22 July 2019

Fresh 🍊🍋🍊 Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Serum Review

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Serum Full Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Isononyl Isononanoate, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Propanediol, Cocos Nucifera ...

hi today I'm reviewing the fresh vitamin

nectar antioxidant face serum and really quick I just want to say purchases products with my own money so if you want to help keep the challenge appendant check out my products at no BS be calm or click on the amazon link below so this is the fresh brands latest insult Stallman into their vitamin nectar group of products they've got face spray they've got the powder wash they've got the vitamin nectar mask the vitamin nectar moisturizer and now it's kind of a vitamin nectar vitamin C serum pretty much so anyway it's good to be at Sephora soon it's currently at Nordstrom or fresh calm I think I picked him up from freshman at a sale on recently so I knew I want to try it off because I've tried out all the other vitamin nectar products and most of them are pretty good overall if you don't have very sensitive skin so now I've had a chance to try this out of me let you guys know you'd my thoughts I have based on my Sara score scale and fresh coins this as a juice serum with over four hundred and eighty thousand nutrient-rich micro bubbles that deliver an essential dose of skin nutrition for an energized healthy look

and I'm not exactly sure what exactly a micro bubble is maybe it's yeah I don't know does it come out I know what a microbubble is I just think maybe it's like four hundred and four hundred and eighty thousand like dose I don't know I don't know what their time off four nine eight thousand but anyway it's a juice serum vitamin C serum so anyway I do my first criteria which is packaging and packaged in your standard annoying but never leaving dropper bottle definitely not going away anytime soon but it is kind of hard to travel with them and storage if you have a lot of skincare products it's kind of a pain to store them all because you have to kind of keep them upright or they yeah anyway so but they're pretty pretty efficient although for vitamin C I know skin pseudo Kohl's packages their vitamin C this way it is kind of annoying because every time you open it a very small amount of the product does get exposed to light in air but I'm gonna forgive them because everybody uses the dropper bottle nowadays especially for vitamin C serums so no real issues with that other than my personal issues with dropper bottles

which didn't become super annoying until like the ordinary came out and I bought everything they have and then it's like trying to store them all is kind of a mess but anyway my second criteria is alcohol inist is not continuing denatured or drying types of alcohol my third criteria is fragrance and this is going to be my biggest issue is that it does have a lot of fragrance ingredients although they aren't super noticeable while using it you don't really notice too much of a scent of it really a lot of vitamin C serum smell like hot dog water is kind of the going term this one doesn't really have too much of a scent but they did include a lot of fragrance ingredients they've got orange and lemon fruit extract and fragrance limonene Lin Elul citral which Citarella is a big irritant responsible for a lot of contact dermatitis and allergic reactions then they also included benzyl Salus 8 which is a fragrance ingredient it also helps absorption skin absorption and it's also a UV absorbing ingredient and it is also frequently associated with allergies and contact dermatitis as well so I've been seeing this kind of pop up here and there and a lot of

skincare products that aren't exactly sunscreens but if you use this during the daytime I'm guessing that might help your skin fight off kind of some of the environmental damage and sun and pollution things like that but it also can be a common allergen so if you have sensitive skin this is probably one to avoid because of all of those ingredients fragrance which can be a hundred or 200 different ingredients citral which is a huge irritant as well so not a huge fan that even though it doesn't have much of a noticeable fragrance or scent to it so definite issue there so definitely if you have very sensitive skin do a patch test before you use it too much all over your face so anyway my fourth criteria is the manufacturing location and this is made in France so no issues with that ease of use it's got a nice thicker serum jelly type texture to it and fresh recommends using it in the morning and evening personally because of some of those fragrance ingredients I would recommend using more so in the date or in the

evening time when your skin can kind of heal and the daytime your skin will probably have sunscreen on it and if you're outside at all your skin needs to be able to fight that off so I recommend a different vitamin C serum if you like this I'd recommend using it in the evening time especially because of some of those fragrance ingredients it just can make your skin more vulnerable to Sun and things like that so very easy to use though it absorbs mildly quickly it does have a little bit thicker texture takes a little bit longer to observe than a typical vitamin C serum and it kind of sets to a little bit of a sticky finish which isn't a huge issue because in the daytime your need as a sunscreen or foundation afterwards in the night time you're probably using a thicker moisturizer a sleeping mask over it so a texture and setting isn't a huge issue personally I've liked using this in the evening time and then in the daytime I've got a lot of other vitamin C products that would probably recommend over this I really like the Allies of skin it's really expensive though I love it probably wouldn't repurchase it just because of the price

I like the CEO glow that's a good one what else all the costs are X Triple C liquid lightening that's an awesome one for daytime what else although by wishtrend vitamin C like that one as well the tarte youth or dare is a nice vitamin C product as well so you got a lot of options so adding this and your evening routine probably will be a little bit better unless again you have sensitive skin and are allergic to any of those citral or that benzyl Salus a itself anyway so kind of play around with it and see what works for you so anyway onto my six criteria which is antioxidants obviously vitamin C is in here and there's a lot of different forms of vitamin C and someone mentioned it to me in another video about another vitamin C product that they wanted me to call out the vitamin C as a scorable tetra-cell palmitate which is the newest form of vitamin C some people say it's the best form of vitamin C they wanted me to mention that because the company that I was reviewing used sorbic acid which is an older version and not not the newest version not the latest technology but you know what there's so many different

