02 December 2008

From The Heart: Health Insurance SUCKS!

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hi everyone i know i said i'll be back

spec I was busier than I expected I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving I wasn't pretty good when I ain't pretty good my mom made my favorite cake which was the del monte that cake I love that case and uh my brother came down from Atlanta it was nice to see him and the boys high and a pretty uneventful i really do too much i relaxed on my vacation it was nice to not do nothing didn't go nowhere those are the really the best vacation because even when you go on vacation and you go away somewhere you have to rest when you hum back but anyway um go back to work today and a friend of mine is actually due to have surgery she was due to have surgery tomorrow and she had been planning for this and planning for this and it was a major surgery she's going to be out for six months and because she's basically been living in pain I'm not gonna divulge him what's going on with her but she had been living she's been living in pain basically on pain pills and vicodin muscle relaxers you know some days are better than others for her so she found out today from her insurance that they said that she didn't need the surgery when did insurances become doctors when

is it they that they are able to dictate how I feel and they are able to say you know what you don't need a surgery you're not really hurting that bad you can live with it I mean it doesn't make any sense so you'll pay for me to keep filling myself up with pills vicodin or muscle relaxers or whatever what have you to make myself feel better this is the condition that I am living with that can be corrected with surgery and it's possible that when it's corrected with the surgery I won't need those pills anymore which will be money that I won't have to pay for the money that the insurance won't have to pay for because hello I'm pain free I understand that and the the most ignorant thing is if they told you the day before after you prepared yourself mentally you've prepared yourself physically you've told your family you made arrangements to be in hospital for your stay you've packed you move things around you you know you set things beside it to work place and then they turn around they tell you that you don't need it's ignorant and i will put the insurance company on blast it's personal care now you pay every month for your insurance and then still you

get to dictate to me these HMOs is something else you get to dictate to me what I can happen what I can't have what's the purpose of your paying for insurance what's the purpose I mean it's just absolutely ridiculous you know you taking money out of my check and I'm paying an army like insurance is going up all the time you know every time I renegotiate things the insurance is going up so president-elect Obama I know that he plans to make insurance universal but what are you going to do about the insurances where they start rejecting you / things that you need you know it's going to be great there everybody can have insurance that's great but what good is insurance if they're not going to pay for anything what are those insurance if I'm putting in money for monthly and it's coming down to my check and they're not going to pay for nothing and then telling you what you're overriding the specialist you're overriding you know the specialist who's saying yes you really could benefit from this you need this and this would help you in the long run or this would be crucial for you and you're hoping their

overriding it what's the purpose of insurance I'm just giving my money away just be good so really somebody needs to really be done about that like I said it's great then we're going to be you know that he's initiating maybe a universal insurance but what happens when you need that surgery you can't have that surgery you know they telling you that you had to pay so much out of pocket how is that going to change so that's all I wanted to really talk about it very well because I you know she was really upset about that now blame her being upset about you thinking you getting ready to hopefully be pain free and it's something you've been living with for a long time and then they tell you that no you can't have it it's pretty sad so she has to appeal and you have to go through all this paperwork and more red tape just to get this done you hit the start this process all over again is ridiculous so but anyway that's all I have it's snowing out here already I do not like the snow and I'm already willing to protect the style mode anyway with my hair as you can see these are just big twists and I pick them all up but I want everybody to take care be

careful out there because it's slippery Lisa at least on my side of the world in Chicago so take care talk to you soon 143 you