01 January 2019

Four most effective tips to lose weight fast

The four most important things that you need to do to lose weight quick 1: Calories Deficit 2: High Interval Training (Intensive Exercise) 3: Compound Movement ...

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to the new Swedish an alma mater Guinness rocailles today I will talk about four most important things that you must do if you want to lose weight so first thing is calorie deficit kind cannibal deficit means you need to consume less calories then you supposed to guys you need to be in these negative calories for example if you are consuming 2,000 calories per day then you have to minimize your calories intake to 1800 calories and burn at least 200 to 500 calories guys so when you are in this calorie deficit your body starts to use that as a source of energy and that's how you begin to lose weight so guys losing away seventy percent is about a diet and 30% is exercise guide so you really have to be aware of what you are consuming how much you are consuming you really have to look after your tight guys so basically is all about being this negative calories guys so second factor is high interval training guys it's not about how long you workout is about the intensity you will have to increase your intensity intensity rather than your are working workout duration guys increase your intensity guys if

harder your workout is more calories you able to burn so guys when you are doing this high interval training you to burn more calories in short period of time plus you able to activate these fast to his muscle fiber which helps you to build more muscle mass more muscle mass you able to build more calories you will able to burn so guys high interval training is the best exercise that you can do for weight loss so hot one is compound movement exercise like burpees a squad day clip guys when we perform this exercise we use more than one muscle group that is why is called compound movement exercise for example when we are doing a squat we use our time muscles our glute muscles our core muscles our back muscles in our workout more Muslim group be able to use more calories be able to born guys and plus when we are doing squats we use our thigh muscles our bruised muscles which are the biggest muscle groups in our whole body biggest muscles you able to use in your workout more calories you will able to burn so guys it's important hard but you got to be a smart at the same time as well

so forth - guys losing a weight it is not our destination guys it is a zonie you have to enjoy the process of eating healthy working out every day it won't happen in our day it won't happen in a week guys it takes time it takes determination guys so you have to enjoy this process if you don't enjoy it you will get frustrated you will get stressful and eventually you got you will end up giving off so guys just enjoy bosses guide and when you enjoy it every day included it will build as a new habit and your habit becomes your lifestyle guys it's not about eating healthy for a couple of days is about changing your lifestyle for better and ever so guys finally I wish you all the best in 2019 both guys wish doesn't come true unless you work for you you need to put an effort you have to work for it guys you need to give your 100% and guys please don't you ever compare or compete with other people guys we every people are individual degree every people are uniquely different so your biggest competitors should be of yourself trying to be better each and every day try to

be a better version of you guys don't try to compare with other people so guys I wish you all the best and also I encourage you to do your best be your best be the best version of you and make the make up best year of your life so far so thank you for watching at my video till next time stay strong is a positive and peace out [Music]