for the AM and EC of games so it's the same thing Oh Calvin Calvin makes it easier for the DBS for a secondary because he's a guy that's gonna get to the quarterback really really fast he's a he's a freaking of athlete coming off the edge he's basically a quarter that just plays outside linebacker every every time there's rushing the passer he's very quick he's the first guy that I've seen that the Moffatt workouts and that he runs with the skill players and he lifts with the big scale players that's my that's a big of a freak at about race on is they ran as a play but always been thick it's just how much he gives us how much he thinks we can how much do you think we can process and understand and play with so he he always has stuff going he actually always has a paper and pinned carries around just

drawing up different schemes and different blisses and it's just matter if he's gonna let us run him or not the three years I've been here always we've always did different things I think we're going to see something different coach Aaron is always learning always going to coaching clinics and always watching films so there's bound to be something different well my sister went to school him in high school so I got I got the opportunity to see him in high school so what he's doing now it's not surprising me do this aesthetic he I think he's a freak of nature as well um and he hasn't even been in through a full it's a full process in the four months or so of like muffets real intense high high attends workouts so I can't wait to see him during summer and how he's gonna become a high is gonna transform because he he's really good now but his ceiling is really high I love big cat just distal on up hit the able sumerians to hit somebody I mean that that's what that's what football that's what football is made out of made from

guys just line up and go one-on-one whoever you have a winner you ever loser that's it Nonna's playing DB um yeah I play receiver in my freshman year but uh nah they move me back to DB on this planet that was always a huge thing not only because for how long the season is but it's always good to have people that you can rotate in and out because you want people to last at the UH towards the end of the season our goal is to make it to other college football playoff make it to the championship so if you have 15 to 17 guys that you can rotate in on defense alone you're gonna have a very healthy team when it comes to the end of the year