11 March 2019

Fasting Part 3: Maximize Weight Loss While Intermittent Fasting

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hey everyone its Tiffany of bill body

well we are in part three of the fasting series in part two I told you the three overall benefits of intermittent fasting for this video I really want to dig deeper and how you can use intermittent fasting to lose weight or to maintain your weight remember to make sure to hit the subscribe button like the video and leave me a comment let me know what you like let me know what you don't like are you ready let's get started [Music] hey everybody as a healthy lifestyle expert people specifically come to me to learn how to create health habits that are quick easy and in a way that fits their lives and their schedules weight loss is usually the number one topic that most people really want to know about and trust me I get it we're getting close to the spring you want to get ready and you want to get fit and you want to get back into your summer clothes without having to buy more clothes or a bigger size I've been there I've done that wrote the book on it so I want to go over some simple and quick tips that you can do while intermittent fasting to maximize your weight loss first things first you must

choose the type of intermittent fasting that you actually want to do did you look at my first video pick a fasting timeframe if you haven't looked at my first video I talked about intermittent fasting time schedules take a look at that video and figure out which one is going to work for you if you're new to fasting don't try to start an aggressive fasting schedule it might be too much create a time frame that actually works for your day make it fit you if you've decided to eat in a 10 hour or an 8 hour window that's fine but just focus on eating in that time frame for the first couple weeks don't focus on a specific diet or I need to be eating more of this or less of this just focus on getting into that habit during that time frame here's the reason why I say in the beginning just focus on getting to the habit when you cut down the amount of time but you have to eat you're automatically going to decrease your calories so for example let's say on average that you're awake from 12 to 16 hours a day and during that time you eat about 3000 calories now let's say you start

intermittent fasting your weight for 12 to 16 hours a day but you only eat for 8 hours of that day because that is your eating timeframe that means that you may not be able to consume 3000 calories because you literally don't have the time which translates to the fact that you may only be eating about 2,500 calories that's 500 calories less than what you used to eat and if you ate 500 calories less six to seven days a week you're going to lose one pound a week exercise I'm just saying the second thing that you want to focus on once you've started your intermittent fasting and you're on a regular schedule you've got to have it down you want to look at what you're eating so at first you want to focus on the habit and after a couple weeks then you can focus on the eating the biggest thing that I tell people to do to start seeing results is to decrease process or added sugars now I know for some of you that can be fairly dramatic because you love your Sugar's trust me I know that you feel this way but believe me when I tell you you're going to love the results like I said in my video two of the fasting series your body identifies

sugar is pretty much anything that is not fat or protein you know bread muffins cookies guys can anything ready fried sausage dressings okay you get the picture now I'm not saying you have to give up everything that you love but start with something simple maybe decrease the amount of bread that you eat per week instead of toast or pancakes or bagels every day try it every other day if you drink a beverage that has a lot of hidden sugars like lattes or Frappuccino from your favorite coffee shop no names mentioned or even juice or soda or any drink that you have that has a lot of sugar try to decrease the amount that you drink or find other options that don't have a lot of sugar maybe you say well Tiffany I eat really healthy I eat a salad every single day but you drown your salad and a very sweet sugar Laden dressing so try to find a dressing with less sugar or maybe a vinegar oil-based dressing really start looking at what you're eating and slowly decrease the foods that your body can turn into sugar and trust me you will slowly start to see a change in a very big way my other suggestion when it comes to the eating

break your fast by eating a meal with something that has protein healthy fat and you can also add vegetables that could look like maybe a protein shake scrambled eggs and omelet maybe some berries on the side baked chicken with fish or salad however you choose but the idea is to eat foods that have less sugar so the third step that I like to discuss with you is water yes drink more water our bodies are made of 60% water when we fast and we drink more water we help to flush out all the toxins in our bodies which is part of what fasting does it also keeps us hydrated and we feel full longer and you know water helps with weight loss in general so make sure that you're giving your body enough water throughout the day but especially during the time when you first wake up and you're fasting now let's say you've gotten your intermittent fasting habit down you're not gonna sugar you're drinking more water and you're feeling better you have more energy and you're more vibrant the fourth and final step to really boost your weight loss results increase your physical activity that could be

something as simple as working out four times a week instead of three times a week if you don't like going to the gym then find something that you like take a fitness class with friends go skating go biking take your dog for a walk play with your kids dance around your house or if you're a busy professional and you're traveling for your job utilize some of my workout videos right here on this YouTube channel that you can do anytime anywhere with or without equipment there are so many different ways to be physically active find something that you like something that you enjoy the point is if you don't already have an exercise regimen start one if you've already started one boost it up if you've done both of these things then keep going don't stop stay with your healthy lifestyle regimen well that's it for me guys I hope you enjoyed the video and got some ideas on how you can maximize your weight loss results while intermittent fasting next week in part four of the fasting series I'll be talking about low carb dieting and airman and fasting and yes I'll be discussing the keto diet so stay tuned

bye guys [Music]