26 March 2019

Full Body FAT LOSS Workout! Day-12 (Hindi / Punjabi)

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hey thanks for tuning into my Bollywood

body map Cohoes sunny or de barra given your office at the malakian card you in Africa workout before I get into it a memory shop okay don't get up Nebuta come out a channel subscribe me here make sure to hit the subscribe button do not forget to hit the notification button just in case I get a how many CDs up beside continuously every day day after day dollar a post a notification you have to fatten Allegra cameo videos dollars to make sure hit the notification button as well I get up to I'm sick whistle all hair I come at the MCAT Instagram giver and the he throw up Nietzsche comment box games every dancer clear this video is brought to you by in collaboration with my protein and nothing Musharraf I budget architecting the corner panda my protein calm based at the UK one of the best companies when it comes to making supplements I get up a chip routine shake best tasting protein shake it allows make sure check out their website www.moocchile.com a supplement key company memory of maybe protein keyline helican him up me a protein and could be promote any clarity because when it comes to protein or supplements I want to make sure just

America wrapped up routine in the Emily cath on it's gonna be very expensive so I look for a collaboration just companies Abdul my collaborator who I want to make sure it's the best supplement that you guys can afford very economical asan easy obtain those step that could she did know my bones are taking a nap like never daddy of arrows will cool air near the end there so check it out www dot my protein dot co dot ini day to old QR code came there I'm upset cardio and abs cover Kakashi occurring a Aguada Kiki just you have an abyss a city sheer curry hey I actually apnea get on my Instagram again follow crap and acaba actually literally leaned down to 6% body fat you PJ november/december Catan page and then Monica you know what agar my strangie workouts up is a shield kanay why not gain weight so I literally put these pound back on minute eastbound which is about hundred kilo bars and the Baris a game here so I'm like I'll lose all that weight on camera number one it gives me motivation to workout as well k Haim in a video shoot can even a check-in karna camera pay and number two you will get an idea key is your workout

amnio Holly food organically when I am a home to diet run after Shaytan if you do chronically when I become bigger things to make sure about a diet man we follow curry and this is my shape detail Chucky the Creator no ABS no sign of have nothing there's a little bit of a love handle obviously you know you cannot completely get out of shape but every ten twelve videos I'm gonna try to take my shirt off and show you my progress as well so you'll get an idea where we stand so after the warm-up let's get into your workout warm up Cuba do get a place at a hint a 1k workout came that I'm the warm-up Cuba dude Olivia with that being said let's start with your workout belly excise charge set which are tiny scale inhale through nose exhale through mouth knots the South under losses are inspired the idea of doing high knees again measured also it's a basic exercise is to make sure kids you aapke heart rate have overage it's not a hearty to Pechanga mutiny calorie subs other burn creo que 220 minus your age is the maximum capacity of your heart jitan output I go 3 up calories novices other prentke romich cardio Africa they obviously you know

what Abu baraa the thinner day to thank instead of Jared twice that's the worker Takata for a Pelle day one city a ten-second a worker very mild circuit but I stashed them up in they covered a 11 maybe intensity but Ieft all my obviously over people running belly exercise four sets fifty high knees second exercise we're gonna do jumping jacks we're gonna do 3 sets of 20 jumping jacks which is teen set-piece jumping jacks game cardio kinder I like to give you thr least second break when you're doing weightlifting 45 seconds to a minute break between the sets let's just second exercise of the day once that is done we're going to move on to your third exercise which are called cross runs on HR said but Josh repetitions become a weighty stitch on a second break in between sets noxus Hansen that Moussa sauce bar and you and that's about it that's your next exercise so I'm trying to keep the videos short single models because I'm the wholesome the model in the video so I can narrow down the videos in five to six minutes yep keep TCX I see now we're gonna move on to your fourth exercise DJ Oliver blue get

a granite salafi now we're gonna do some wall sits sit against the wall nice and slow it's 90 degrees and breathe Haley all the tensions on your putt on your hamstring on your part on your quads perceive the a good whisky thereby earning a good rate under main four sets 30 seconds tension on the quad all time again the ideas bigger muscle compound muscle Janowski but pressure alina observances other calories burn caring it would not could your muscle heavens other bigger boot UNAM muscle wall get a proper food they need to muscle recover who girl Grover now that's your next exercise I got camera bodega bodega holy Willy moon again once that is done now we're going to move on to your next exercise which is very similar to again I'm gonna be Tex squat jumps where I simply both will give work okay very similar to what we did is called like the wall sets now what we're doing in is called squat jumps how many people a bump key happening tanguay with the basic wall sets now we're gonna do three sets of twelve to fifteen squat jump so you're gonna squat down jump up nice and slow I can absorb re this is okay I'm happy with that you don't have

to do this just a little bit soon after some things you'll get an idea from the side here nicely once that is done again we're gonna move on to your second last exercise today which is your basic push-ups so for the push-ups bbl a matter the land about a Lululemon Allah so I want to go sideways so you'll get an idea here we go we're on the side on your tippy toes drop your knees down about hi big what a peach hottie and chin has to touch the ground simultaneously at the same time watch this one see Pig stomach chest and chin touches the ground same time and that's about it now that's your push-ups once push-ups are done we're gonna finish it off with our last exercise at the I'm a big fan of planks now almost hard worker kinder plank start oh it's a basic core workout over time this will help you build your abs believe me you don't have to go crazy on crunches just the planks will help you stabilize your core plank same thing on your tippy toes abs are a paid writer you can go higher you can but keep its tipping straight like an arrow and greed all the tension stays

right and you stomach and this would wrap up your workout for the day so altogether you know what after this you know the drill I always recommend going the SIP and Ram maybe beast minute cardio career image can be treadmill elliptical Stairmaster running jogging cycling anything this you can wrap up the whole worker within 45 minutes we're still keeping the time very limited data doodle game take you recording a make sure follow it the way we said I'm gonna the setting I get bitching occurring everything is set up based on a strategy our palace squad Jeff's will I lose anybody Barton Walsh it Colonel Walsh it car katana Graham only the squads of slovenian same as the upload body turkey a purpose of sadhana so there is a strategy behind these workouts make sure you follow it to the end youtube pay i'm a subscribe kinda mad william i bollywood body follow us on facebook instagram twitter