09 June 2019

Food and Nutrition Culminating - Georgia


we actually have most of the ingredients that we needed on hand but I still had to go shopping for some so I made a list and this is what the list looked like I [Music] decided to go shopping at Food Basics because they had almost every ingredient that I needed on sale while I was at Food Basics to save extra money I stuck to a list avoided the inner aisles as much as I could I want when I wasn't hungry I ignored the expensive name brands and I avoided the pricier eye level shelves I also made sure that I paid attention to the tricks that the store was using like the layout the last leaders and the fact that some of the tags weren't actually sales just colored red or yellow to trick you into thinking that they were then it was time to start I wash my hands and made sure that my prep area was clean before I started my appetizer was actually pretty simple it was just homemade hummus with things to dip in it hummus is actually really simple to make it's just a few ingredients then put them in a blender then cut whatever you're dipping and present once that was all done it looked like this I put it in the fridge for

later and then it was time to work on the main course first up the star of the dish the Salahi I actually started making this in the morning to save time I had left the chicken in the fridge to defrost overnight putting it on the low shelf for extra food safety then I took it out and got ready to start to avoid cuts I made sure my knife was sharp stabilize my cutting board and use the claw method [Music] when I was done cutting the chicken I put it aside and made sure I washed everything attached to avoid cross-contamination then it was time to marinate it so I started in the ingredients and put it in the fridge for later [Music] [Music] eventually it was time to cook so I put the piece of sense viewers and barbecued them [Music] next up the salad I actually made it at the same time as the appetizer as they had some of the same vegetables and could both be put in the fridge for later and the dressing was easy and full

of minimally processed ingredients eventually it was time to make my favorite part the potatoes so I cut them into pieces and made the seasoning I made sure my oven racks were correct before I preheated to avoid burns then I put my potatoes in they went at the top to get browned later when I take the tinfoil off the rice was simple and it was easy to plan my time around it [Music] finally it was time to set the table two forks were needed one for salad the other for the rest of the course one knife was needed for those who like to take their meat off the skewer a salad bowl was available but not required I used family service for both the appetizer and the entree because that's the way my family has always presented meals and it gives each person a chance to take more of what they like or want after the meal it was time to clean up I made sure to clean the sink and the workspace after two for dessert I chose to make snickerdoodles which are cinnamon sugar cookies I actually made them the day before the meal because they take a while

despite that though they're actually pretty easy to make once it's all mixed you roll the cookie dough into balls and then roll them around in cinnamon sugar then you put them on the tray and put them in the oven [Music] [Music] voila delicious snickerdoodles I actually chose to do this meal for a couple reasons first off I wanted to follow the food guides Canada's new food guide shows that we should have about half fruits and vegetables with lots of variety then some greens and protein looking back at the different parts of this meal I think that it accomplishes that Brazil also mentions having oils and sugars in moderation another thing this meal has then there were also the factors that we learned about in class without globalization I never would have been exposed to these foods and I wouldn't have chosen them family also had an impact as we all have different things that we like and I had to pick something we would all enjoy and had possibly had before [Music]