19 September 2018

food and nutrition policies

okay now we go next for another

subtopics for introduction do you know what is policies about now we are concentrate on the nutrition policy itself policy is very general but now we focus on the food and nutrition policies so the broad call of the broad goal of emission policies is that food and nutrition policies they are developed in a purpose or a concerned with physical as well as the economic assess food and inert susato policy button on food and Ashley yelled abandoned on a terrace r29 okay the hot tub which Appa young hot mechanic to teach other physical than economical that is safe one nutritious affordable who's some and also culturally bred in adequate amounts and kind throughout the year they can prevent hunger and promote sustained heart function and Libby hood of an entire population at all stages of life so here you can see that the food and nutrition policies covers everything it covers from what are the concerned of the policies and the case of for a mission they are very concerned with whether we the population can get the food economically or physically my name numerical in graphite shot mechanic to is there physical not some other

mechanic to Alice a nutritious there is the economic near adding some vitamin E to affordable or not and also some ideas for tamarkan to illumine the road and you could all truly pray when will he pull one sits at home and also of course it must be inadequate Mouse and also the mouse is can provide for the throughout the year and because of that it can prevent hunger and from one end all sources and health function and the balloon of entitled ratio this broad brought goal is is partly adapted from encyclopedia of human nutrition magnetic another broad goal of full energy policies it's more about addendum a about the strategy factors that the the goal of these policies is beyond the medical concerns food and nutrition policies should seek to enhance the social economic and foot indices infrastructure that allows population to make healthy decisions about food to it and the environment leads a suitable conditions the Baker azzawajal the nine the the pool from the previous a man who taught to policy formation and nutrition and food knee they are beyond from the biomedical constancy

the amok but ultimately heart recent a infrastructure so to for industry to some other Bernard Kenya policy the Williams Azad Nagar it to the part of what behind organics a hockey then you could bill Hammack an illegal contained America political candle on cut onions in bonds these are the two goal cannot pursue so two policy a flourishing to given day there are a few very famous very well-known of policies and addition policies especially in low-income and Ruby countries again and this policies they have a certain categories a number one certain policies is developed is based on because of the direct nutrient based interventions because they are very certain nutrient to focus by the government they need an intervention for example the use of lutein and supplementation we have the cut line or what we call as a policy on how the intake of nutrients of limitations on how their food structure the food industry can claim that the a nutrient can be recognized or can be so called as a supplementation and another important policies that was developed in intend for the nutrient based intervention is a

food for the situations we can see there is a lot of food fortifications they can be found in market and actually in order for them to claim that certain product is 45 we've stood on hood they have to follow the most and we have for example here cabe we have in Malaysia we have what we call as a low of militia and this is act 281 which is a piece of food act 1983 yeah so this food actor is a lot about what we call up dr. Macallan among a community meaning of those who wants to sell food or marketing the food they have to follow this as food back here is the guidelines for the food fortification micronutrients and this guideline was publisher was developed in conjunction WH o the World Health Organisation's as well as what we learn we know very well is an FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States so this cardi comma with the guidelines of thoughtful certifications on my connections especially vitamin D iron from the ASIC and Accenture another policies they are very famous among the low-income and developed embrace with a commercial foods including Level II if

they want to have a foot leveling so they have a certain policies that they need to comply and also lastly the food aid another focus for addition policies in low-income and given countries is in order for the policies developed in order to educate all to try a high-risk group behavior for example this our model of the fish om om sir that's a tool as a militia in the previous video that another of very famous policies is breastfeeding policies in the depressed for the policies not only Malaysia but worldwide okay we have a very topical definitions very precise definitions on what is the meaning of exclusive breastfeeding and what is the data crying I have not destine another policy but exclusive breastfeeding a is when the mother have to press fit with the baby from birth until six month and it can continue until two years all and the children of the babies in only start winning or can start have the complementary feeding by the age of six months so we have this policy advance on and after this kita and technology details were are the the informations that we have inside the premises of this and

