23 July 2019

Full Day Of Eating to Lose Fat | Cutting Diet

FULL DAY OF EATING TO LOSE FAT | CUTTING DIET - Cutting diet plan to get shredded and full day of eating cutting diet to lose fat fast. The best diet to lose ...


what's going on everyone it's a seal suede and in this video I'm going to be taking you all through a full day of eating to lose fat so I'm going to be taking them all through my cutting diet that I've been using the past few weeks of my cut that has been getting me lean it's been getting me shredded and getting into the best shape of my life now in this video I'm going to show you all of the cutting meals that I'm going to eat today and I'm also going to include all of the recipes for today's cutting diet and I'm even going to show you myself eating all these meals from start to finish just so it really feels like I'm dieting right alongside you and I feel like it'll give this video more of a personal feel when it comes to eating the food now if you all want to see more full day of eating videos just like the one you're about to watch where I show you my entire cutting diet all the cunning meals and even showing me eat all the meals from start to finish then all you have to do is give this video a like if this video can get over 4,000 likes I'll create another cutting diet full day of eating to lose fat with

different meals and different recipes as well so anyways guys be sure to give the video a like and be sure to watch this entire video from start to finish it is gonna be extremely engaging you're gonna learn so much and again I'm gonna be showing you so many different meals in order to lose fat so I want to get one thing straight I actually don't eat breakfast so for the first few hours of my day I consume nothing other than some black coffee and about two liters of water so I practice something called intermittent fasting and I do this because of three reasons number one it helps control my big appetite number two it allows me to eat bigger meals throughout the day and the night and number three it keeps me a lot more productive in the morning so anyways now that that's out of the way to actually already been a few hours of my fast and I'm actually getting really hungry so let's go ahead and begin cooking and prepping meal number one [Music] all right so I've got meal number one all prepped up and ready to go and I do want to mention that I'm going to have all the calories and macronutrients

listed on the screen for every single meal that I have today just so you all know exactly how much I'm consuming exactly what I'm consuming so anyways guys for meal number one we have got ourselves a cup of oatmeal and then we also cook the oatmeal with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and after that was done cooking up in the microwave went ahead and threw in two servings of some powdered peanut butter along with some natural sweetener and sea salt and then I also have four egg whites cooked with two whole eggs on the side and I'm also going to put some Texas Pete hot sauce on top of my eggs because I absolutely love Texas beef hot sauce you know what comment down below what is your favorite type of hot sauce for me guys it is Texas peak all the way so let me know I'm curious and we're gonna go ahead and dig in this is pretty much your standard bodybuilding meal however I threw in my own kind of things to make it taste a whole lot better so let's go ahead and get right to it okay before I start digging into meal number one I quickly want to mention that I'm actually a type one diabetic guys so I've had type 1

diabetes for the past 19 years of my life and that means that I have to take a shot of insulin before I eat and have to make sure I carb count correctly and take the appropriate amount of insulin so anyway guys I'm gonna go ahead and take about four units of insulin for this right over here on my side thigh slash upper glute we are going to go ahead and start digging it amazing us so there is nothing like biting into a sunny-side egg let me know in the comment section down below how do you like your eggs cooked this oatmeal is delicious guys you ever want to get some plain old standard boring oatmeal tasting a whole lot better just throw in some powdered peanut butter in there and some sea salt is some natural sweetener I'm telling you it just completely transforms a recipe okay so I like my oatmeal thick like I'm talking about real thick and I know I'm asking you a lot of questions here but let me know in the comments section down below how do you like your oats do you like them running or do you like I'm big I'm more of a steak kind of guy I like everything

you know okay so that wraps up cutting meal number one we finished our peanut butter oatmeal and also our eggs and egg whites and that was absolutely delicious I'm telling you guys give this a try again just a standard bodybuilding meal but when you do what I did with all the kind of stuff you can add into it it makes it taste a whole lot better so I'm gonna go ahead and rest up for a few hours and I'll see you guys for the next meal in just a little bit [Music] all right so I'm sitting down to meal number two which is going to be my pre-workout meal now what I've got here is four lightly salted rice cakes with a tablespoon of peanut butter on top and I've also got one chocolate rice cakes now this is one of my favorite cutting snacks guys it really really fills you up for hardly any calories four of these original and plain rice cakes have a hundred and forty calories in them look at that you're getting all this food for 140 calories and then obviously I wanted to add a little bit of fat into this meal so I added some peanut butter on top and I also have two chocolate rice cakes now these are amazing definitely

my favorite flavor of rice cakes but keep in mind that there's sixty calories per one versus 35 calories per one with the plane so we're gonna go ahead enjoy this for a pre-workout it's got tons of carbs and it's really gonna fuel me up for my workout in about an hour and a half from now and definitely gonna give me a really good pump [Music] you know the beauty about eating rice cakes is you make a whole lot of Jah gains as well because you're constantly chewing like forever [Music] seriously guys I want you to give this a try yourselves try to eat four plain rice cakes as fast as possible it's a lot harder than it looks and actually takes a lot of time but I give the video a like right now if you want me to attempt that and try to get the rice cake challenge going again oh yeah chocolate is definitely the best flavor out there if you've had rice cakes before I want you to comment down below which one's your favorite flavor cinnamon for chocolate or caramel I'm diggin the chocolate alright guys so that's gonna wrap up

