10 December 2019

Food Insecurity and Homelessness - Public Health

A Public Health focused look into the food insecurity issues in San Marcos, Tx.


food insecurity is a condition in which households lack access to adequate food because of limited money or other resources it is both a leading health and nutrition issue in the United States the homeless population is often the most likely affected as they are forced to make difficult choices with the money they have or how to make ends meet with the stipends that receive according to the homeless shelter in San Marcos the South Side community center there are between 50 to 100 adults who experience homelessness every year not only does the community center do its best to alleviate the financial burden of living on those who need it most but they provide services that protect and enhance their clients self-determination in a safe environment one of these services are the daily dinners and Sunday breakfasts that are sustains purely by local business donations and the efforts cornu by the San Marcos Food Bank for example their food from h-e-b Panera Bread and foods donated from individuals being used to create some of the meals all of the food groups are considered as the meals are prepared all members of the community

are welcome to enjoy a hot meal my name's of CDs I stopped working for salsa for about a year ago and what I do here is I could for all the clients here and what would you say are the overall goals of the community center the whole place I think it just to keep on getting the resources even the people providing for everybody individually either its shelter food or pay for your bills okay and what about for what we're doing right now with the kitchen I think with that woman is fun a big one that we can't keep getting resources because of cooling is a big help HTV is a big home target one more that we just could get the bread the tortillas the the me the cans that never stops a big thing that I've seen here is that the need is basically food scarcity that people come in looking for food and I would say that that helps with Public Health is there anything else that you guys help out with for Public Health besides the cooking wines also we also help out people at low income there's anybody and then we provide what's the shelter and emergency shelter and then also if like a college

student or anybody is in need for help with the rent or an electricity bill or water bill even we'll help you out here okay so the clients for these programs it's really anyone who needs them yeah anybody would know income in anybody that's basically in the streets mm-hmm but we also do get people here that volunteer that are they also are in need even surprisingly the Southside community center believes that by providing resources such as food and a safe environment allows individuals and families to become more proactive in meeting other essential needs by increasing awareness and understanding the Southside Community Center believes it will have met its goal [Music] [Music]