06 April 2019

Fred Meyer & Walmart Grocery Haul | Meal Plans | WW Freestyle

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hi guys welcome back to my channel and I

have another grocery haul and meal plan video for you all these groceries came from a grocery pick up from a Fred Meijer which is the same as Kroger and then I also had to pick up some things at Walmart I've had people ask me while I don't do the Walmart grocery pick up my Walmart does not do a grocery pick up so that's why I don't use Walmart go should pick up or believe me I would so to get a few things at Walmart stay tuned in to this video and I will show you my meal plan so let's get into the video as usual I will have the smart points here on the screen for you as you can see I really just had to get dairy and produce I am trying to as usual trying to just use things out of my pantry so as you'll see from my meal plan that's what I did so let's get into what I picked up so I picked up some Canadian bacon I'm gonna be using this for some breakfast sandwiches this week you'll see that in meal prep video tomorrow I picked up my favorite turkey bacon this also will be going into those breakfast sandwiches plus I like to just cook some of this up for eating through the week for breakfast and whatnot so does some of that I got some 96 for

ground beef this is going to be for zucchini Mexican zucchini and be something like that I've made that a long time ago I will see if I can find I'm pretty sure I did a video on it it would've been a long time ago so I'll see if I can find that video if not for sure I will have the recipe link down below you guys know I used to eat it all the time I loved it so that's why I picked this up for picked up a big thing a chicken breast I finally used up all the chicken I had in my freezer I think I may have just a couple breaths left in there so this is going to be for my lunch meal prep and it's also going to be for oh no I think it's just for lunch meal Brooks I don't oh no for dinner one night two will be having salsa verde chicken which is gonna be a Trader Joe's meal part of that video that I am working on so that's what the chicken is for picked up some eggs I'd like to have the use of for breakfast so I pick one of these up every week and I just use a half a cup of this is just a serving of it and I use it with my breakfast in the mornings and they had a free Friday download they do that every week at Fred Meyer where

you and this was the free item for this week so I just picked up one of the peanut butter rx bars for those breakfast sandwiches I picked up some Velveeta cheese slices these are only one SmartPoint so I like to have these on my breakfast sandwiches so I've been hearing you guys you all have been telling me to try at this yogurt from Danone this is the two good yogurt only has 2 grams of sugar in there so let me show you the label the only thing is the fiber that's what I like about the Uighurs yogurts is it has a lot of fiber but since I'm eating that Jillian bakery granola I think I want to try to go for less sugar so this only has 2 grams of sugar in there I believe these are probably only two samar points I'm not sure I haven't scanned them yet but yeah so only 2 grams of sugar so I picked up two of this strawberry one of the mixed berry actually this was the first time I actually had a substitution they did not I ordered two of them experice they only had one so they substitute a blueberry for it and then my husband's cookies that he wanted they had a they didn't I ordered the family size they did not have it so they sent me the party size

so those were the only two substitutions I had oh no in the mixed vegetables I'll show you that in a second so I picked up one of the mixed berry so I got three of the blueberry and two of the vanilla so I'm excited to try these let me know down in the comments section if you guys have tried these these new yogurts and what you think about them I needed some more butter so I always get the I can't believe it's not light butter now this is the only thing about doing a grocery pick up and going into the store to get things I did not remember adding cottage cheese on my grocery pickup but apparently I did because I have two of them now so I have the Kroger 2% and then I picked up the Walmart 2% so definitely we'll be eating cottage cheese this week we needed some sour cream I don't use this but the family does and so I got the reduced fat sour cream I needed some more fat-free half enough so I picked up two of these do you guys know this is my absolute favorite fat-free half-and-half I think it's creamier than the others so here's the other one decided this time to go with the Italian sweet cream they changed the packaging I

actually kind of like it better so this is a sugar-free Italian sweet cream okay so that's all for dairy so I only had to get a few canned items well or dry items so this is some no sugar added at ketchup I got this for my lunch prep I'm gonna be doing a sweet and sour chicken and so that's what this is for and the pineapples also for that sweet and sour chicken and this is kind of like Rotel is what this is like but it's just the kroger brand I got this for that zucchini and beef dish I needed some corn starch this is gonna be for that sweet and sour chicken the cannellini beans is going to be for a lunch that I'm going to be having this weekend you guys will see this in that Trader Joe's video that it will be going up in a couple of weeks I still have like two or three recipes to make for that video okay so the other substitution was this I actually ordered the smaller bag of the mixed vegetables this I'm gonna have just for size and also I'm making a shepherd's pie for the family and so I didn't need a big bag like this but this was a substitution I didn't have to pay the difference or anything you got two bags of the rice cauliflower because one

