27 October 2018

Full Day of Eating (Realistic)||Current Fitness Routine and Diet||Healthy Pita Pizza Recipe

Hey guys!! In this video, I recorded my REALISTIC full day of eating. I truly believe in balancing out the "good" and "bad" foods. I don't believe that anyone should ...


seasons change God washed away in summary you can do don't know what this gets to be hi welcome to my video thank you so much for clicking on this video I'm kind of new to YouTube so you haven't yet please click the subscribe button but please click the subscribe button down below so today I'm basically just gonna film a full day of eating I already filled my breakfast at the beginning of the video which was at about like 9:45 ish it's currently 10:45 and my breakfast this morning was two slices of toast with cream cheese that's kind of a light breakfast for me but that's just because I woke up kind of late today so yeah but right now I just went to go get Starbucks and I got a iced americano with two pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup which is my go-to order when I go here is really good very basic it's really good and yeah so today I'm not really doing much the head against my parents office today because I'm bringing them lunch and because I always do my homework their Friday since I don't have school today so that's why I woke up pretty late this morning

uh yeah my eyes are a little bit different than my usual weekdays the only difference is I'm not going to the gym today I go Monday through Thursday but I don't go on Friday Saturday or Sunday I'm gonna be talking about my workout routine a little bit so I'll detail that later but yeah right now I'm just getting started but after I get this I'll park my car somewhere and I'll talk about my workout routine and my diet and my entire fitness right now okay so I just parked my car outside of my gym that's cuz my sister's there right now but yeah I'm we are outside of the gym right now they just dropped her off I need a fix my store but I always get that's an I always add in about 3/4 of packet of stevia I always get half decaf now I didn't really know you could do that until recently I really can't sleep like this widest bit of caffeine effects make this I take it past 2 o'clock half decaf I will not sleep until like frickin 5:00 in the morning I don't know I don't kind of relate it unrelated note for some reason I've been waking up at 5:30 every single day and staying up till like 6:30

because I can't go back to sleep I don't know why maybe it's because I'm scared because it's so dark at night and I just realize that now or something I don't know but it wasn't really scary this happened to me last night and I didn't know what to do one time two nights ago I actually woke up and then I started using my phone at 5:30 in the morning and I was like what am i doing I can't do this if I keep doing this not gonna be back to sleep so I put my phone down and I couldn't sleep for like another 40 minutes which is kind of a bad for me cuz I don't know what to do so kind of sucked anyways okay so now that I'm sitting down oh my god I like the song [Music] okay get back okay so now so now I was gonna say like talk about my current fitness routine so I've been going to the gym for a while now and I've been cooler about maybe even like five years now but I didn't start weightlifting until last year or like kind of the beginning of this year so it's been about a few months now in the past all I've done was cardio and just playing around with the machine there but this year I got into weightlifting because I

wanted to gain muscle mass more as opposed to losing weight that's still my current goal right now which is kind of different than most girls but I don't know that's just me I go to the gym four times a week so I do Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and I'm off Friday Saturday Sunday I actually do have a coach that gives me my training split and so on Mondays I do glutes on Tuesdays I do back and biceps Wednesday I do quads which is basically leg day and then Thursday I do chest shoulders and triceps so that's what my four days train split looks like so yeah that's my training split and oh that's her cardio I don't do much cardio because I really don't like it I know it's good for your heart and all but yeah I'm not really doing much cardio right now I never really liked cardio I'm pretty active during the week I walk quite a bit like the ground school and like throughout the day I'm doing a lot of walking so basically I only do two 10 minute sessions of sprints so my chair my cardio just beyond the two days I trained my lower body which is a glute standing leg day so that's all I do for

cardio I don't do anything on the upper-body days that's for ABS I kind of just input that in whenever I have time so yeah basically my training split but as for my diet I don't really like to call it a diet cuz I don't diet and I have a specific meal plan and do any of that kind of stuff I'm basically intuitively eating so I'm eating what I want when I'm hungry but I do make sure that I eat to the point where I'm maintaining my weight or gaining I'm not trying to lose weight at all right now my diet I would say it's pretty healthy but at the same time I include a lot of like snacks and stuff like that I don't know I want to have a diet that that's sustainable like I want to balance between the unhealthy and that the unhealthy and healthy foods I don't like labeling food so yeah so right now I'm not like I'm not on a current like diet plan meal plan I kind of just eat whatever I want whenever I want but I do make sure that I'm eating enough to maintain or gain weight but I eat about six or more meals or times a day there's someone behind me I didn't mention this earlier but before I did

