08 April 2019


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hey guys I'm Sarah and I'm Caitlin and

we're Sarah J today we're gonna be doing a little fitness Q&A but before you do do not forget to Like and subscribe subscribe and like we're so excited that you guys are joining us on our new YouTube journey so join us now let's get into the first question what is your biggest insecurity in the gym when I first started working out I was always afraid of looking like I didn't know what I was doing I always felt like people in the gym we're watching me I got better at it though because you'll never know everything mine was just how my body looked when there were people in the gym I was alone it was totally fine but for example wouldn't do crunches if there was a lot of people let's say because maybe my belly would look weird that's not really a thing anymore it just takes time to get comfortable and not care the second question is how did you get started in fitness I got started in eighth grade I just was feeling chubby and uncomfortable and clothes I was like screw it I'm gonna eat healthy any workout there's 40 minutes every day on the elliptical and I ate healthy it worked but I have learned that the elliptical for long periods of time is

just never a long-term lifestyle but that's how I got started after my first year of college was when I really got started I spent the whole first year of college eating so horrible and living such a sedimentary life you definitely gain the freshman like 5 pounds at least I just started my summer after freshman year wanting to feel high-energy wanting to feel good about what my body looks wanting to get in shape best gym hack you've personally learned I am not tall but I'm either long torso so my body proportions get messed up in certain exercises for example deadlifts when I couldn't put the 45 pound plates and I didn't have big bumper plates I needed a way to do deadlifts where the bar wasn't so low to the ground so I would just put extra plates under the plates if that makes sense also for hip thrusts I'll get stuck under the bar cuz the plates are so small so I also just put those extra plates under and that's been a huge shock for me I have a lot of experience with gyms with little equipment so I just have to say that you can do a lot more with dumbbells than you think get creative what are your current

fitness goals to be the most active in my daily life staying active outside of the gym and also that my body looks the way that I'm taking care of it I just want to get leaner so I can get lighter and do more movement right now I actually am in a period where I'm figuring out my cookie fitness goals you know my goal my goal I've always loved how working out has made me feel but my literal goals have mostly been about my physical appearance and I think that definitely gets demotivating after a long period of time I'm gonna be working on my fitness goals and I will get back to you guys on that one cardio or strength training and I first started working out I thought that it was all cardio so I hated working out because I hate running then I discovered strength training and it made me like working out but I still like cardio from time to time because now sometimes I just want to get sweaty and feel like a a really good cardio session for the most part I prefer feeling really strong I agree with everything she just sent but also strength training I do in the gym cardio nose outside of the gym it's walking it running it's playing catch

that cool girl yeah like I were thinking Greek I think we what is a life changing hack to lose weight mine is simple but I really believe it'll impact you if you do it walking if you are fueling your body with fuel not in a deficit eating what your body needs and then you're walking and hitting about 10,000 steps a day you will automatically be in a calorie deficit from walking so walking to me it has been life-changing and you and you for me my personal hack to lose weight is a basic one it's tracking calories everybody works differently but for me if I know that I have a goal of calories that I like to hit having that flexibility being able to throw a piece of cake in there this or that that works really well for me so that's my hack cool being cool opee those are our fitness questions that we have today but make sure to comment down below if you have anything that we didn't answer for you yeah so true we would love to answer them mm-hmm really though thank you so much thank you serious thank you don't forget to Like and subscribe have a great rest of

your day we love you so much