22 July 2019

FULL DAY OF EATING...healthy + balanced

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good morning guys welcome back to my channel my hair is crazy I went to bed with it wet last night and this is what we woke up to but I figured it has been a minute or two since I have filmed of what I eat in a day type of vlog and I think that I always like to watch other people's because it gives me inspiration for healthy meals and healthy food that I could try or recipes but first thing I am a precision nutrition certified nutrition coach so I know some stuff but I don't know everything and the way that I eat I like to have balance so if I want to have a cookie I will have a cookie that way I don't binge because the more I restrict the more that I want things and the more that I am likely to go overboard it's probably a better word go through spurts where I will track how much food I'm eating I am NOT right now because I seriously struggle with under eating like I just forget to eat I work from home all day and I forget to take breaks to like go down to the kitchen make some food so I just try to focus on getting three meals in a day have them be very dense and protein out of a source of carbs and the source of fat and obviously snacking in between those

I just want to make sure that I'm full honestly not over fold but full so I just came downstairs and I made my hot lemon water and I am almost done with it there's only about this much left but I just make some hot water put straw in and then one full lemon and I drink this this is really good your digestive health ice cold liquids can be really hard for our stomach to handle and can cause bloating and some pain sometimes so I like to have a warm lemon water first thing in the morning just to hydrate because I've been asleep for like eight hours and I didn't have any water for eight hours so hydrate first secondly I am about about to make a smoothie I have a ninja blender so I'm gonna show you like all the stuff that I throw into my smoothie in case you are new new around here I am partnered with a protein company called vade nutrition they have these dissolvable protein pods and they're amazing I love the chocolate this is a chocolate one this is what the pod looks like could just pop it in into some liquid shake it up and this dissolves if you're weirded out by that which I mean

you shouldn't be because literally the casing is similar to the stuff that's around your vitamins you can just cut it open which I do when I make smoothies just because I want it to blend it a little bit easier so since I'm just gonna throw one of these pods into my morning smoothie so I can get some protein in 20 grams protein and 0 grams of fat one gram of carbs zero added sugars and it's lactose don't do very well with whey protein unless it's whey isolate which means that they isolate the way and filter out the lactose so that's why I can have a diff you guys ever want to try vade they have sample packets available where you can just get two little pods but I also have a code and I will put that on the screen right here [Music] okay so before I actually drink my smoothie I finish my lemon water just as a rule for myself but I can't consume anything until after my lemon water is gone because I struggle with getting my water and sometimes so it's just a rule that I've made for myself gone worship music playing just a good little fuss Murray's gone so first things first

always rinse out your dish cleaning up a dried crusted smoothie bowl or cup or whatever you use is literally impossible since I've had my lemon water in my grains and my smoothie and some food it's time for coffee which I got this tiny tiny cutie little French press because I'm trying to cut back on my caffeine and this is the easiest way to do it I'll show you what they look like next to each other it's honestly a joke so this is my new French bread and this is the one I was using and I was drinking a full French press like I was drinking one full one of these every day so to still give myself caffeine and coffee because I love the taste I'm using a French press still but just a smaller one this one's from Ikea this one is the brand bodom and I believe you can get it on Amazon yeah but um you can get on Amazon anywhere [Music] okay it's more than a few hours later and I'm hungry again so I'm actually about to go hit the gym eat something that's a little bit more dense and carbs before the gym just because that's how I like to structure one 1/2 my carbs so I'm gonna have a bowl of oats and I'm

just gonna put some peanut butter in them and some cinnamon and that's gonna bring my pre-workout meal today I'm lifting legs kind of like full body movements today it's super gloomy so I really want to go to my house and move my body I might take my camera and see if I can get a few shots of what I do in the gym today but we will see I have just been working for the last few hours just planning out my week because I am filming this on a Monday and so I've been planning out my week I did my little bullet journal and got everything planned out for that responded to client check-ins and I've been trying to get my watering for the day I have this giant gallon jug that I tried to finish well don't try I always finish it and that just makes sure that I get enough water in because if you are active even if you're not you're probably not drinking enough water and water I notice a huge difference when I have enough versus when I don't so [Music] [Applause] what's up guys I just got back from the gym which is why my face is so red that was the best gym session I have had in a

