10 June 2019

Food Review | Fresh & Healthy with AC

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we grab a haha

[Music] [Laughter] hi guys welcome back to my channel this is me again friends and tonight we are gonna do food review I know that you all guys love food review as much as I do because of course I get to taste a lot of good and delicious food tonight we are gonna do food review of all things fresh and healthy yes you heard me right fresh and healthy and by fresh and healthy I mean the brand of one of my closest friends she actually asked me to do this food review of her product us in fresh in health and I'm so excited she asked me to be very honest and to be unbiased on our opinion and I also think that it's a good idea because that's what you guys deserve you guys deserve to know the truth goo Masaryk ma we're gonna healthy but allagash ours if it really tastes what it claims to be neva and tonight is also going to be extra extra extra special because i'm gonna be joined by a certified foodie a food expert paris Arcana comparison - food expert job and i think she's a food expert I think that we can trust her with her opinion this person she's very picky with food as in Fox in a venomous

erotic sand saref actionability Macerata hindi Messara without further ado let's all meet our very special guest tonight to join us with our food tasting and food review of fresh and healthy let's all welcome please for the very first time in my blog the one and only the bond hey hey welcome back welcome to my channel welcome to my blog thank you so much for getting I know that you're so busy being the CEO of the very big trouble hello male but thank you so I don't mean nothing I think it was instructed to eat it you never again yes tonight we are going to taste food from fresh and healthy fresh healthy this is a brand my close friends both of us are one of our close friend so my people but really new food review and and dominant America in and super fresh and healthy combination so you go Anthony okay now three things that you just say your company if you I'm so very very doing this on yes unfiltered that's what she likes and I think that's what our viewers deserve unfiltered honest pure

and biased opinion to the owner and proprietor friends buddy fire are you ready for our first dish yeah a pizza and you please bring in his holy smokes it's the holy smokes eat son [Music] guys these Pizza are vegan as in everything is vegan if you are a bigot of nice beets are vegan friendly and let's try holy smokes holy smokes is made of young Dona is sweet flower made of wheat flour blossom cheese is kashama Zarrella cheese so it's really be done person I've heard of special code enforcement lajas Master sha and it's about the with mushrooms and cheese Google so that's the different review wait ok smells good it smells good I love Tomatoes as in it really smells [Applause] [Music] the cheese I love the cheese the mountain Jesus I love the cheese cottage cheese thus everything good about this meets our brands our plan and again cash Domus Aurea cheese I think what's admirable here is though the floor you say it's not the the dough is truly

better it's not it's not dry it's not dry compared to processed I guess compare it to the major brands pizza brands which included a panel enemy so brand rinin do a skin I know that you guys can relieve suffering tied into a restaurant cuz you know people on behind Milan pizzanel otaku sovereign dragon though but this one right here sorry stand alone with the cheese with the bread the bread gets done alone but with the cheese it's perfect with the tomatoes and the mushroom it's even more a piece mmm something set up Debenham first it was actually very good and are you guided for the next pizza which is which is the other bonus [Music] and wheat flour as the dough that was stopped with that stuff get it stuffed with cash or mozzarella cheese again and tofu + pineapple which I really love I really love she loves the top wah so it's a perfect match we're gonna try it now we're gonna try it man guys bonus let's try Gomes Mustafa Pasha pesos are holy smokes crazy okay Ryan you know

I'm biased castle pine apple so I I know that this one is better than the first one tastes really really good thank you so much fresh and healthy it's really good so well but I actually like it doesn't you know overpowering young pineapple so people who look like pineapple they're in against it so it's fine if you order this one in addition to eat to what it is and again I love the consistency bucket what money consistency Jim we're doomed oh it tastes really good I said just like what he sees the palms and a while ago for the first pizza the dough can stand on its own guy young donut on point you invent the neon but no well it's healthier because it has no poop it ha it has cashew mozzarella cheese plus this is a thing you know has fine apple which I really really love us in Sabra don't listen to AC by now hold on pizzas is good pineapple pizza masala find our learning everything is masala please don't mind we're gonna try the veggie nachos [Music] the first time on this blog that I completely agree with Haiti because not

last not last because this veggie veggies this veggie nachos is the best tasting not so ever I've tasted saguru mom one two or three variants of natural and this one is probably on the top of that list so brands are of Nia the way um de salsa the sauce and the nacho combined so but I'm perfectly lacking the sauce is made of actually of cucumber tomato plus it has also cheese which is a which are also very very much love plus the dip that that was so sweet it almost tastes like a spaghetti sauce but it's a more delicious and healthy version I've heard you know what you know what elegant ego is fewer tomato I think so balanced one of the guys promise I'm not exaggerating things the magic the magic taste happens when you taste all of the elements in just one bite so every dining magic yes you should try this if indicia Messiah promised guys you can friend me on Facebook you can unfollow me and all my social media accounts it ain't even unsubscribe when YouTube Duchamp asana because I'm very confident in a sovereign Shara yeah book what's our super healthy super

