04 February 2018


This week I'm letting you in on what I eat in day, breaking down my daily calories and macros, and showing you my meal prep for a bulk diet on a low carb day ...

hey guys fuel Robinson here welcome to

my channel I'm a pro fitness model and fitness expert bringing you weekly workouts and straight talking fitness to ignite your passion and to satisfy your curiosity in this video I am bringing you a little bit of an insight into what I eat in a day how I break down my meals my macros and how I feel my body pre and post-workout I recorded this footage before Christmas and I didn't want to waste it so I finally got around to editing the video for you now but I did forget an intro so I'm tagging this on for you just to give you a little bit of an insight on what I'm bringing you in the next few minutes so stick around I have a watch this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you want to see more from me I have some great videos coming up about goal-setting getting started in the gym and basic exercises to get you going so make sure you hit that notification bell so you know when my next upload is coming to you very very soon if you have any questions stick them in the comments below thanks for watching guys see you next time where now I'm on a plan I try to prep everything in advance it makes life a

lot easier so this is pretty much what I'm going to be eating today in some form another I'm starting off the day with some bacon and eggs then I'm gonna have some chicken and avocado with some salad for lunch got some pre-workout oats I've got some post-workout protein smoothie with some summer fruit berries and a bagel with a little bit of pasaran amino acids for Jermel workouts and then for it and I put some meatballs and a little bit of pasta I've got lots of vegetables just to bug that food out as well that's my food for today I'm on a high fat day today I will be training I normally have a high fat day during sort of rest days or smaller muscle group days when I'm training but I had a lot of carbs yesterday so I'm probably gonna do legs today but we'll see how we go this always makes my speaking of eggs so [Music] good at it he makes the best fried egg I was walking down the street the other day and trying to distract myself but then I see your face so it that's someone outside trying to play a coy gonna make it disappear but just like the battle tree there's nothing subtle

here and used to be you meant that please come [Music] so since my high fat low carb breakfast I have trained my abs and I've done some cardio so when I have a day where I do two session days as cardio and weights I'll try and split them up quite well across a day especially if I've got your work so like today I've done cardio in the morning and I'll save my energy and refuel through the day to train heavier right so a high fat low carb breakfast or no carb breakfast this is the case maybe and I'm gonna carry that on to lunch now where it's high in fats with my avocado and high in proteins with the chicken and a little bit sour there just a bowl cut out and then I'll start taking in my carbs around my training later on with my pre-workout and post-workout meal and I'll have some more carbs with my evening meal to just help my muscle recovery so keeping it all high-fat earlier on the day today and then introducing my carbs later on but it's a high fat day low carb even though I'm probably render at 138 grams of carbs which Jim preps probably a high

carb day for me but as I'm not on prep at the moment I'm trying to build some muscle what I would cost the higher a carb day or a prayer is actually a little cloud day for me right now all kind of different when I'm prepping him and I'm not definitely higher carb days off prep you know I'm good 100 grams above why I'm today so um there you go I'm gonna make some lunch now I'll let you see what I've got [Music] go to the gym shortly so I'm just gonna go and take my pre-workout now so some oats with that I'm also gonna take my creatine pills as well take two of them and I'll sort out my B CAS ready for me to hit the gym pre-workout is always like a car B meal high in carbs so that it gives me energy for my workout and fuels my muscles to help me train so on a low-carb day like today I will always try and get my carbs in around my workout so cars before workout and also carbs after workout complex carbs before workout like oats and then I'll take on simple carbs after my training to get that energy back into muscles really really fast so that'd be when I take my bagel and my protein and things after 2

a.m. but I'll show you that soon but now I'm gonna go hit the gym after my pre-workout food and train legs [Music] that's me back from the gym time for me to have my post-workout meal which is a bagel cinnamon and raisin which are young with a little bit of butter not too much because I don't like having too much fat in my post-workout meal it's all about the carbs and protein because fat can slow down the protein synthesis process so it's best to kind of keep that to a minimum if possible I'm also gonna have with my protein smoothie I'm also gonna add a little bit of lisen that helps with muscle soreness so hopefully my dorms all B's too bad tomorrow a bit a little bit of that in there with my protein smoothie and I'm also going to have some alpha lipoic acid it just helps with the protein feeding that into our muscles to help recover late recovery a little bit quicker I normally take that straight after workout as well with my protein protein smoothie from my protein is a great source of post-workout protein and carbs because the carbs and there are fast-acting as well just like the bagel

I want to get energy back into my muscles recovery as quickly as possible within the first 30 minutes is perfect any longer than that then it's not as beneficial if you prolong that so I want to get that in there as soon as possible to help my muscle recovery so I can build bigger stronger muscles and so broken my muscles down during my workout and it's time to repair and build them back up so I'm gonna go make my post-workout meal now because I'm hungry actually as well [Music] trainings done Oh Sheridan fresh such a good feeling post-workout was eating a while ago and I'm put I'm ready again I'm so hungry anyway I'm gonna make some food now my last meal the day before I go to bed as you've seen earlier I prep my meals in advance so my meatballs and pass is already cooked I just need to heat it up and I'm gonna kick some vegetables to go alongside that just to bulk the meal out a little bit [Music] [Music] food is ready I'm gonna go chill out with that now

I'm gonna take my cup of tea and go and have a little bit of downtime catch up on a little bit a little Safari and get ready for tomorrow to hit it all again so thanks for watching guys what we've enjoyed watching this video and I'll see you in the next one see you later [Music]