25 October 2019

Fruitful Minutes: Connective Tissue Health - Gelatin & Collagen

Welcome to a brand new Fruitful Minutes series with hosts Molly and Dr. Kalli! We're kicking off our "Connective Tissue Health" series by discussing gelatin and ...


hi and welcome back to fruitful minutes today we're diving into a new series all about connective tissue health if this is going to be the first of a five-part series and we're talking about collagen and gelatin so dr. Callie it's a pretty hot topic collagen right now I feel like it's I mean the collagen powder it's in the beauty industry it's everywhere but the old-school version of that would have been gelatin so really what are the benefits or differences between the two so there is a difference between the two and the old-school way was gelatin and gelatin is a really rich source of collagen but now with technology they've actually found a way to extract the collagen from the gelatin and break it down into a smaller more absorbable form called a peptide or hydrolyzed collagen where it's not as much processing on the body so now we have a little bit more availability in terms of absorption to the collagen that we're taking by doing collagen peptides okay but that was the main purpose T people were actually taking gelatin yeah back in the day was to get extra collagen so they've taken out of step four your digestive process basically by hydrolyzing or doing the

peptides right there's a time to use one or the other though so some people are at home making gummies for their kids doing some like more old-school nutritional things making like lozenges the gelatin is gonna thicken up so it's more appropriate for cooking and getting your own like sauces or jellies and that kind of stuff I'm cutting in nutritional ingredients collagen isn't going to thicken up so people are trying to use them interchangeably and it doesn't always work you can do a gesture of the two to get an extra collagen in with the gelatin but if you're doing cooking it's typically more gelatin a lot of people are just taking straight collagen nowadays being right a lot less processing in the body yeah and collagen has so many benefits and it is really hot in the beauty industry and the beauty I'm aware yeah right but and it's been around for a long time as a beauty supplement but it's very supportive of other things do you know some of the other benefits of doing collagen joints I know is a big one because I know a lot of athletes will take it especially or recovering from a joint injury that's usually one of the best ways to kind of

promote more collagen and rebuild that yeah so with collagen it's supportive of all of our connective tissue so to me the college and beauty benefits are almost like a side benefit okay it's really supportive of all of our ligaments and tendons which is why athletes and post-workout recovery they're doing it because those are really connective tissue heavy blood vessels and arteries are really collagen dense so to maintain the integrity of those people are doing more collagen our digestive tract is mostly collagen collagen is the most abundant protein in our body we actually lose production as we get older once we hit our mid 20s we start declining and what collagen we're actually producing and making which is why when you get older you do see the fine lines and wrinkles external edges what everyone wants to take collagen for after the fact right right think about if that's what it looks like on the surface what does it look like on the inside yeah that's really interesting I didn't know it was so crucial in your internal organs and tissues that's pretty vital absolutely so when your body starts getting the peptides in that

broken-down form and actually signals to your body to start producing more collagen like a trigger yeah okay which is really cool and when your body starts making collagen the collagen that you make typically lasts for about eight years well it's really nice so really if you're taking it at a younger age even though you may have more of it you would want to take it as like just to maintain and kind of prevent future loss as if you weren't taking any at all absolutely okay and there's no bad time to start right like it's not too late for sorries marry older because again it's supporting all those different connective tissues in the body yeah which is why it's so important so it's very popular yeah we have a lot of powders and people are mixing them into smoothies but we wanted to share yes a bit of like a pro tip yes yes one another one to smoothies is a big one and coffee so like it seems like the new thing is putting collagen in your coffee and so the reason that's really awesome is because in hot coffee you dump it in it absorbs and blends beautifully like you wouldn't even know it's there

the trick is though if you're trying to add it to like ice beverages or anything that's just not a hot liquid it's gonna get a little globby and it might taste a little funky right so pro tip is dissolve it in a little hot water first then dump it into any beverage because you could virtually put it in like lemonade iced water like eventually once it's been right you want to melt down keep in mind again that most of this came from gelatin soars right you got to melt that down to get it into something yes so people who are mixing it straight into cold beverages it does get clumpy it has some you know kind of flavor to it when you do it in a hot beverage first or a little bit of hot water to melt it down no flavor can't tell it's there and then there's no clumps either yeah so it's a really great option if you want to incorporate it makes it a lot easy it's not like another pill you have to take you really uh you really love our collagen thanks for sharing those tips we hope you guys learn something if you have any questions or comments about collagen or gelatin maybe there's a unique way that you guys use it let us

know in the comments below we look forward to seeing you on the next fruitful minutes