of the dinners this week is salsa verde chicken so I'll have this with that and then also for the sweet and sour chicken that I'll have for lunch this week for my other lunch this week I'm gonna have some grilled chicken salad some one head and just picked up a couple of the mesquite I only use one of them but my stores out quite a bit so I like to pick up two when they have them so I picked up two of these this is my favorite marinade and I have a lot of questions about if I make it the way it's on here the package and I do including the oil but there is so much of this leftover in the bag after you're done taking it all out I only charge like charge huh I only count one point whenever I do seasoning packets like this when I use oil because there's a lot left in the bag whenever you take the chicken out okay I think the rest is produce out besides my bread here so you guys know this is my favorite bread because it is for me the most like regular bread I just I'm not a huge fan of the what is that that 35 calorie bread I can't remember if it's a 1 feels like a Sara Lee this one is 2 points for one slice and three points for two

slices so I feel like it's just like you having a regular bread I really like that and then I picked up some sourdough English muffins sour definition muffins are my absolute favorite so I'm going to use these for the breakfast sandwiches so you'll see how I'm gonna put those together tomorrow and meal prep I'm trying a little bit different way I found a video on Pinterest so I'm gonna try that out we're gonna be having baked potato bar one day for week this week for dinner I'll be doing a sweet potato but there are so family being doing regular potatoes so I picked some of those up I'm spring mix for salads tomatoes for salads avocados I like to have these with my breakfast and my salads the red pepper and green pepper these are both gonna be for that sweet and sour chicken red onion just for salads lemons for water the zucchini is gonna be for that zucchini and beef dish green onions for salads and this is what I picked up to have for my salads this week for lunch so the sesame Asian salad I just took a short cut for me it's just I really really like this stuff I don't use the dressing because I don't like the dressing I use in my own sesame

ginger dressing but I do use the rest of the stuff that's in here and I just count that so I have two of those and I got some spinach that's gonna be for the breakfast sandwiches so I don't think I mentioned the apples this is my new apple obsession these are the end B apples I absolutely love these things these are so good they're so so good and oranges I don't think I mentioned oranges so that is everything so let's get into the meal plan and here is my meal plan for the week now I know I show this every week but I get questions on it if I don't show my so this is the Kari L mill planner I will have a link down below that will save you a little bit of money if you want order one this is the smaller one I just I love this one I can throw it in my purse it fits in my purse just great so I could make a plan I just absolutely love this meal planner so if you want to check this out you can it has places also for like special occasions there's a note section which I have used to kind of brainstorm recipes has a pocket there in the beginning there are some sections for inventories and just some different resources so I love it

so this week's meal I'm actually gonna actually plan out my days of the week it has been helping me to do that so I'm gonna do that for once um so my meal plan will start on Sunday and that's that's tomorrow I'll be having salsa verde chicken the family be having shepherd's pie what's down here in the bottom is what the family is having up top that's what I'm having so I will be recording this for that Trader Joe's meal I have recorded it salsa verde chicken before in the past so I will see if I can find that but this time I'm using Trader Joe's ingredients and then I'll be doing a baked potato bar on Monday Tuesday I'll be doing that Mexican zucchini and beef again I'll find that recipe that I'm pretty sure I did a video so if I did I'll put that down there family will be having sloppy joes I have some leftover tortillas and some taco shells so imma be doing burritos and tacos but I also have some refried beans in the pantry the fat-free ones so I'm just this is completely out of my pantry didn't I have to buy anything for that I will be doing a breakfast for dinner like we do every week and then weed Friday easy usually

either leftovers or takeout and the Saturday is just leftovers or just to feed yourself type of situation lunches this week I'm having sweet and sour chicken and grilled chicken salads and then meal prep I'm going to make those breakfast sandwiches the sweet and sour chicken and I'll be grilling up that chicken and my airfryer for my salad so it's ready to go I'll probably do some hard boiled eggs and anything else that I need to do for the week so that will be that stay tuned tomorrow for so stay tuned tomorrow for meal prep video that'll be up on a Sunday and I hope you guys enjoyed this a meal plan and a grocery haul please subscribe if you have not already done so hit the notification Bell to be notified when I upload videos and I'll see you in the next one bye