12 June 2014

Fight Cravings! Tips & Healthy Snacks

I often get asked how I fight cravings-here are my best tips and snacks that I wanted to share with all of you! I have kept off a weight loss of 37 lbs. for over one ...

hi everyone it's Janice welcome back

today I'm going to do a video all about my favorite snacks probably one of my most frequently asked questions is like what I do when I have a craving or what I like to snack on I have already done what I eat in a day video and of course if you're new to my channel i did lose quite a bit of weight it's been over a year now so i do have a weight loss video and one year update video so if you're interested in checking those out i'll link them down below um but anyways I did just want to talk to you guys about what I like to snack on of course you get like different cravings during the day so some of these snacks might sound kind of strange but I kind of like group them into categories for like what I do when I need something sweet what I do if I feel like I need nutrition what I do if I feel like I've already eaten plenty that day but I'm still hungry and I want to snack on something so hopefully you guys will find this helpful two things I do want to address before i get into the snacks basically these are the two things I do every day to kind of just keep me full keep me on track and keep me from snacking too much is obviously drinking a lot of water and

I think it kind of helps to put your water in like a bigger container to make sure that you're going to drink more you know rather than just like filling up a small cup of water so it's my favorite little water bottle and I drink out of it every day plenty of water and the other thing i do is definitely in the morning but whenever I can I just throw some flax seed into my food I like to throw this into my oatmeal in the morning and flaxseed is just one of those foods that has some protein has a lot of fiber fiber obviously helps keep you full and it also has omega-3 fatty acids which not a lot of food tab and it's super good for you so this kind of just helps me keep extra full in the morning and keep me from eating too much so starting off with two things I like to do more basically if I'm trying to avoid snacking too much is just having like a cup of hot tea sometimes really helps me just chill out for a minute and think okay are you really hungry like sit here and drink this hot cup of water basically which that's how I feel like tea is basically like water this is the organic roasted dandelion TI get this at target you can get this

pretty much anywhere I've seen it at Walmart it is it t I heard about from Jillian Michaels she says it helps prevent bloating so I drink this tea sometimes it basically just helps give me a little bit full if I still want to have a snack after this fine i go ahead and do that the one other thing that's kind of weird before i get into more like substantial snacks something about a pickle sometimes if i'm just craving something if I just eat a pickle my appetite will like go away I don't know if that is true for any of you guys if it is let me know i don't know if it's just like a weird thing for me but maybe give that a try sometime pickles are like really low in calories basically it says zero calories on here but they do have some sodium and sometimes this just like kills my appetite so that's just a tip for you one of my new favorite foods to snack on his cottage cheese you this comes in a variety of like fat forms you can get like one percent two percent four percent i like the daisy two percent this is the target brand one percent and my personal favorite way to eat cottage cheese is with a little bit of cinnamon and an apple I've been

eating this with my lunch every day with my yogurt but cottage cheese people like it different ways it can basically go either sweet or savory if you're not familiar with cottage cheese a half a cup or at least with this brand basically half a cup is one serving in any brand is 80 calories and it has 11 grams of protein so you can do a full cup if you want to have two servings and that would be 22 grams of protein and it's low fat like I said um low carb it does not have any fibers so eating it with a food that has fiber like an apple can really help keep you full with the fiber and the protein some people like to have this with pepper and tomatoes try it all different ways but the apple ways my favorite peaches are also great with it too obviously ideally like you're actually hungry a good snack would be like just a protein-rich snack like tuna but I'm going to be honest if I'm not if I'm hungry I'm not really like oh I know I'll have some tuna but I do like like a tuna sandwich but it's not something I really vote for in a snack and the same this I would go for in a snack this is Greek yogurt I've been

talking about this in my videos lately I was introduced to this yogurt maybe a year ago so it's Greek yogurt six ounces of it or just one I think at six ounces um basically there's 100 calories in this container it has 18 grams of protein I get this with my lunch but if I wasn't eating it already with lunch this is another great snack um that I like to have I always keep Pepita seeds and almonds with me this is just in a little altoids tin I keep this in my purse I keep these at work at home this is really like my go-to any time of the day snack but I know sometimes if you're craving something sweet then you know you may not be like oh and I'll have some nuts but those are obviously really nutritious walnuts are also great I just tend to go for the almonds at Pepita seeds often another option um I know different diets you know have different feelings about eggs but I do eat eggs try not to get them too often but they can be a really great snack I like to just hard boil them and you can come home and either just have the whites or you can eat the entire egg again it's just a protein a good protein snack for you it's really convenient eggs are

