06 March 2017

Food Review: Lay's Classic Potato Chips

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all right what we have for review today

are leis classic potato chips this is an iconic American favorite when someone says potato chips this is typically what comes to mind so let's dig right into it all right this is a single serving bag at one one and a half ounce was a review the Nutrition Facts real fast the nutrition facts are for one container in one bag there's 240 calories 140 of those being from fat total fat 16 grams 24 percent of your daily value saturated fat 2 grams 11 percent of your daily value cholesterol 0 milligrams sodium 250 milligrams 10% of your daily value potassium 5 hundred and 20 milligrams 15 percent of your daily value total carbohydrates 23 grams 8 percent of your daily value dietary fibers 2 grams 7 percent of your daily value sugars 1 gram protein 3 grams vitamin a 0% its vitamin C 15 percent calcium 0 percent iron 4 percent vitamin E 8 percent of your daily value niacin 8 percent of your daily value magnesium 6 percent zinc 2 percent vitamin b6 15 percent thiamine 6 percent all right and let's review D ingredients pretty streamlined set of ingredients there there's just potato vegetable oils

and or canola oil or sunflower oil and salt so pretty much potatoes oil and salt all right interestingly this product has no artificial preservatives I'm sorry no artificial flavors and no artificial preservatives and it is gluten free there's no wheat in it just potatoes it starts with farm grown potato cooked and seasoned to perfection so so every Lay's potato chip is perfectly crispy and full of fresh potato taste happiness and every bite yep probably happy and tasty but not quite good for your health okay why don't we go ahead and take a look at how which type of food this is this is without a shadow of a doubt tertiary food starting his his life as a primary raw potato and then working his way down to becoming fried it was salt additives so the tertiary food on our health continuum it falls solidly at a number two out of ten that's pretty obvious and right there there's a and down to number two potato chips and that's kind of our fault now compared to other potato chips these are really finely textured and they're very finely cut it gives it a lot of flavor per

potato chip they're not they're very crunchy but not very thick so they're nice and thin compared to a kettle cooked potato chip definitely salty and it tastes like a potato chip this is such an iconic food when someone says what does it taste like and say it tastes like potato chips this is pretty much what they're referring to mmm has a hint of salt oil and potatoes but if you taste a big potato it's actually really hard to steak this tastes a like a potato taste more like salty fried food and that's pretty much exactly what it is all right thanks for looking at your review thanks for watching my review and please give it a thumbs up if you like and subscribe once again I'm gonna do and lastly I'm just gonna snap one in half to show you what it sounds like take very thin very flaky all right thank you again