12 June 2013

Four Simple Tapas Dishes - Omar Allibhoy & Thomasina Miers

Omar Allibhoy makes asparagus with Serrano ham and squid a la plancha, while Thomasina Miers shows you how to make black pudding with chick peas and ...

back in the kitchen Thomasina finishes

off her black pudding and chickpeas with a splash of red wine vinegar with her first tap is done she turns her attention to her squid dish so I'm just slicing this squid now you can get squid from any fish good fish monger yes and of course there's lots of squid in the sea not one of those fish that are running out and they're not that expensive and they cook in seconds then they completely Thomasina covers the squid in corn flour and flour and seasons with salt and pepper really the purpose of the sieve is to shake out the excess flour so you don't want great clumps of flour Thomasina fries the squid in batches to avoid overcrowding with the rest of Thomasina squid on to fry it's time for Omar to start on his prawns well I'm going to start with this gambit a la plancha a la plancha means in the griddle so for that we need the highest possible heat that I can get on your pan and the technique of cooking a la plancha is about cooking on the top of the salt now for that we want the salt to get really really hot and we will cook the prawns over it trays not actually the pan when it cooks is the

salt woody I love that so no oil just on top of the salt just on the top of it so I've never seen that and if you go to a tapas bar in Andalusia that's where they have these massive plunges they will take the handfuls of salt and just spread them in there I love it after a couple of minutes Omar turns the prawns so now I'm going to drizzle the olive oil and the pan is so hot is going to smoke quite a lot that's what we want that is maltiness but you can just get this sort of yes if you are cooking at the highest temperature possible yeah you can think this will cook within seconds no time for Thomasina to chop the curly parsley for her dish in the Spain is funny we will just use flat parsley this parsley doesn't exist really yeah you can find it but they think this party is so English it reminds of my grandmother she to grow in her garden but a flat leaf and I was very trendy in England oh this is delicious as well absolute delicious she finishes chopping the parsley drains the deep-fried squid and then adds some toasted pine nuts for crunch to her black pudding and chickpea dish with Thomasina ready to go Omar just needs to

add the finishing touches to his prawns the little squeeze of lemon sir some people in the family sometimes they don't like the lemon but in mind we always do Omar just needs to make a dressing for his prawns I've just chopped a bit of parsley a bit of garlic and a bit of olive oil that will enhance their prawns new it's a really nice dressing well I'm sprinkling some pine nuts and some of this curly parsley drizzle a bit of this olive oil on top yeah hardship you men gone smoked paprika oh that's a nice touch and this is the color that I said I just drizzle on the top and I'm just going to finish it off with a bit of sliced manchego that is a fantastic Spanish cheap cheese yeah and it really gives that breaks that with that saltiness saltiness lovely seasoning for dish yes so my two simple tapas are green asparagus with serrano ham and Manchego cheese and the perfect gumbo Salib lunch oh they look delicious and I have got my squid my deep fried crispy squid with my allioli and my chickpeas with black pudding and pine nuts we have a fist here yeah the moment of truth as

Thomasina and Omar find out which simple tapas are perfect are you ready go masala plancha asparagus with surah Mohammed three points my dish is no points Oh the winner oh well done well Latino well the judges enjoyed Thomasina status but felt that Omar got the balance just right with his grilled prawns and asparagus and serrano ham and thought they were the perfect simple tapas to serve to friends you