30 September 2018


Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my exercise routine! Let me know what your favourite exercise is? ☺ ❤ Insta-@phoebecombes KX pilates- ...


hey guys and welcome back to another video on my channel I said today I am filming and exercise routine as it was very much requested since I posted my life update and how I've changed my routine from what I was doing in when I last said to you guys so just look at a back story what I was doing was going to a place called f45 and that was more like 45 minutes a day of just cardio and weights mixed problem the days and I have stopped that for a like a couple months now stop that and started just doing a lot less stress exercising on my body and I didn't really stop for any reason I just wasn't enjoying it it was like the same thing every single day so I was just like you know enjoying it and I don't want to do something that I don't enjoy for exercise wise I feel like I don't you exercise to punish my body or to change my body I don't because I love the feeling after it I love how it's a bit of a stress relief for me and yeah that is why exercise since doing that I now just do a lot more yoga because well I love yoga and I just like to say that obviously I don't do this every single day my routine I'm telling you now it's

most days but if I'm exhausted if I'm tired if I'm too busy if I've got other stuff and I can't do it I don't stress about it like just go with the flow one day of not a one or more days I'm not exercising is not gonna kill you and it's not gonna change your body honestly to me it just makes me feel that stressed out only because I like to let my stress out through exercise just mentally but not stressed about nice so yes I if I am exhausted from work and I've worked the whole day then I won't do it which is fine because I feel like my job but modeling is pretty tiring sometimes so yeah just do whatever I feel so now I've been doing a now turn on half but no matter how much time I have and how I'm feeling of yoga each day and then I go to Katz Pilates now studios all around Australia I'll link them below this isn't sponsored or anything but I just really like their class and it's a lot cheaper than independent Pilates studios and I go them four times a week I try to go four times a week sometimes less and I really love Pilates as it's a mixture of yoga and strength and resistance and

muscle I've been doing that and I also love it because it's so less stressed in my body and I look forward to it I know I'm not going to be so exhausted after that I can't do anything the whole day but I've still got a workout in I still feel great and it's still turning all my muscles which I feel like my body type I need more toning exercising and less career which I know like whites and lifting weights would be great but I don't like what you might so I don't do it so that's that's just what I do I yeah go to KX and I absolutely love it as you can probably see by this clip that I put in yeah just I feel like I really do get a good burn I'm sure a lot more than what I was doing when I was just doing my cardio and stuff like that and my last little like exercise thing that I do is walking I try to walk nearly everywhere I really like walking but I try to go to five to seven kilometres along the beach every day obviously I don't get in every day if it's rainy and like today I'm not gonna behind if I'm working if I can't do it or it's just whenever I have the afternoon on the morning off whenever I can but obviously don't fullest it I go

for a walk as I also love going on the beach and it gives me time to think and if you guys do go for a walk my number one tip is to put your phone on flat mode so you still have that in case anything happens but so you're just not distracted by anything you're really focused on grounding yourself being out in nature and surrounding yourself with others so that is in my the year I hope you enjoyed this video and got some new exercise things and also to remember not to stress if you can't fit it in but also remember to try and exercise but it's really good for not only your body but for your mental health as well I hope you enjoyed this video and I look forward to making another video let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video