25 October 2015

Fitness First and Faraz discuss importance of nutrition in fitness! #dONd Episode 7

The key to any lifestyle or fitness program is nutrition is King! Faraz go's beyond the basics of just 'eating healthy' to figure out how you can tailor your entire diet ...

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key to any fitness program or lifestyle is that nutrition is pink so in order for me to support my intense workouts right here to xfit I need to figure out what I need to put into my system come maximize my fitness goal so I'm heading off to dubai media city to see the nutrition for us good good sit down you know I've been doing X in about two years now initially when I started off my energy level was a lot higher but lately it's all going down one of my biggest things right now is to improve my performance in xfit I'm tired constantly feel bloated but then over the last few months my entire fitness routine is just going down and i feel like my body fat is increased and I'm really getting worried about it I probably have dropped down to about twelve percent body fat so what we can do you can actually run a body composition analysis it's going to give us an indication on your current status with your body fat percentage so if you just hold still on there for a minute I'll tell you when you can jump off okay this moment of truth is in it you felt your body fat percentage twelve percent well actually the output from the

machine has you wait 20 one-point-four percent are you serious so that is almost double what you expect yourself to do twenty percent twenty one percent that's a lot we really need to try and get because currently you are outside the normal range for your age and your gender first thing I think my eating habits are great because you know I eat healthy I eat you know small meals every two to three hours each you know five or six meals a day something's which is also alarming is the fact that I've been heavily reliant on supplements but I think the main surprise i got from Perez's diet was how much he seemed to be relying on the nutritional supplement but my body type is not ready for supplements I would definitely recommend a blood test that would then tell us if you are intolerant to anything but also looking at the diet what we can potentially change that will then help encourage your body fat since calm down it's alarming to find out that my diet is not as clean or good or healthy that it should be so the results from the food intolerance test actually draw up some concerns because there are some

foods that you are intolerant to so you know once been drove down the results for me our shop hazelnut almond flaxseed be like a healthy slap on the face if your diet is actually very however based on the amount that you exercise and the intensity of that actual exercise i would encourage consuming a little more energy and more food and i know it sounds strange but it's always important to ensure that the body have enough calories so to eat more to lose more i will formulate an emailing nutritional plan now the benefit of this nutritional plan that it 100% Taylor to you I have all the attention to go for it because I want my appendix goals to be achieved and very important to me if because a personally to feel good and also to perform well at all the exit workout