11 March 2019

Extreme Weight Loss - Tips & Tricks!!!

Hey guys I'm this video I have told 10 tips and tricks using which you can loose weight drastically. Even upto 10 kgs in 10days. So please watch it till the end.

hello guys and welcome back to another

video of me are you Sharma and this video I'm gonna talk about how to lose weight so have you ever wondered that maybe just maybe my body would be in shape if you did and you've come to the right place today I'm gonna show you 10 tips and tricks on how to lose weight trust me guys all of these methods are tried out by me personally and I have lost over 27 kgs in less than two months so tens of tips and tricks on how to lose weight coming through first step you must and muster drink a CV that stands for apple cider vinegar and green tea after cider vinegar detoxifies your body and boosts up your metabolism if you drink it first thing in the morning so how to consume it when you wake up just take a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with mother in it just mix it well and drink it but wait wait wait don't gulp it down quickly just sit down take your time sip it slowly enjoy every bit every drop of it and she's green tea I personally use green tea often our Lipton with lemon and for ACV there are many ECB's out there but my personal experience guys I have tried out most of the ECB's and the black ACV with mother is the best there

is no alternative for that trust me guys so if you want black ezv then I'll put in the products link down below in the description box so second tip is to many of our second term don't eat much junk food and eat healthy so most of you guys just go out every day and have pizza spaghetti Boulder or just random stuff but that is no benefit for your body it does your body harm in every single way that it can so don't just have B's a spaghetti burger pasta etc just have your authentic home food and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables fruits like apples oranges bananas pomegranate cherries strawberries etc etc all are full vitamins and minerals essential for your body and they do not harm you at all they have good calories rather than empty calories of pizzas burgers and all the remaining junk food so how to eat healthy well I'm gonna post of upload a video on full day diet plan for weight loss if you want you can watch it as soon as I will pull upload it I will put the vid the videos link in the description box below so you can check it out if you want so the third tip is to do exercise but

guys don't get me wrong don't just do exercise all day long and each whatever you want that doesn't work exercise accounts for only 30% of your weight loss journey the rest 70 to 80 percent is recruited by the diet plan or the meal that you have all day long so but so exercise is not that composite' but you must do exercise it will speed up your process and improve your quality and exercise also first I'll tell you what to do first of all when you're in the morning when I wake up then drink that ACB go go get fresh and then go for a walk you can either walk for half an hour or one hour whatever is your personal next person L choice and in the evening you can do some cardio exercise like aerobics or running or whatever you want it's your personal choice but do must must must do exercise it will help you a lot in your weight loss journey third tip is to eat regular meals and don't ever skip any meal trust me guys skipping meals isn't just gonna do a miracle in your weight loss journey this is my personal experience I tried out missing breakfast like like most of the guys they think that skipping breakfast will cut down their calories I mean they

will they will lose what weight drastically but that doesn't work this way I personally didn't have breakfast for some days but I didn't have any major difference in my weight moreover I was feeling very fatigued and tired and was in low energy levels every time so don't ever skip breakfast it is my personal experience never ever skip breakfast or any meal throughout the day and you should follow a diet plan that includes a heavier meal at afternoon a light meal at night and then at the evening some little snacks or little snacks all day long and in the morning you should have something solid like oatmeal or Dalia or whatever you want I see a choice then next step is to drink plenty of water trust me guys drinking a lot of water helps do doing a miracle in your weight loss journey when you drink a lot of water your body becomes hydrated and it doesn't store any water or any food and it helps you a lot in in gaining your weight the and that you want and you are doing that effort for it so don't just get me wrong don't just drink adult down two gallons of water each day no no no that's not gonna work the way just have eight to 10

glasses of water a day if you want then you can set a reminder and a phone for every one art that pass you will drink a glass of water that way it will help you lose your weight and it and you will stay hydrated and you will not feel fatigue or tired at all and you will not feel sleepy he will feel productive all day long so the next step is to eat you should eat eight protein a protein rich diet like fish or need or paneer or some milk items so protein is some type of very difficult in digesting so for digesting protein your body needs a lot of work after work it will burn calories so protein helps you in burning calories while digesting more over protein builds up your muscle mass and muscle mass increases your calorie consumption throughout the day so when you increase muscle mass the muscle actually uses calories to maintain in shape so you burn more and more calories next step is to you should use a smaller plate and use blue colored plates it is scientifically proven that blue color is you know satisfying when you eat in blue plates then you don't eat much and you feel full and satisfied so you should always eat in blue plates or

and if you want you can buy it from Amazon it's very cheap or you can buy it from Flipkart or any shopping website that you want and also use smaller plates smaller plates are usually filled up by meals so you will think that it's so your brain will not get confused if you get like a bigger plates and with small amount of food then your brain gets confused and it asks for more food so you will end up eating more meals than you want actually you need so the next step is to you shouldn't drink alcohol or you shouldn't even smoke alcohol always increases a calorie consumption and helps you in gaining weight not losing weight it will help you in gaining which glass of alcohol is equal to a bar of dark chocolate it has so many calories and it doesn't do any harm to any good to body it only does harm and harm in every single way that it can yeah you can't drink it like every weekend or once in a month or two but don't just drink it every day every time that doesn't work that way and also you couldn't slow so you shouldn't slow if you smoke then your body will just accumulate the calories and you will also catch diseases deadly diseases like

cancer etc so you shouldn't do that save your life and keep your body in shape the last tip is to that you should always keep keep track of your meals so I personally keep us healthy fight to keep track of my meals and you should to keep you to keep the track of a muse that way you will understand and see that how many calories you have eaten enough in a day and you should always keep track of your meals so that you don't get confused that I have eaten so much arrival eaten so little I think the main consumption depends upon the thousand to 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day if you want extreme weight loss so guys these were all the 10 tips and tricks and if you want so then I will upload a full day diet plan a for weight loss pleaseplease these guys like this like this video subscribe to me and share this video video as much as you can and I'll see you in the next video bye you