forms and personally instead of worrying too much over which vitamin C form you're gonna use I would instead rather you guys look for a serum that works best in your routine best for your skincare as long as it contains a good amount of vitamin C and is a good formula and works well for you I'd personally worry about that more as opposed to finding something that's got the newest best form of vitamin C in it there's so many different forms so anyway so I'll mention a couple of the other types because there's a lot of them l absorb ik acid which is very common the most common one you'll see it's the most pure and more unstable version magnesium escora below phosphate is super stable form of vitamin C you'll see that here and there a scorable glucosamine is a it's a it might be a form of vitamin C that you'll see here and there it's not super common and it doesn't have a ton of research showing that it's really good at brightening skin or better than any other versions of vitamin C a score below Terra so palmitate which is the one where I was discussing which is the one fresh used in their product it's the newest

form of vitamin C it's made by mixing vitamin C with I so Palma acid it's also oil soluble so it can penetrate your skin better and faster than other forms of vitamin C so that's why some people are saying it's so much better because your skin absorbs it and you're getting more of the or more of the vitamin C active in your skin as opposed to other forms which might not be absorbed as readily by the skin and therefore they kind of sit on top of your skin and don't do as much then there's a score below clue coal side which is a stable form of vitamin C that's combined with glucose when observed by the skin it breaks down to a pure vitamin C it has it's an antioxidant works well with other beneficial and antioxidants preserved key substances and skin that needs to look smoother brighter and younger this form hasn't been shown to be the best at improving uneven skin tone or dark spots you know I'll try and copy this so you guys can look at it a scorable palmitate stable non acidic form of vitamin c that's effective as an antioxidant is effective at reducing environmental damage and then ask arbol methyl salat techni tate

form of vitamin c those considered stable and functions as well as an antioxidant as well as thickening agent so vitae fresh included the scorable tetra probably mispronounced it so bad anyways so all little all copy this you guys can look at it and maybe add information or let me know what your thoughts are if they you guys have a specific form of vitamin C that new phone works better for you personally I just am more concerned about the formula being fragrance free and alcohol-free then what form of vitamin C you use and one that you're gonna use daily without any issues so anyway so and then this formula also contains coconut oil some people are gonna like that some people aren't bilberry extract sunflower seed oil by many and panthenol so it's got some good other ingredients in there and then let me let me grab my pH strips here and test it because I know you guys are always interested in that as well the Allies of skin which is the one that's really expensive you know and I ordered this and the pump didn't work on the very first ball I got so when it's like a hundred dollars I think I'd it

coupon but I don't pop doesn't work but it's got 35% vitamin C which is 25% alexavic acid and then 10% tetras except i'll ascorbate and then superoxide dismutase ok so let me do the but anyway I saw a super-expensive but a lot of good vitamin C in there so that's pH test this guy and I'll give it a minute to work so okay so my seventh criteria is animal testing and fresh is not cruelty free hopefully that will change performance personally I haven't noticed as much brightening from this one as I have other vitamin C products that I've used in the past I also found this was a little sensitizing when I applied it on my neck area which is more sensitive than the skin on my face and I also found it to be a little drying as opposed to hydrating so for me using this in the daytime was just not gonna work at all if I layer it in my evening routine with all my other layers it doesn't seem to be as drying so I just didn't find it performed as good as some other vitamin C products that I really love so and this one pretty much has a pH of 5 almost on the dot I would say so anyway so keep that as a

reference on it so onto the price so this is they come in a set of 1 or thinking about in sets of 3 the full-size is half an ounce or 15 milliliters and it retails for $28 although if you buy from fresh calm sometimes they have free shipping you can get a better deal that's where I got it from although I will say so if you bought this as a size of 1 ounce like pence more the standard vitamin C products are usually about 1 ounce it would be translate to $56 for a 1 ounce bottle so I know the casa rx triple C is like around $28 the wishtrend is around 25 so you'll be a little bit more pricey but I do kind of like the idea of packaging it in a smaller bottle because once you open the vitamin C especially with the dropper bottle air becomes air gets in there and it and kind of start to degrade it so vitamin C is not one of those products are gonna open it once play around with it shut it and then come back to it two months later you want to open it and start using it from that day on so that's kind of why I do like the smaller bottle because then at least it's a smaller amount that's degrading or you

could always I know people that once they open it up they put half of it in a half sized bottle and then start using the other bottom half so anyway so I kind of like the smaller bottle although it does translate to a little bit more pricey for one ounce so anyway so there's definitely cheaper options that's why like if skinceuticals packaged it maybe in like for like quarter buttbounce bottles I don't know anyway just an idea and then on my tenth criteria which is the it factor you know they have a lot of fragrance in here and then just the fragrance ingredient itself can be up to two hundred different ingredients and then you through lemony nguyen a little sip trail benzyl select tape i'm pronouncing that wrong again i need a you know i'm gonna get like a dictionary i'm gonna like start practicing singing things better because i know somebody's gonna comment on it don't worry I know for Minnesota I've got a bad accent and I can mispronounce my name on a good day so anyway I'll practice but anyway so I just don't like the fact that they've got so many potential allergens in there and then yeah and then that benzyl SIL

sallet 8 is also known for allergies dermatitis and also can be potential acne triggers so I don't like the fact that I wish they would have not included all of that and then it would be a much better product much different story so I don't know it's okay and I'm sure that people that love it I just didn't absolutely love it but definitely gonna probably finish the bottle probably wouldn't repurchase it so on a scale of one to ten I gave it a five which is probably an F in school unless you had a crazy teacher which I don't you know I think you can take some classes where it's like like you get 50% above you passed and then there's like a fail I dunno I guess a 5 out of 10 might be a fail fail I don't know I had dreams about school lately I don't know why anyway so I'm trying not to think about those so anyway I'm interested if you guys have a chance to check this out yet or if you haven't what your vitamin C favorite vitamin C serum is so definitely leave a comment I love hearing from you guys and stay tuned for more tomorrow check out no BS be calm and thank you guys so much