actually do this thing called iifym which was if it fits your macros so I checked I mean think I ate and I only recently stopped that because I think it was a little bit like it consumed so much of my time and like my thought throughout the day so I was reading it to stop I checked my macros for about a year now so I do have a pretty good idea of how much I need to eat in order to gain weight or to maintain like it kind of taught me about portion control and stuff like that and yeah so I would say that right now I'm maintaining my weight at about like 24 2500 calories but yeah usually more than that so that's my diet in my training foot right now diet because not really a diet that I don't like the term diet at all but yeah just kind of take it easy enjoying it one day at a time take it slow I really really really do love going to gym it's one of the highlights of my days like I literally mean that when I say during the day one of the few things I enjoy the most is going to the gym it's a stress reliever it makes me like forget about everything going on in my life all the stressors and stuff like that and yeah I kind of release all my like anger

and my emotions and my like you know everything into my workout so that's why I like it so much okay I've been rambling so I'm gonna stop I'll catch you in the next clip I also I'd like to point out my water intake so each day I drink a gallon of water or less I try to but basically can't wanna be around me everywhere I go some people think that this is too much but honestly this is enough for me I drink a lot of water throughout the day and I found that it helps my skin and my energy levels so yeah that's how much I drink I don't recommend drinking this much to everyone but I'm pretty active throughout the day so I do think that this is good for me but I heard that about eight glasses a day is what most people should be drinking this is obviously a little more than eight glasses a day but yeah I don't know a little heavy to start off with but the more I drink the lighter it gets so I kind of forgot to film at the footage eight right now but basically I went to Panda Express and I got um a side of mixed vegetables and double beef and broccoli and I'm sitting on the ground right now because I don't have a chair

but that was not lunch for today and I'll catch you oh my neck hi guys little update it's like three o clock right now it's been like two three ish hours since I've lost 8 and I am hungry I'm not anywhere near home now but it's 3:00 now I'm still like a half an hour away from home now I'm hungry like a really hungry and my sister is getting her nails done now so that's like another hour so I think I'm gonna look for something to eat around here it's but I mean I literally went from into the bat in Robin so I'm considering getting a baskin-robbins I assume coke and then next about like two plates two stores down to the donut shop so I'm considering being a doughnut too so I don't know trying to get hungry so I really need to decide like now but all's gonna wait for my sister to get it cuz she wants to get one too I just really want to know I'm hungry until update you and I get something okay so it's been like 30 minutes that last picked up the camera and said I was hungry so decided to go to baskin-robbins and get all rice cream cone so yeah I am extremely happy now so yeah this is my snack right now I wasn't

happy you Paul I don't knows about me but my number one favorite food in the world is like yogurt / ice cream like frozen yogurt or ice cream so yeah that's why every time I get this I'm like really really hot B so I don't eat the snow and I'll catch you when I eat my next meal hello so we just go home so he just got home we stopped by the grocery store and the bank I had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things for my dinner and then we went to the bank cuz I just opened up an account so big it was like a bunch of souvenir stuff right there it was acting a really cool thing they have like free cookies and stuff but yeah so I'm home now and I'm eating a little bit more before dinner because my parents aren't home yet and we're not gonna be home for another like 45 minutes and I'm kind of hungry now so I did make like this flatbread I always make okay what ain't burnt so basically what it is it's like a lavash bread and then I put cheese in the middle of it and then I put in the microwave yeah it doesn't crunchy like flatbread it doesn't look very appetizing but it's really really good that's good so that

sort of happy now I'll show you what I make for dinner later and yeah okay so I just changed I went to my room got ready and I'm about to make dinner so for dinner or what I'm gonna have is it's kind of like a pizza it's like a healthier version I'm gonna make a pita pizza basically instead of a base I like a cross I basically use a pita bread yeah I'll just show you what it looks like when I make it but yeah so that's I'm gonna have for dinner let me get the ingredients [Music] so this is what it looks like I'm gonna put it in the oven right now I swear it's really good yeah sure it might not be as good as like a Pizza Hut pizza up but it's a close second let's put this in right now I'm gonna cook for about like ten minutes so I just finished dinner and the rest and I am just basically going to do homework and edit this video that was basically it for the day my days not very impactful I don't do much but I hope you enjoyed it and I'll show you what what I eat next hi guys so I kind of got carried away for the past like two hours that I've been editing this video actually so I kind of

lost track of time but right now I'm gonna have my last snack we're just gonna be ice cream I'm gonna get one bowl of this ice cream and I'm gonna mix in some of this enlightened red velvet flavored which is my favorite and lighten flavored and lighten better than he'll the top my opinion and yeah so that's what I'm gonna end my night with thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and comment down below would you like to see for me next if you have it yeah please click the subscribe button and I'll see you in the next video