15 January 2019

Feed your Brain: Vitamin B 12 and Curcumin

Cognitive decline can be caused by age, diet/lifestyle or medications. But in many cases, it can be reversed. Here's what I'm doing to help heal my brain after ...

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free-range diva this is a subject I've been wanting to talk about for a while in my video where I did my holiday ketchup I mentioned that I had healed or at least controlled the spasms that I have been having because of my pinched nerve as well as the memory the you know the cognitive issues I was also having because of the medication that I had been taking to control those spasms I had mentioned that I had was controlling them with supplementation so I wanted to talk about the two supplements that I have been using b12 and curcumin so if you'd like to know more about the miraculous powers of b12 and curcumin then just keep watching so what I was dealing with for the last two years is a back injury that did nerve damage to a nerve in my lower back it's a pinched nerve and it causes my right leg to become so numb and that I that it disappears almost and I can't feel it nor can I move it I can't control it when these spasms happen they happen without warning I have fallen I have literally one point I had to go to the emergency room because they were so bad but I had medication that would

control them so I took many took that medication for the better part of the last couple of years and as a result I had memory issues forgetting words forgetting you know names of people forgetting and you know just five minutes from when I something that I've just done forgetting that I just did it so that you know especially the last time that I went off the medication it it was a little bit concerning because my memory wasn't coming back so it off in September and I decided to use the two supplements that I knew would would enhance brain performance and nerve performance and so we'll start talking about b12 yes I have notes okay b12 is needed for energy metabolism for the function and development of the brain the nervous system and blood cells it it is required nutrient because we don't get it you know we can't make it in our bodies at least we can't make enough that would meet our needs so we have to get it from food food sources include animal products so meat fish dairy and eggs there are some vegetarian sources that have been studied but the problem with the vegetarian sources is is absorbability and whether or not the

body can actually use the types of beet wa the type of b12 that you can get from those sources in fact you're going to hear me talking a lot about absorbability in this video because that's kind of the issue with b12 supplementation as well as getting it from your diet now long-term b12 deficiency let's talk about that first it can lead to heart disease permanent nerve damage anemia and dementia however b12 induced dementia can be reversed if the patient is given high doses of b12 provided the condition hasn't gone on too long low b12 can cause almost any psychiatric conditions so anxiety depression panic attacks hallucinations it can cause you to feel just blah like low energy and it can cause numbness in the extremities the hands and the feet after the age of 50 we are likely to lack enough hydrochloric acid in the stomach to efficiently extract b12 from food this puts our senior population especially at risk and there are numerous studies that indicate the necessity of supplementing b12 in seniors other factors that contribute to a b12 deficiency aside from age are diet and medications with

proton pump inhibitors being particularly Manek now your doctor can run a series of tests to determine your b12 status these include measuring homocysteine levels iron levels blood count and MTHFR or you can simply supplement and see how you feel because b12 is a water-soluble vitamin any excess that you don't need will pass out of the body unused so I assumed based on my diet that I was getting enough b12 but once I started supplementing the difference was almost immediate I'd say within 10 or 15 minutes the first thing I noticed was a sort of surge of energy it's like my body kind of woke up and the benefit to my brain has been you know a side benefit that has I'm really really welcomed so how does supplement b12 when you go to your you know drug store whatever to get your b12 supplement you're going to see cyano cobalamin this is man-made b12 that is converted to the active form of b12 in a digestive tract there's also methyl cobalamin which is a natural form of b12 and it's one of the two active forms that the body can use not enough studies have been done to determine if there's a significant

difference between the two forms there might be some difference in the absorption and retention rate but so far you know it's basically just your choice I chose the methyl cobalamin form because you know I'm not going to I didn't want to add the extra conversion step you will usually see b12 in that form in something that looks like this this is the source a superior source b12 sublingual you put this under your tongue and I'll just put a close-up in but it's a bright b12 has a bright red color and this dissolves within about 10 seconds under the and you know goes ahead and does its thing here's another this is the methylcobalamin b12 as that that was an ethical element this is from natural factors and this one is a lozenge form that you can either can either suck on it or chew it just don't swallow at home and again that gets into your system through the saliva and then finally I also take this nature's life b-fifty complex this has sciatica parlament in it you swallow this this is just a regular pill and you swallow this you know just like

any other vitamin and I didn't think that I needed this I took it for the first couple of weeks religiously once I started supplementing and then I decided to stop and I could tell a difference immediately it was like my energy level just dropped so now I take this end this all of these are a thousand milligrams that's where I started you can go up higher if you you know are really having some issues I think there's five thousand micrograms did I say milligrams I meant micrograms I think there's five thousand available even higher than that but so that's all you need to know about b12 so I want to move on to curcumin so curcumin is the active compound in turmeric it gives it turmeric as you know as a root plant you can that's used as a spice particularly in curries and you can this this turkey but the curcumin molecule in it is what is responsible for its yellow color curcumin is neuroprotective it's anti-inflammatory antioxidant it and it breaks up the amyloid protein plaques that occur in the brains of Alzheimer's patients here comes the studies there have been so many but I did want to pull out this one that was done last year at

