22 July 2019

Full Day of Eating SIX WEEKS OUT! | 2100 Calories Mens Physique DIET! | SHOWTIME EP 15

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all right welcome to a full day of eating video it's been a while since we've done this and I feel now like I'm inspired to be doing it you know but to be honest I was like again man I'm going to do an epic intro but I didn't really manage to do it because I'm the only thing that I'm going to cut up is one tomato so yeah let's keep the real thing [Music] as I've been talking about earlier in one of my videos the key to my diet is volume volume volume so I'm really hungry person in general and I have really high activity levels so my hunger is always going to be there stuff for me to be cutting is its kind of difficult as it is for everybody obviously but just make it a bit more easier I'm eating a lot of veggies like what do you call this man my head it's like my head was so gone right now dude mushrooms yeah mushroom so mushrooms can't mushrooms is just a really good thing to have that available if you're when you're dieting same with hair you see my what I'm making here is a lot of spinach tomato and this box here of mushrooms so it's going to be like 200 250 grams of vegetables right they're going to fill

your stomach up and just make you satisfied [Music] [Music] with that was meal one right in background there where you enjoyed this over a really nice and simple Netflix series currently watching peaky blinders really recommended just to chill out before a really good training sessions so let's we're not going to show against training session actually we are going to skip right into the one and only the lunchtime which is one of my smaller meals but still a creative meal so lunch is happening next to this next meal which is going to lunch lunchtime I'm not really the most hungry my hunger is is higher on morning and evenings so that last time I usually go for something plain and simple but I'm going to go on a field trip with my buddy afterwards so we're going to use some house there therefore I have to fill myself up a little a little bit more than I usually do so we're going to stick to 350 grams of called and reason why I'm eating called this early in this prep which is I think

it's really young usual to do but I send myself a goal when I were starting this diet then I want to look really good on the outside but as well as not in at the inside mainly because I think a lot of fitness consists people that are competing in Fitness they are looking of course you look really good like outside and people be like man you you work for this but many people may be looking like dirty on the inside maybe mainly because of a high amount of bad food choices at the same time just a lifestyle that isn't it's not obtainable so and as well as I think fitness it's not really the most healthy thing to do but the same thing I just want to make it as healthy as possible so therefore I wanted to do like eat fish at least once a day so yeah at the same time people may be like man why aren't evening Solomon or red fish mainly because red fish will give you it's it's quality food don't get me wrong here by the same time with calories that I have at the moment it's more enjoyable for me throughout the day to take higher volume fuels because I get more food more food in volume from white fish rather than red fish at moment so 100 bands of

Solomon is around 200 calories and for that same amount you get around 250 grams a white fish which is a big difference so therefore I'm making that choice at the moment and it works off me because I'm a big fan of cod so let's go to a meal really creative camera angler but at the same time going to have some sweet potato with the white fish which is my favorite carbohydrate source so let's go [Music] needle number two better known as lunch in my head so lunchtime look at this this is a big big big meal you already guys the macros for this is well really solid doesn't it like I can't I just don't get it how people make dieting so complicated because it doesn't really have to be this complicated but I'm going to enjoy smear now I'm going to relax in itself i this baggy t-shirt just watch some youtube and just man just relax because I really feel like that I'm really I'm like oh I'm feeling so fatigued work yet we're also good sipping is flavored water actually which is something I drink a lot of liquids like flavored water or regular water or

some sugar-free diet diet so it is as well it's keeping me on track as best as possible recently I've been cutting back on diet so it is and only drinking flavored water it's a good like it's something that works for me but at the same time it's it's something about having that Pepsi Max or Coke Zero just to fill up your day and to have something look forward to so probably going to buy more of that for for this weekend actually so trying to limit myself and only drink soy test diet so it's on the weekends it doesn't really matter too much I don't think but at the same time as I mentioned earlier to clean up your body from the inside as well and yeah something works me so Cheers oh man man that lunch taste is so good but I'm a big sucker for desserts so for the search we have a Greek yogurt protein rich yogurt weed Allah our 30 grams of raspberries and one rice cake on five grams and then as lazy as I am I just blend it in the box and eat the Joker straight from the box so it's mmm 200 calories it's really really them worth it and it gives me that little bit of

