18 July 2019

For The Woman Who's Tried Weight Loss On Their Own

Lisa came to me because she had attempted to lose weight on her own for years but was not successful. Each week we created small changes that accumulated ...

okay all right the recording there all

right all right so when you and he first decided to work with me what was the main problem or obstacle you were looking to solve when I first came to you I had realized that I gained a lot of weight moving out on my own and just from you know just having hyperthyroidism and being on medication for that and managing that over the last few years and my weight had just gotten you know like a bigger number than I was comfortable with hmm and then I realized that like I didn't want to get any another pound from that weight that I was at mm-hmm I wanted to do something different to reduce that number and to feel better when I looked in the mirror at myself sure sure and so what wasn't exactly working on your own why do you feel like you weren't able to do it without me um I would try to do exercise routines I would try to go to the gym or exercise at home and I would be good at doing that maybe you know two days a week here and there maybe for like two weeks I could do it but then like I would lose the momentum like you know maybe I would get home late one day and I'd be too tired to exercise so I wouldn't do it

and then the next day I wouldn't do it again and then it was just too easy to like fall out of the habit of doing that mm-hmm and then I would have definitely wasn't eating the right things I didn't know how to cook a lot I just moved out of my parents house and they do all the cooking for me so I was kind of not feeding myself the the right thing either so just like the diet and exercise was not right altogether mm-hmm and so what did we implement that was different than maybe what you were doing before just a lot of little changes to start really things like starting with drinking more water because I definitely wasn't drinking enough so like a goal of like I don't know six six glasses of water a day or something like that every day making little swap outs so instead of like regular white rice and have brown rice instead of regular pasta veggie pasta adding more vegetables throughout the day really looking at what I was eating on the weekend and trying to put a kind of structure or a schedule to what I was eating and tracking attacking my food tracking my meals so lots of little things

incorporating things that I liked already that I was definitely going to eat but also like as we've been working together I've been trying that some new things new types of vegetables just trying different kinds of foods that are better than what I was eating before yeah when you do such a great job so sighs so like we didn't start with the exercise really as a main focus at first because that was something that I wasn't really doing very consistently or a lot of anyway but like we gradually built it up I think I started at like two days a week exercising then moved it to three and I'm up to four days a week exercising and then extra when I feel like so I think having the diet changes and the exercise together has really been good and since we talked about it all the time it's very healthy consistent I know I have to show you pictures of my food and you know when I when I log in my exercise like I kind of get like a little proud of myself I know that you're gonna see it Holly sent me a nice comment about it so that definitely helps with the accountability that's awesome that's awesome so we definitely have achieved a lot

together what's the most what's the thing you're most proud of that you've accomplished so far definitely my clothes getting looser I've been able to go down three Jean sizes wow that's amazing I had to actually give away some of my clothes because they don't fit anymore and that's really cool a little thing that's like so like but like cool to me is that like I can tuck in my shirts now into my pan and like it looks fine because my stomach is smaller than it was before so that's like really exciting for me yeah it's not some at all that's amazing it's also does your work have you been putting in so much effort and work and you've been consistent and accountable so it's great now that the goal that you had first started with is you know you're able to accomplish so that's awesome that's great all right so question were you skeptical working with a dietician or were you skeptical at first of just like doing a nutrition program that's a little bit different from probably what you've done before no not really because I think before I came to you I'd already made the decision like I need to do

something hmm I just didn't know what like I I just didn't have I didn't know what was going to be the best way to go or you know I knew I needed to change the way I was eating but I didn't know what I should be eating I knew I needed to do exercise but I didn't know you know how much I should be doing or like is it okay if I only do 20 minutes one day instead of thirty minutes or you know all I like I had already made up my mind that I needed to do something differently but I think when I came to you it really solidified for me that it helps to have somebody do it with you and to have somebody to talk to you to guide you through it and you know to provide the accountability because it's very easy to you know start eating differently and then start exercising but then stop it like very shortly after when you don't have that person checking in with you and really like providing that encouragement great so okay so what would you say to someone who's interested in working with me but is hesitant to get started I would say you're very nice so that you definitely make it easy to talk to you about you

know the concerns about like why somebody would want to seek out the services it's helpful cuz I feel like you're very non-judgmental for like me in particular like I'm a very picky eater and you're always telling me to try some foods that like I would never try in a million years but when I say you know I that's not really for me then we can work together to figure something else out like you're not you know judgmental if I say it will know that I can't not that one so I feel like that that's very helpful to work with somebody like you who is very collaborative about like problem solving and it just it just helps so much to to have somebody like I said before to hold you accountable that you not not only that you hold me accountable but that like I feel good about being able to give you progress photos or like show you something that I made that like really healthy and my colourful with vegetables like it it makes me feel good to have to have you to to share that with really well thank you so much Lisa is there anything else that you want to say or comment on or anything at all I would just say you

know if you're thinking about doing something like this like to change your your habits or like to change your other life really then you shouldn't do this because it's hard to do by yourself it really is but it's really helpful to have somebody from supportive and just excited about their progress as you are so I would definitely do that awesome thank you thank you I'm gonna stop there