11 October 2019

Food Nerds - Episode 29 - Pre-and-Post-Workout Nutrition

In the last two weeks we discussed how to eat for performance on a meet or race day. This week we're talking about how to optimize your nutrition for a regular ...


so we talked a lot about like what to do on on the day of that you're trying to perform where you're peaking to let's talk about just general just a regular day of training you're just going on a Wednesday or whatever should should people be eating special or to paying special attention to things before the workout after the workout during the workout let's assume it's just an hour-long workout okay again everybody is different everybody has different goals but to generalize I think like it's so important to make sure you have carbohydrates prior to a workout you know and not too much fat and fiber because those things take longer to digest but some people work out with nothing they do a fasted workout it just it just depends but all the research I recommend right yes they're having some sort of I've done that not not purposely just and that's people become nauseous that was me yeah we used to just have to wake up and just get our workout done first thing in the morning you know just on a cup of coffee and just like a banana or something and yeah I was terrible and my performance suffered so I do personally well I'm sure somebody

out there can do that just fine like my wife can do that just fine but I can I need yeah I need to be up for a couple hours digest something before the same way so having something that you know you can tolerate in the morning and that has a carbohydrate source it's gonna help you get through that workout and then if it's like an hour or less of a workout you don't necessarily need to eat anything during the workout but having maybe hydration you know is key and then that post-workout meal or snack within two hours would be an ideal time and I was looking at all these articles online and you know the body is such an amazing thing and can regularly regulate a lot of those things but everything that I looked at was saying like within a two hour yeah time period is the ideal like muscle building no time period so I'm having a well-balanced meal something that has protein something that also has carbs to replete any glycogen something that also has healthy unsaturated fats which can help decrease inflammation and something that has fiber too that can fill you up and just be helpful for you know it got

health - overall so most people probably don't have to worry about it because I think most people are just gonna sort of eat with them - out and just go about your go about your regular life where it sometimes runs into problems is when marketing gets involved and you're at not the rehab gym and you're at a big chain that's trying to make more money off of you by putting the juice bar right there and yeah and I think the marketing kind of leads them to believe like well if I you know I'm destroying my games if I don't drop $7 on a protein shake within 15 minutes and that's out the door you know which which is also not true you know most people can just you know as long as you're not finishing your workout at noon and you're not eating dinner until 8:00 right like if if you're just if you're a normal person and you work out of five and you go home and eat dinner at 7:00 or whatever anyway it's probably fine so funny cuz I used to I used to be that person like would work out go get a smoothie and that was like when I was a teen like maybe 18 but now like now that I know these things and I've learned it you can literally just eat your meal and make it

a well-balanced healthy meal that has protein and carbs that is the key for post-workout like recovery meal yeah especially for normal people Thanks you know just people who are just going to the gym trying to be healthy turning a little stronger but not necessarily elite athletes that are like you know that are going above and beyond and maybe it needs to be a little bit more regimented than that like we're just talking about regular people like don't worry about it don't stress about it too much like we about extensively in a couple episodes like stressing about it can be more destructive than you know getting it perfect I can be productive you [Music]