UCLA it was 40 adults between the ages of 50 and 9 and they received a highly absorbable curcumin supplement developed by a company called there've values they were given 90 milligrams twice a day for 18 months they were assessed throughout the 18 months for cognitive improvement as well as given PE T PET scans to determine what was going on with the plaques in their brains at the end of 18 months the subjects given the curcumin showed 28 percent improvement in memory tests and their PE T scans showed and I'm quoting significantly less amyloid and tau signals in the amygdala and hypothalamus than those who took placebos this is huge and this is why curcumin is being studied you know in depth for use in Alzheimer's patients I will link that study as well actually have a look at the article that talks about that study from UCLA and then in 2013 there was another study that I found in PubMed where they found that let's see curcumin is capable of promoting nerve regeneration after nerve injuries highlighting the therapeutic values of curcumin as a neuro protective drug for

peripheral nerve repair applications that was a study that was done on mice and they were given really really high doses they were given 100 milligrams between a 100 milligrams per kilogram and 300 milligrams per kilogram so for someone like me I that would I would be taking 5 grams of curcumin per day to meet the amount that was given in you know to the subjects the my subjects all of there's also studies that were they've examined the ongoing studies that have been going on over the years for safety to find out if there is an upper limit that would cause you any kind of you know problem and they haven't they haven't found anything there are ongoing clinical trials of dietary curcumin for the prevention and treatment Alzheimer's Parkinson's cancer arthritis stroke and many many more all of these studies have shown promising effects all of these studies have shown that the therapeutic doses are extremely safe curcumin can stimulate a growth factor in the brain that it encourages new connections between the brain cells so it's almost like rebuilding your brain it can also help relieve the tingling

and numbness from neuropathy or neuropathic nerve damage so yeah this was something that I you know immediately started taking along with the b12 I took it for a solid two weeks and then just kind of weaned myself off on it however having read those studies I'm gonna start taking it again I also in addition to supplementation well here I'll show you first let's show you what I use to supplement because the thing with curcumin like b12 is absorbability and unless it's in the presence of a pepper black pepper and oil your body just doesn't know what to do with it it won't absorb it and many now supplements on the market do have black pepper you know but something called by Perrine included in the supplementation which is a molecule from black pepper so here's the supplement that I use remember what I said in the UCLA study that they used a supplement a highly absorbable form of curcumin that that was made by a company called Farah values well their trademark succulent is sup their trademark supplement is called Farah cumin and natural factors uses that supplement in their curcumin supplement so this is what I went you know I went to the big

guns I went to the therapeutic stuff and I do you can take one or two of these day there 30 milligrams I believe of course known as these are going to give you any kind of you know they they all will have disclaimers on them but again this has a high safety record as well as you know the b12 does too so let me just say a word about supplementation as well when it comes to dosage with these supplements you have to be a little bit intuitive or you know work it you can work with your doctor or your holistic practitioner I am NOT a doctor or any kind of medical professional at all so I am not officially telling you you know do this do that or whatever what I am Telling You is what I did and I also want to tell you why I back in 2008 my father passed away from leukemia and as I watched him getting sicker and sicker over the months leading up to his death um I had nothing to offer I you know we basically just did whatever the doctors told us to blindly following their advice and I just was never comfortable with that I wanted to know more so that kind of started me on a journey to learn as much about the body as I could how it you know is meant to it's supposed to

work what happens when it doesn't work the way that it's supposed to and how we can what things we can do to help it heal itself so that's why I'm sitting here talking to you today because I wanted to heal my body without using medication that was actually making it worse it was taking care of one thing but it was causing problems somewhere else so that's the story with b12 and curcumin if you have any experience with either of these supplements let me know in the comments below I often drink turmeric teas you know almost not daily but a lot and that's another way of getting the curcumin into your system in a you know a way that's a little more that doesn't involve supplementation because curcumin is you know turmeric is food you can make yourself a big bowl of curry and get your turmeric that way but so yeah but so yeah if you have used either of these supplements pain or brain or arthritis or nerves then let me know in the comments below and we can talk about it so I'm going to wrap this up for today if you enjoyed this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already

because I would love to have you and that way you won't miss my next video so until I see you in my next video I'm wishing you a wonderful day a wonderful week take good care of yourselves and I will talk to you again very very soon bye [Music]