meal number two which is gonna be my pre-workout snacks again I'm gonna go ahead and head to the gym in about an hour from now and I'll definitely see you guys there [Music] so I just got back from the gym and I had an amazing workout guys if you want to see my personal workout routine that I've been using to lose fat and gain serious muscle all you have to do is give this video a like if we can get this video to 2,000 plus likes and I'll be sure to get that video out to you all as soon as possible I promise but anyways I'm sitting down to meal number three which is going to be my post-workout meal and what I have here is two and a half servings of 93 seven lean ground beef so that's seven point five ounces and I've also got one and a half cups of jasmine rice so that's gonna be around 237 grams and I've also got 170 grams which is two servings of mixed vegetables and I've also turned in some hot sauce and some salsa on top for some taste and very minimal calories but anyways this is one of my favorite meals guys it is an extremely well-balanced one got a great balance of carbohydrates

proteins and fats really keeps you full and that really keeps you satisfied absolutely delicious anyways the calories and the macros will be listed on the screen as like all the other meals and here's let's go ahead and dig in guys ground beef is seriously one of my favorite protein sources out there especially while I'm dieting super super tasty really tender and it's actually really easy to cook also these mixed vegetables go super super well with just rice and ground beef Gotham tonyia simplicity at its best but a meal like this it's just absolutely amazed it just goes together well really really good so be sure to give it a try yourself [Music] all right if that is going to wrap up a meal number three so I'm gonna go ahead rest up do some more work and then I'll see every single one of you for the last and final meal of the day in just a bit oh how delicious [Music] all right so I've got the last and final meal in today's full day of eating and some of you guys are gonna think I'm

absolutely crazy for eating this but check it out we have got a lot going on for the last meal of the day so we have six ounces of cooked boneless skinless chicken breast and we also have 325 grams of big sweet potato and we also have two servings of powdered peanut butter on top of this sweet potato so guys putting peanut butter on sweet potatoes is a huge huge hack it tastes absolutely amazing I'm telling you something about it it's just incredible especially if you put a little bit of cinnamon on top as well but here I have some powdered peanut butters and it makes it a little bit of almond milk to make it creamy just like peanut butter it is amazing guys we haven't tried powdered peanut butter while you're dieting it is seriously a lifesaver it tastes just like regular peanut butter over it's got like 70 80 percent less fat so be sure to give this a try this is gonna be something that you're gonna absolutely hate or you're gonna absolutely love okay depending on how much you love peanut butter I personally love peanut butter I could seriously put it on anything heck I could probably put it on my chicken breast anyways let's go

ahead and dig into this meal the whole city's behind this cheering us on well not really but literally the whole city is behind me right now so let's go ahead and get started so guys I just thought about this while I was eating I'm really gonna test my love for peanut butter just for all of you so if we can blow this video up get it to over 3,000 likes then I will create a full day of eating where I include peanut butter in every single meal I mean even with like ground beef or something so I'm gonna go absolutely crazy bananas with it I will hopefully enjoy it and not suffer I'm telling you a full day of eating with peanut butter and every meal really doesn't sound like a bad idea I mean I really think I could do it so I also have to ask all of you an extremely important question listen up this is very very important team creamy peanut butter or team crunchy peanut butter let me know in the comment section down below which do you like better alright so the last and final meal which was meal number four is completed and it was an absolute treat I'm telling you guys don't judge a book

by it's cover be sure to give this a child let me know if you enjoy it anyways guys I'm gonna go ahead and wrap up the total amount of calories and macronutrients in today's full day of eating and fill you in on all that ok so the total calories and macros in today's full day of eating consisted of two thousand four hundred and forty calories coming from two hundred and seventy four grams of carbs sixty grams of fat and 192 grams of protein so almost spot-on on my macronutrient goals so currently during my cut I am trying to aim to hit around 275 grams of carbs 190 grams of protein and 60 grams of fat every single day guys that consists of around 2,400 calories that is the exact amount that I personally need right now to keep me at a small core deficit in order to consistently lose fat and guys you guys saw how fun today was I hope you enjoyed me eating alongside with you while you are dieting and I just hope you guys really picked up a thing or two when it comes to a cutting meal idea or a cutting recipe you guys saw how fun it is you saw how creative you can be and how enjoyable this entire process is but one thing comes first guys I cannot

stress this enough you need to make sure you are on the right macronutrient regimen for your own body okay everybody needs a different macronutrient goal so again I can't stress this enough you need to make sure you have this lockdown on point in order to consistently lose fat and if you do need my personal guidance or my one-on-one help with that then be sure to check out the first link in description box down below click that link it'll take you to my personalized meal plan service I promise you you will get results with this and it's going to take you a very long way while you don't have to you know save yourself months of trial-and-error figuring out what your those are gonna be let me go ahead and do that for you and then click the second link and trician box down below if you're also interested in my 101 online coaching program where I consistently do your macronutrients on a week by week basis so you consistently lose fat and get shredded get lean and get to the best shape of your life anyways guys thank you so much for watching again let's try to get this video to 4,000 likes if you want to see another full day of eating with

different cutting meal recipes and also of course watching you eat alongside with you when you die anyways thank you for the support give the video a like again with a buddy or two of subscribe to my channel if you are new hit the notification bell so you're staying in tuned with all of my video uploads and be sure to follow me on Instagram at the seal swayed and I will see every single one of you in the next video