20 January 2016

Fitness, Nutrition & Prevention

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he ho na go everyone hi guys doing

welcome to my youtube channel here we are at the fitness 2d of Montreal right here in module north so as you can see we've got all of our crew here all of our students and today I'd like to introduce ax which are inches before Francesco Kenyatta he is the zumba instructor yeah my wife just gave a type of attack class so you guys are hard to get ready you have to get yourselves here because we are the professional looking you fit so what I like to do not like last projects for a few questions and then what you're gonna see a get a little glimpse of how does this cross through the interesting guy so watch it again so for just well let me ask you a quick but it was a high god I'm doing I'm great thank you very much like last ah what touch with the zumba and how long do we do okay so that means zumba was who got me to move my sister I was around 265 pounds and my sisters like you're gonna die like oh you know what I'm doing the stupid thing it's gonna it's really fun I think you might like it so about two two and a half years ago I started off and think about Zuma's it's as much as you put it you get out of it or you lose right and I have no

qualms of looking like a fool so I went in hard and lost a good 90 two and a half years and I got certified in april of last year so it's been I've been certified teaching at knowing the steps knowing the moves and how to orchestrate people for almost anyone that's an amazing that's it that's an awesome to EULA congratulations our weight loss complaint also five other guys like the class like one fitted one health ah just information to simply the people that are out there what can you give what tip can you give what a vice in your universe uma it revised resume button also fitness and how important is to be healthy like what what would be your advice to go out there my thing is that society tells you a lot about how I should look and how I should feel about yourself as long as you're healthy as long as you are able to be the best you you can within your own body that's all that should matter and then the confidence will come from that knowing who you are right so if you're trying to fit a certain body type because the world is telling you to fit that body type you'll fail but if you're doing it on a purity way like I did I couldn't go

to a gym I couldn't go with lift weights I couldn't run on a treadmill but I enjoy goomba because I enjoy dancing and having fun right so you do anything that makes you feel good in your own body in that moment when you're looking for fitness and then everything else will follow and that's mine too I love that I to it and the things I know people that you have this greatest gift and that is your body's your health and you have the opportunity to take care of it you can either let it go by the wayside or take care of it let me tell you when did you take care of your body which is your temple your body let me try everything is easier if you and you motivate other people to feel better as well and that's what myself now you re mera see like our passion is to help people be the best that it can be but not just for aesthetics because when I'm freeing people at the prison the prison you know when people can't have the shoelaces because of overweight and after they go to a program that I'm you know what for the first time in ten years our side Mary coolies I've just freed a person of their prison it's you have the care behalf and it's so so so

important number one gift number one asset is your help above anything else about money above anything else take care of your health and now we like this would like you to get glimpse of how are you do you zoom across so for those of you there guys you need to subscribe to this channel like it because you're going to get a lot more tidbits we're going to do a lot more videos and thank you for watching add me on facebook at your periscope follow me everywhere because this is all for yourself or three guys they okay for just all we do some capacity go on is about where your system yeah Oh one ah like what you see steady an email we have you read your phone with 19 whatever goes you me and you throw down at the time to get about guys preciate all your life the one