pleasure you know I'm not really I'm not really a person who craves anything but at the same time I really enjoy having something sweet after after dinner enough lunch and after everything actually so this is just my big kind of guilty pleasure but at the same time you can't have guilty pleasures and pleasure them while you're on a diet what is it even possible yes [Music] [Music] so we have to talk about this meal for rice cakes two eggs and some really really light Mayo okay so I have to keep my fat levels up as well because I'm really bad at eating enough fat throughout the day so at the end of the day I always have so like my goal is to how I 56 grams of fats throughout the day but I always end up around 30 to 40 grams which is way too low so I try to eat more eggs trying more eat more avocados and so on and so on so yeah this meal can helps me there to just achieve that fat goal as well so enjoying this day I'm going to go in Multan hike then I'm going to get back home here and I'm going to make myself what I want to say my favorite meal

because I eat it every single day after I deal with all of these meals but I really really enjoy it and I'm never getting tired of it and yeah you skip to the next meal then because it's a full day of eating moving on we are back home finished up okay so this is a fun fact this is fun part because this today the 11th of July was my first time swimming in Norway in 2019 which is really crazy actually the summer hasn't been good at all and you know you just you just been a real disappointing summer so first my first time bathing in Norway this this summer that's crazy actually 11th of July man that's crazy but moving on to the next meal we are going to make itself some chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken salad so I'm really really creative guy I'm a smart person I like to think at least so I've already prepped my chicken I have 200 grams here and 200 grams here we are going to make both of these today because tomorrow I'm going to be on work so I have to prep some food with that but at the same time I'm going to prep some food for today when I'm going to make myself a really good lovely chicken salad which you guys are going to see in

one [Music] sample here is the salad bowl I'm going to have we're also going to add chicken in when it's when it's prepped done so yeah it's just a plain simple salad bowl you know it's it doesn't have to be that complicated I just make some I have some spinach green kale and I cut up some Tomatoes and then I put it put in the chicken in it so yeah they stay really really good and healthy snack for your body there we go there we go so again lifehack areas lifehack for the guys who doesn't like to make food put chicken in the oven into the oven and not not cook it put it in the oven and let it go in the shower do something else do some work and do some reading watch the Netflix so whatever you want to do and just let the meal get finished by itself it's just a lie fact you know and it makes everything so much easier especially if you don't like to make food for me yet for example I really I'm a little bit fair to make food so it doesn't matter for me but it's also comedians just to do some work while if we're just prepping in the oven rather

than standing there and cooking it yourself so I'm going to enjoy this bowl of delicious chicken salad and then I'm going to show us the last meal of the day which is going to be a delicious affair [Music] oh well what a day it's been it's being a so long day I've been doing a lot of things today I have really long workout a really long mountain hike with my friend and now we have another meal so you can see I have a lot of meals you know 2,100 calories on today's video I think that's a really good it's a really good diet day for me the video that you showed that I showed you yesterday that you can see my different meals and at the same time this is like my structure at the moment I'm having these routines the same meals the same things every single day but it works like completely fine for me because at the end of the day I have this oatmeal bowl to forward to and man I love the oatmeal ah mmm so I'm going to try to enjoy his meal and just relax a bit and I'm feeling so sleepy even though it's so it's so light outside now in Norway it's crazy but I'm feeling so tired and I just wanna eat

food I'm going to sleep on my flavored water 9 litres of liquid into the body for today which is crazy and yeah we're just going to end the video here actually I don't have too much more to talk about but I want to say a big thank you for watching this video I appreciate it and we speak in real soon again goodbye