01 January 2019

Family Guy - Peter's Body Rejects Healthy Food REACTION

In this video I reacted to Family Guy - Peter's Body Rejects Healthy Food Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/landman_1989/ Twitter: ...

what's up guys it's your boy Landman and

I'm coming at you through the power of the Internet and today today we're gonna be watching a video called Family Guy Peter's body rejects healthy food the guys strap on your seatbelts let's do this man oh my goodness remember if you direct you let me know down in the comments is Netflix streaming the right choice reviewing well if you like movies in HD then frozen pixels then HD again the answer is yes and if you love the golden year of movies 2003 then we might have some of what you're looking for Netflix streaming buffer for 20 minutes then watch the movie with Jason Statham hey they sold me on this DVD from my PBS pledge whatever it is we're not watching it he didn't trust me you of all people could really learn something from this it's a documentary about the food industry called food kills hairy jaws hear that colon Health magazine gave it two thumbs in two thumbs in food kills [Music] damn hi I'm Matt Lauer's cousins Stephen mcCormick our mom's or sisters America is gorging itself on processed food creating an obesity epidemic we've abandoned natural foods for chemicals additives and

refined sugars at this rate this is what the future will look like those are flying cars but the people in them are too fast changes in our diet Americans are headed for a health catastrophe for more go to our web site at www.bsmsphd.com sign he got that facelift contrary to my appearance I'm still not happy please study my brain so that others don't suffer as I have oh [Music] damn that was nasty man yeah blood everywhere happy birthday and Esther I'm so sorry you ripped your perineum doing the Hokey Pokey that's okay I got free curly fries okay let's see what Meg got me a crock pot things about the cake right you can cook a pork tenderloin under your bed excuse me girls we're about to start roller derby in a minute wait wait you what's your name me make Griffin would you mind standing up whoa what are you doing my god the magic ratio what's that it means your ankles calves and thighs are all the same thickness how would you like to try out for the roller derby team really yeah Meg you should totally do it

oh boy we're gonna win well sure what the heck here take my card I am a registered sex offender the other side give me that I'm the roller derby coach see a try oh my god I can't believe on movie two tickets for the M night Shyamalan movie Wow really today and got this recipe from an extremely thin man with a giant Adam's apple I hate that place none of the cereals are advertised on TV what's this stuff that looks like sand quinoa nope I don't eat foods that sound like karate Woods is a superfood it's very irregular Lois I have a system I poop once a week for an hour and a half I wear a headband and it's soaked when I'm all done hey it's Peter no this is actually pretty good you should try it the gummi bears got in man oh my god but I'm telling you what Peter Peter party truly don't like man healthy food doesn't like healthy food some people with parties just don't like healthy food but I know for real this was hilarious though I liked it a lot let me know though let me know what your thought is of this video hopefully you enjoyed this man you found this entertaining as much as me but don't

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