14 January 2019

Fruit & Nut Cereal Snack | After school quick and healthy DIY Snack for kids |

Yummy Treats with Yash is all about kids fun cooking .Watch the 10 year old Junior Chef Yash and his 6 year old little brother whip up yummy food .... You can ...

I guess so my papa what's that figure

that DVD and before pops are coming in my hand no my stomach is not you finished it stomach full no you finished it God so what recipe are you planning for me [Music] and he's still there was that is a recipe me3 me2 it okay come let's go to the kitchen motor master [Music] [Music] you all know why do you need to climb huh you say your phone let's start [Music] cooking you need to wash your hands with soap then you would talk with so what are you eating so sure it's okay [Music] my eating no talking Oh - my name is Artur today I am going to make make good I am snack after school but I don't know the name of a snack why you don't know the name of the stuff we got member didn't tell already huggy snack now what are you eating good day thanks this is a very healthy throat ed CD and snack you can use any of them I love using contacts you can

use boost you can use calm you can use bonito it's your own choice what about chocolate almonds chocolate onyx - okay friends you can also use chocolate colleagues I have a glass here I know how to hold classes carefully I have two small sliced bananas you cannot say you tap and pomegranate your choice if it's light banana and throw tools photos photos so these are frutos they are just like honey notes which is colorful but Jonas is constant this is conflicts this is normal conflicts first I had this little items like this is made break this one is cashews chopped cashews and so compact you like comp large yeah why because it will make me growth on your already told but I want to grow more toys you can also use raisins almonds all those bits need any I'd love cash so any driver answer like these these are my favorite so can they use honey loops if they don't have what is this true through to Soto's if they don't have my mother always cause it rutila's ha ha if it's not bad how do we get it friends of you don't have you can take alternates

on chopped off or honey notes your choice okay shall we start yes and Ana's 90 glass I am going to add half of B bananas oh bananas are you eating again I have a dark half me bananas I'm not able to open just linguist show me your muscles no strength at all show me your muscles what shall I help ya hold it hold it so easy you need more strength so how much are you adding 1 TSP for that I love compliment your yummy sure how much are you adding those spoons my goodness oh my god okay next next next next next next next I don't know so what you want to add flow fruit to what is it what is it you are the conflicts it is made of of corn they called it it looks like mix that's why they call it corn close with flakes okay cough cashews I'm going to head up a task half of it half of the cashews you're add some raisins no I hate them you don't like raisins any me too okay some more bananas some Oh bananas so you used one two bananas but now it's fun [Music] this is my new mine okay okay stop

Thanks don't need to watch you got any milk okay you're adding milk Wow nice now I am going to top it up with frutos and the remaining few silicon do you want to add some dates no this much so what's the name of this dish you're eating again you're the sprinkles on complan some more Compline that's a nice idea it's okay it's okay put the whole thing how is it oh my god yuck and cereal you guys a piece ready let me see Wow nice looks very colorful [Music] [Music] how's it tasting with the milk fruits [Music] you're liking it [Music] you finished it then stomach-full you finished it