long time and I'm so thankful that I went even though I did not want to getting myself to the gym on a Monday is like dang mere impossible but I did that I did that sat in the sauna did some cardio and weightlifting it was so good and I came home - the best thing ever yall already know about fright and if you don't phrase a skincare company I work with and I am so freakin excited they had a huge sale so I ordered did some more of one of my favorite products cuz I've been out for a while and it's this detox me face mask and since I literally just sweat my life away at the gym I'm gonna shower and put this on while I shower so I can just like soak into my dirty pores like I said I work with fray I have a discount code with them so you can get discounts on all of their skincare products if you ever want which I have a skincare routine video I'll link it up here that I did a while back where I used all their products I still use their products I've used their products for a year I love them they're amazing they're actually formulated for people who are really active and sweat a lot sweat clogs your pores I'm going to take a cold shower

with a face mask on and then I'll show you guys whatever I come up with for a post-workout meal okay I am all showered and fresh-faced I don't think I'm gonna put any makeup on today just because I don't know I'm being real guys I don't wear makeup everyday especially when I just stay at home like today today it's just a workday day in the life so you're just gonna have to deal with it but I'm gonna make one of my favorite easy quick recipes and it's the best way to eat pizza every day of your life which you absolutely can do if you find ways to make it fit into your diet so these are really low calorie low carb pizzas that I make and I'll show you how I make them they take like five minutes they a life without pizza is a life that I don't want to live so first you need a can of cooked chicken broth look at this fresh bridge like safety Jesus that we even have food in our fridge la banda Rita carb counter tortillas and then sauce of choice which today I'm feeling a buffalo chicken but I don't know if I have enough sauce to do buffalo so we will do buffalo and [Music] just put the pizzas in and all this is

is two tortillas with sauce canned chicken mushroom and some mozzarella cheese and then I'll just leave that on broil for like five to ten minutes until they're crispy I'm going to drink this synergy watermelon wonder kombucha we just got back from playing tennis in the rain which is why my hair looks a little bit crazy the awesomes here and he is going to cook me my next meal right babe so we're gonna have some fillets which we do not have steak very often because it's expensive it's very expensive we're gonna have fillets and then I'm about to chop up some veggies and I think I'm gonna chop up cauliflower and make it like spicy and put it in the airfryer and then I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do with our steak and maybe some potatoes or rice not really sure do you want to explain what we're having for dinner Chuck tender Flay wrapped in bacon or some sauteed mushrooms and some cauliflower and that seems to be sweet potato but my wife made him salty also for context everyone Austin went upstairs and came back downstairs dressed like that so that's why I look like this and he looks like this but wifey and hubby dinner yay okay

it is currently 9:30 Austin went to bed about an hour and a half ago and I'm just packing his lunch for tomorrow just basic stuff to get him over until he gets home I was actually gonna go to bed but I am was still very very hungry so I had dinner which you guys saw which was steak and veggies and it was really good but it didn't fill me up and I had like a bowl of cereal then I forgot to film that and we went play tennis and I was still super hungry so I just ate two pieces of sourdough bread with butter and cinnamon and then I'm gonna make two eggs to get some protein in and hopefully the fats from the yolk will hold me over because I'm just like snacky but yeah this is my problem I'm a nutrition coach I coach all my girls on fitness and health and teaching them to nourish their bodies but my problem is if I don't plan ahead I just forget to eat and then I get to the end of the day and I'm hungry like I am right now and I just try to listen my body when I'm hungry and to make sure I feel my body properly and today it was a pretty good day for that but I probably should have eaten more I'm gonna eat some eggs and then I'm gonna go to bed

because I'm tired I'll catch up with you guys [Music] [Music]