breastfeeding another policies study because we want to take care of certain we change deficiencies and then we focus about a certain group of people that means policies in terms of nutrition policies another part of this is that was developed by the low income development places order to take her about the agricultural and tree yep this agricultural policies is develop in in order to ensure that in Malaysia we have variability of food and we have power to access to much accessible with a Latino koala bogeyman I'm the policy that connect our up makamaka namely the import and export and spur Daniel and plus the end of this class did that kind focus on what we call as Casa Loma manatee I'll set the stitch that we are going to look at at this another major requirements problem that require presentation onions all sorts Polly sitting in work these are the major nutrition focus is very common okay number one the policy must be develop for those who have to take a problem of stunting and wasting when we talk about stunting a mistake means that they are have a food insecurity among the populations what is put security we will

look after this another one here you can see what what happened to this baby okay this baby we can see that this pepper the baby or the mother okay I have a macro nutrient deficiencies where they have a very they have lack of folic acid during pregnant so what happened is that this baby having have what we call a spina bifida so this policy is also very important to be develop in order to tackle micronutrient deficiencies amount creations and also just now literature coppice obesity okay another policy is very important in order to tackle obesity as we know that militias number in South Asia in terms of the prevalence of ECP then kataka happening what we call as a mm machine no policy something nutritional militia in order to tackle the problem of peace in Asia and this one is also another important things why we require a policy in order to take care what we call as a food insecurity any unconferences obesity and also foods they are certain reasons or policies to control and prevent under nutrition this is very important for the policies is in order to reduce a button of inflation if there is an under nutrition for certain

populations that population is a very vulnerable or high risk to get another infection and we can see that there is a lot of amount of low income countries number two why the reasons or policies to prevent intrusion is in order we want to control or we want to because lowered the SS of mortality iran-contra dr. Murphy and McLeish another one is what the reasons is because we want to enable to increase their child activity if a child is a very undernourished okay on the knavish the sample they have a very stunting everything so it is a very limited for them to do a physical of course is very important or the info Department and also it's very very important for the policy maker to control and prevent the under Trish ins in order to allow the students or to allow the children to have a very grow go in terms of school performance there are a lot of scientific studies have showed that when they have a very over very healthy diet what we call as a very mechanism bangs balanced diet many studies have found that actually it can contribute or it gives an effect to improve this book on the songs for children these are all the root causes

of indications is we know we know that why there is a under nutrition because of the poverty when the hell poverty then there is a under nutrition the privation the social inequality the lack of education and deprivation Rasta towards the class end and tiki-taka and a more reputable program added by the gift study study we are going to have a discussion a lot of discussion on how certain countries not only Malaysia but why how difficult poverty deprivation distortion conduct in the application population rose by developing what we call a policy in Latin ticket equitable okay so does it give my corner two differences of course when there is a microliter deficiencies so the policy must be developed in order to target the hidden hunger this is all kind of hunger that sometimes we cannot define easily because sometimes it's quite difficult for example if the pollutions have vitamin deficiencies iron iodine is seeing and cetera it has been found that this Micronesian differences actually affect approximately two billion of people from this kind of a problem and what is the effects is that of course you can give an effect on terms of the

patrols increased morbidity intellectual payment as well as increase the mortality rate and how to prevent this problem then it must be a policy policy of what a policy of supplements policy of fortifications and policy of change I can't give it a bitch and gotta study another thing is the digital thing order or the undernutrition we have look at the micro efficiencies and not the problems that the policy must be taken seriously in terms of the obesity as we know that obesity is a major for the health problems and also this is kind of a policy okay the stock at Nina in a lot of countries when we talk about policy is quite difficult for them to achieve the KPI or all achieve the targets to decrease the prevalence of obesity so Calicut mo in the panic attack rating know a few policies including a militia well we don't target ticketed a target problem to Karanka and color obese people what we talk esta is to maintain the prevalence kid mendez problem also is actually a good achievement for certain countries it can they can maintain the province of obviously of course this is

the transom Anisha you can see here that the statistics show that in 2003 4.4 million of machines of peace and a 4.4 million almost a half-million of the children is yeess and according to the research done I think this is a MEMS equal as national health mobile history they found that 10% of the children and the a team is all over it and 6% of the children and widowhood and it is all this the health consequences there's a lot of helpful sequences by of course here I can show you the common one okay there are consequences obesity is a CVD cardiovascular disease and here we can see