really inexpensive um I don't feel like eating healthy needs to be expensive I've said that before and eggs can be just one of those foods that are really nutritious that I could eat anytime I like to eat like breakfast for dinner sometimes so that's another option in terms of low-calorie you know we've all heard this before just having like some celery and salsa I love that and that does really work for me and if I know I've already eaten plenty and i'm just craving just go for some celery and salsa or some carrots or a cucumber cucumber was my go-to snack for a while and it still is something I really enjoy um celery really low in calories I mean I'm sure you know that but two sticks of these is 15 calories and again is one of those it has a lot of fiber so fiber I haven't really talked about it in my diet or in any of my health and fitness videos because I think it's pretty obvious if you've seen any of my like grocery haul videos or just any video where I'm talking about what I eat I definitely do eat a lot of fiber it does keep you full and I just tend to like foods that have a lot of fiber like fruits and

vegetables and they're super good for you one recipe that I've tried out recently that i love that maybe if you like pumpkin you'd want to give this a try it's basically like a pumpkin pudding so this is a full can which is three and a half servings if you just had one serving of this can of pumpkin it's 50 calories if you end up having the whole container in whatever you're making it's going to be you know 175 calories son but I like to do this is the kind of almond milk i like i like the unsweetened originals 30 calories so if you do however much pumpkin and however much of almond milk you want and some chia seeds my chia seeds are mixed in with Pepita seeds right now it's just kind of how I'm storing them sometimes I'll just put a spoonful of them in my food but if you you can research online what's the ratio you want to do I guess is what I'm saying I'm not giving you like a specific recipe but if you could do like the whole can of pumpkin with like two cups of almond milk and some chia seeds put it in just stir it together put it in your fridge let it sit there for a few hours that can be like a several serving snack basically

like your dessert for like a few nights and basically like the silk almond milk has barely any calories like I said the chia seeds are super nutritious one of the most like nutritious foods on the planet for in terms of like fiber protein it's like really like one of those complete foods and the pumpkin has a ton of vitamin A which I have a video on what to eat for beautiful skin and I don't think I included pumpkin in that video because i wasn't really eating a lot of pumpkin at the time but i'm like super into it right now the pumpkin also has a ton of fiber so again with that and some protein so these are the kind of snacks that i really go for when i'm trying to get something nutritious but this is also like super sweet so it just it tastes like a desert so you may want to research online trying a little like pumpkin and chia pudding if you don't like chia seeds you could probably put something else um put something else in the pumpkin or forgo it all together some people like to put like what I've seen on the recipe you could put walnuts in it or raisins raisins have a lot of sugar and I already eat um a good amount of fruit in

my diet so I tend to avoid eating fruit as a snack you know if you're watching this video and you may be like where's the peanut butter and banana as her snack I already eat that every morning in my oatmeal for breakfast so that's not something that I snack on but if you don't already eat that for breakfast peanut butter and banana or a peanut butter and apple almond butter how do you want to do it are of course some good options a few more things so now we're into like the sweet realm I tried dates for the first time this year so they're just a sugary fruit and yeah you heard this coming they have a lot of fiber so six of these if you're not familiar with dates six dates have 110 calories you can buy these in bulk at Whole Foods I don't feel the need to buy these in bulk because I find these just really satisfying if you just have one or two since they do have a lot of sugar I usually don't eat very many of these just having like one or two can be super satisfying you could throw these in a smoothie if you want in all chopped up or you could try if you're someone who is used to eating like more fatty like sugary desserts this could be a good way

to try to eat something a little bit more nutritious rather than those snacks that you are used to so give these a try they're really yummy I know they kind of look weird um if you haven't tried them you may they may seem kind of unappetizing but they're really yummy so just one or two of those is enough for me if you want to eat more absolutely you can I do have a video on favorite smoothies for weight loss I'll link that one down below too and cocoa powder the unsweetened kind is what I like to put in my smoothies it makes everything taste like a chocolate smoothie so one tablespoon of this has 20 calories you would never guess that if you had something that had this unsweetened cocoa powder in it you would think you were having like a but milkshake but I do have a recipe in that video for like a spinach smoothie that I like and basically just adding a little bit of cocoa powder to your smoothie can really help like satisfy a sweet tooth and then if you really need to have some chocolate or some sweets dark chocolate is a better option than milk chocolate and if you don't want to eat like an entire candy bar you can

just go with some little like mini chips and just have a few of them sometimes when you really are craving something just indulging can be the way to go so if you just limit your portion of what it is that you want to indulge in that can be just fine so I would love to hear your ideas of what you guys like to snack on if you have any questions let me know I will link pass health and fitness videos I tried to reference some of them here if you're new I know sometimes you know I'm getting new subscribers and I don't know if they're going back and watching some of my other videos totally fine if you're not I get it but i do want to reference those other videos in case you're curious so i will see you guys soon thank you so much for watching and take care bye