08 October 2013

fish oil weight loss : How Fish Oil Supplements Can Help You for Weight Loss

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hi dr. Steve siskind here for real dose

nutrition for all the talk about fish well-being the Cure all of our time I find it ironic that ninety-five percent of official being sold and consumed is being delivered in a form that is not ideally absorbed by the body and I don't say that lightly the problem comes from the way fish oil is processed in ancient times official it was a staple it had a long tradition and everyone understood its nourishing and energizing effects even soldiers in the Roman army were given a ration of fish oil to support their strength stamina and clarity of mind but back then fish oil was made by hand and was usually fermented this allowed for the official to be transported and eliminated the danger of it spoiling today the process is much different and not nearly as effective because almost all of the fish we eat contains heavy metals like mercury fish oil must be decontaminated using a method called molecular distillation course making sure your fish oil is free from heavy metals and other toxins is critical but the way they take out the toxins creates a new problem one found in nature omega-3 fatty acids are in their natural triglyceride form however

in order to purify the oil it is necessary to add ethanol which is an industrial alcohol to form a synthetic substrate in a vacuum the mix is then distilled and the result is a concentrated omega-3 ethyl ester solution or commonly called EE for short chemically this new form replaces the glycerol backbone of the oil with ethanol the benefit of this is a pure fish oil and the ability to concentrate the healthy omega-3 s like DHA and epa this is why almost all of the quote highly concentrated fish oils are in the ee form however research is now showing that although this form official can yield higher concentrations of omega-3s there are some absorbability issues the ee form official is not as easily absorbed as the triglyceride or TG form according to multiple published studies the ee version was up to fifty percent less absorbable than a triglyceride form and almost three hundred percent less absorbable than the triglyceride form if not taken with a high fat meal so if you're going to take the EE form make sure to consume it with a high fat meal at the very least now what most people don't

know is that manufacturers can in fact convert the omega-3 concentrated EE form back into the healthy triglyceride form but they don't do it because the costs are significantly higher so instead they sell you a quote powerful fish oil that you have a hard time absorbing even worse very few if any manufacturers of the EE form indicate that it is EE on the bottle so here's how to tell if your concentrated official is EE or TG this is a cool experiment and fun for the kids first get some small styrofoam cups and put them on some paper towels take three of your fish pills and empty the liquid into one of the cups then get a certified TG form of fish oil and empty three of those pills into another cup wait ten minutes and then come back and take a look if the cup has disintegrated your pills are the EE form they r TG there will still be liquid in the cup and very little if any disintegration why this happens is under debate I find it a little unsettling to watch the EE form eat into the cup but remember we are not made of styrofoam so it's doubtful de form is doing any actual damage it's simply not as powerful as advertised stay tuned and I can share

more about the benefits of the concentrated TG form with you last thing before we wrap this up I'd like to hear any thoughts you have on this subject what are your concerns about fish oil have you discovered a brand or product that works for you or any questions you may have I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below until next time I wish you the best success in your journey you