Prussia some rock zurafa promise your kids who don't like vegetables will be enough this swear now let's go to the last dish inside the DS but I'm gonna get it going what's our last dish um if I'm not mistaken it's in veggies with meat roll [Music] super-healthy night steam it's not fried it's not it's not whatever it's healthy to preserve your nutrients every disseminates also have various so the preserve you nutrients of vegetables plus the meat roll and it has a signature sauce that's right um the the steamed vegetables Bella is composed of Caracalla flour it has a bottom aeration kick of something there's nothing like remarkable watch team but cheese because they all taste the same but this one is particularly good cuz they're not there and you know just be steamed it has pre work I said I think this was funny but I don't know if it was teamed with the onions and it was so finally free brush I said yeah yes so okay yes I see it's nicely remarkable in a way now and you know trust em

vegetables but it's the mainly word steamed vegetables I don't know how they did it but it just tastes them I mean going for the young steamed veggies of course it would days as vegetable as you can get but the very good thing about it is not miserably it is a blunder just like what a see Sarah black there my tastes are my Lhasa because again it was eat together with the onions and all plus guaranteed fresh ingredients you're planning to do a diet or to be an Ania this one is the perfect meal plan for you veggies plus you have a dough so you have a dose of your global foods with a veggies super freshen and super healthy plus you have a dose of your grow foods with the McCrone composed of chicken they are complete what do you want you okay mmm it's not just me go whether it's Mingo calamansi alright calamansi Mingo Nikita you action go Misaka go because I was expecting a sweeter apparently money but it is not no sugar as in pink opal in the lemon no sugar so Ashley you're Optimus little this one is this one is not but this one is really

good I love the sour taste because of the calamansi plus combined up with the lemon but an optical abyss a dilemma plus it is combined with cucumbers or bronzer of the shuffle on top oh because I really love all things our first things first Iran are the main go is sweet but you can still taste the calamansi infernal sunrise I I think melisma lacking factor for fresh and healthy that they get their produce fresh every day I think it's every day because yeah because of the orders they get me some and more that you taste metal it's like it's like mangoes goodness mi sorry Nisha and me my sweet nation and mango that was my sourness Shannon lamb when combined yeah it is like that super good super super good and I actually love this one better super Nabu so cabarets now see how much fresh and healthy now before we end a quick question what was your favorite dish hands down it was the version oh my god that's also my favorite dish the veggie nachos there are so many top they are called a hot namitha yeah I know guys I know that you are wondering how we you can order because I saw Brenda sauropod coming and we want you

guys to experience the same thing we want you guys to taste the same thing to face the same freshness and be healthier by our by making wiser and healthier choices and that on one way is by ordering these food products from fresh and healthy then how can you order you can actually order through their Facebook page Facebook page is called red and healthy plus starting today Monday June 10 2019 they are in partnership with high you know high best so table right it's really big it's really three and they're expanding their reach actually before they partner with hi best marina salon maja 5260 avid customers avid clients who already changed their lives by making healthier choices by purchasing fresh and healthy food products now I'm the owner of court wants to expand their reach to expand their clientele that's why they've partnered with hi les so aside from messaging them in their fresh and healthy page and Facebook you can also go to my best shot Kaiba's and order the food items so the name of the food items again will be posted in the description box below so

please check them haha wow thank you so much ace for joining me this would review yeah babe yeah I mean because of this would review when they realized oh then let's start making healthier choices starting with the food that we eat here here order their food items now try it guys try it they have a lot of choices they have a lot of choices aside from the one that we have shown you these are not really new new products we have we have a lot of choices which you can check in their facebook fanpage again and again it's called fresh and healthy thank you again is freedom um thank you for having yes thank you so much for being and I think in this good review also thank you so much to our very good friend please act like the owner of fresh and healthy thank you so much for inviting us to come and taste your products because they are really really good and I hope that this vlog this food review did not only motivate you to buy their products but more importantly we hope they see and I hope that this flood also inspired you and motivated you to lead healthier lifestyle starting today today yes thank you so

much guys for watching this would review I hope Nana become kayo because super in a boost of Naboo soft Naboo soft episode numbers are coming yeah this has been AC follow her in their social media accounts oh my gosh no and this has been friends thank you so much guys for tuning in please by the way since you're still here check out my other videos right here yeah all right there hit the subscribe button just right there oh my god no amazing amazing fun and delicious and healthy content [Music]