18 October 2017

Find Your Script Guest Blog | National Pharmacy Month | Informatics Pharmacists

Super excited to collaborate with Dr. Jessica Louie, my former co-resident from the University of Utah. She is working with a variety of individuals to promote and ...

what's going on everyone's super excited

today because it is October so it is Pharmacy month big shout out to my former co resident Jessica she is doing some awesome things she actually got me into this video really to celebrate and spread awareness of the pharmacy profession I know she's collaborating with a lot of folks out there to spread awareness so definitely check her out post links to her Channel and her different social media links below definitely Duffy check her out because the theme is know your medicine know your pharmacist and because I'm in for Mac's pharmacist I want to share a little bit about what we do as informatics pharmacists and how we have an impact on the community [Music] so a little bit about me I did my bachelor's in human nutrition and I also did my pharmacy training at the University of Florida right after graduating I did two years of residency the first year was in pharmacy practice and the second year was in pharmacy informatics right after that I got hired to basically do infectious disease informatics currently alright so let's talk a little bit about what informatics

pharmacists do at the heart of it were essentially problem solvers we get the opportunity to solve these like very complex problems and they're complex because there's like two different domains in which the comic center one is like a clinical domain and the other is like a technical term so work we have to solve these kind of problems with knowledge and both of these fields some examples might be like the drug budget is not where we want it to be we want to lower our cost for the drug budget and say I see a city of methane was identified as one of the major contributors to the high cost and we want to find a way to restrict it you know we just want to discourage inappropriate use you know so they might say hey Brian how do we design a tool or workflow that will allow us to do so or it could be like you got audited by drug Commission or whatever regulatory agency and they're like hey you know yours your health system is not assessing allergies before medications are being ordered you know how how do you resolve that in the system like what tools and workflows to you design to help you better both of those have like a technical component

and a clip you know like for ideas to the benefit it's like is it appropriate to restrict what are the scenarios in which it should be restricted and then once you have that the tools you design is it even technically feasible what methods can use in there and then once you have those kind of solutions in your mind and there's usually more than one you take it and compile it merge it together into the various solutions and then you're tasked with the the challenge of presenting that to people who you know aren't experts in both fields or might just be experts in one so you're tasked with trying to communicate and articulate to them something that makes sense and afterwards you continuously evaluate and monitor that whatever solution you pitched and the solution that they chose is working as intended so that's just an example of the problems you solve it's very rewarding people surely will like you your managers your directors will love you for it because you're able to solve these kind of problems and it's fun it opens up a level of creativity there's a lot of out-of-the-box thinking

and critical thinking most of my days I would spend like when I'm given a new problem that is it's a theorizing right okay I can do it like this this and this or I can do like this this and this and I come up with the pros and cons in my head and then I'll take the ideas and actually test it out and try it and see what works what doesn't work and then I'll present it back our subject matter experts and their decision-makers so it's it's pretty fun that a lot of creativity is involved in a lot of out-of-the-box thinking so that's the first thing you know we're problem solvers we contribute back to healthcare or in the community by solving these types of complex problems that typically have a technical component to it now in regards to impact informatics pharmacists have a huge role and contribute largely to population health and what I mean by that is the tools that we design are impactful and it affect all the different clinicians in the hospital it could be a physician a PT a nurse a PA MP a pharmacist whoever everyone that interacts with the system is impacted by the twenty design so it's it's very important because if

you design a horrid tool you can really make someone's life miserable and then they will in turn not be able to provide good patient care you know think about like if you're doing homework or something and you're trying to do a paper you're contrite paper but you're a software crashes or you have to click through all these pop-ups to get to it but you didn't put in your key for the microsoft word whatever it may be it's just very intrusive to even like get to the program get to the software and do the job you need to do so let's frustrating and you know if you turn in for the grades and you think about the greatest patient care the grade isn't that great because you're frustrated you don't provide good patient care and you're like you're hating the world something like that right so you know what what we're tasked with is you know we create these tools it's important that we not only evaluate appropriateness the textbook appropriateness but also or the technical feasibility I mean but we also have to make sure it is usable for our users if you've indirectly affect patient care by designing the tools that

all the healthcare professionals so the informatics pharmacists do play a pretty large role in contributing the healthcare you probably don't see them around they're usually in some other building or you're you might just interact with them via email all right guys so that's kind of it for the video happy national pharmacy month happy national pharmacy week again big shout out to Jessica until next time guys hey guys thanks for tuning in and watching the video if you like the content definitely hit the impro rx button over to your left to subscribe and definitely check out more videos over here to your right now as always if you have questions comments and even better suggestions for future videos definitely let me know in the comments below otherwise until next time guys [Music]