28 August 2019

Fittrpedia Episode 2 - GM Diet: Does It Work?

Fad diets are popular because they promise quick fixes in a short duration of time. One such popular diet is the GM Diet. How many of you have tried it in the ...

so you want to lose weight that's great

you stop looking for the perfect diet and find something which claims that you can lose four to six kilos in just seven days sounds too good to be true that's because it is the GM fryer let's take a closer look at this extremely popular diet the GM diet or General Motors diet has been around for a long time it is a very restrictive diet plan that tells you exactly what to eat on every single day for an entire week here's how it works day 1 for its day so with all the fruits that you want the diet claims that this helps detoxify your body but strictly no bananas because they contain starch and potassium it is only the first day so you probably feel a light and refreshed day to day 2 is vegetables a no fruits are allowed potatoes are fine not only at breakfast but you absolutely cannot eat carrots peas and corn the diet claims that you'll gain more energy because you're eating carbohydrates and starch day 3 today you can now eat both fruits and vegetables but still no bananas and definitely no potatoes peas carrots and corn day for today urine for a special treat for 6 bananas 3 glasses of milk

and Wonder soup which is an exclusive GM diet recipe after 3 days of eating so much fiber day 4 will be special for another reason you'll find out for yourself day five today's special 20 ounces or 566 grams of meat and six Tomatoes yep that's it vegetarians can have cottage cheese that you can't have anything else on the other hand you have lost a lot of weight not really day six if you've lasted this long congratulations you deserve a cheat day GM diet style aren't you excited today you can eat all the meat and vegetables that you want enjoy your meal now that you're finally getting some protein the diet claims you will have the energy for lots of physical activity and exercise day seven you've made it to the final day you have turned into a fat-burning machine and you've already lost a ton of weight you're looking feel better than ever before today you get to eat all the rice fruits and veggies that you want just don't eat me or anything else congratulations you have successfully completed the GM diet you have lost a lot of weight and you think you're now fit and healthy that's where

you're wrong what you've lost in these last seven days is water weight muscle mass and very little fat that's what happens when you eat extremely low calories and starve yourself which is exactly what the GM diet makes you do you also eliminated protein and fats both essential macronutrients no wonder you were tired throughout the week you've probably also created an electrolyte imbalance headaches and mental fog and not normal but they are common when you do the GM diet and guess what now that you're off the diet and start eating like a normal person all that weight you lost bounce back and you'll be back to where you started people claim that the GM diet helps them lose kilos and inches but the truth is that they've damaged their bodies and their relationship with food it is not a sustainable diet and goes against both science and common sense still think the GM diet is the best diet for weight loss well now you know