25 September 2018

Family meal under 7 dollars! Healthy and mouth watering! ||Cheap easy meal for the whole family

Family meal under 7 dollars! Healthy and mouth watering! ||Cheap easy meal for the whole family! Hello friends! Welcome back, today I'm sharing a delicious ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel today

I am doing a frugal budget-friendly meal idea for my family this will work whether you have two people in your family or you have seven people in your family I promise you it will be very budget-friendly and under ten dollars this is a collaboration with Jen's channel I'll make sure to have it linked above and also in the description box Jen is also going to be doing a healthy budget-friendly idea I'm excited to see what hers is so if you enjoy mine make sure to go over and check out hers as well so first I'm starting with this natural hardwood smoked bacon this is actually from sav-a-lot it was about 350 I believe so now I'm just taking my bacon and I'm going to open it up with the knife that I have because there wasn't really any separation as to where I was supposed to open it so I just created one I turned up the heat to about medium-high because if you have it too high it'll splatter all over the place but I also wanted to make sure that it would cook and not take forever so I put it on medium high to start out with and then I will probably reduce it a little while later in the video so I'm just taking the strips out and I cooked

about half the package for us we're only two people but we do love our bacon so I had to make sure that I had enough for each of us to have a few different strips of bacon [Music] so now I'm just coming in and stirring the bacon a little bit making sure that it's all cooking evenly and that's pretty much it for that [Music] now that the bacons done I'm just going to lay it out on some paper towels that way it can absorb all the extra greases and normally baking continues to cook for a few minutes after you take it out of the pan so I just I'm trying to let it cool off before we eat it [Music] [Music] so now I'm taking the canola spray and just spraying a little bit on the pan before I start cooking the eggs these eggs were really estranged and that they were starting to become frozen and so I had a hard time even getting them out but then I ended up finding that it would still work so my plan did not go to shambles and I was still able to cook these eggs

[Music] let me know in the comments down below if you like to get white eggs or if you get brown eggs from a farmer in your local area I'd be curious to know so now guys I'm just coming in and I'm mixing up my egg yolks and then I'm also going to be twirling them around just to get them evenly mixed before I turn on the heat as I'm adding in some 2% milk I got from sav-a-lot and then I'm just stirring it around as well as some lasagne cheese this cheese is amazing I get it at save a lot and it's only a couple dollars and I love adding it in when I make scrambled eggs who else loves to put some cheese in with their eggs comment down below I don't want to be the only one who does this [Music] [Music] so this guy's is the finished product I have my eggs and my bacon and I'm so excited to eat this as looks so delicious let me know in the comments down below if you love eggs and bacon if you have any other suggestions for budget-friendly ideas to make for breakfast I'd love to hear them down in the comments below so friends this is

going to be it for my budget-friendly healthy meal idea for your family if this did give you some inspiration for what to cook and you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up and I will make sure to do more budget-friendly ideas coming up in the future and also hit that red subscribe button if you're new here I post three times a week motherhood lifestyle and cleaning related content I'm doing a lot of fall related videos lately so make sure you've hit that red subscribe button [Music] love you guys and I'll see you next time bye [Music] you