16 June 2019

factor of taking supplement

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hi my name is liza hi my name is Attica

the deities of America manufacture for the intelligence of invented a yet when taken my mom at the pill capsule tablet or defeat a supreme Allah can provide me to either a threat from food stars physically individually of combination in order to increase the quantity of their consumption the class of nutrient English the profile of supplement is the first one is epidemic which is for children second is as penetration and the terror is Baraka and the fifth one is bio life people in Malaysia be that supplement can give more good and more good than harm thank you [Music] it's sooo [Music] I'm fine I'm also have no time for [Music] family for what man all right really maybe because I am why do you move so tiny soon oh really maybe because I do not get enough not get enough sleep these things a lot of what is this product is deployed is safety yes if you are effective for the safety you can go come with severe Delta at

their poverty what ingredient do this can pick away at the back of the box where did you get this put up okay that's great idea we can go to the doctors because I can get this and more energy because my friends always say that is I also create it's time let's go I'm dr. Michael better we came here to clarify about visa payment like it really safe supplement overall nine people we look for outside of resent the relation clear even increases by youth who attended a DNC and sk-ii without mineral or release of even almost eight and about 50% of us require a particular high dose of memory in the last 20 months the America will discipline its powers never have ever be you