22 July 2019

EVERYTHING I EAT IN A DAY! Healthy and Quick

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good morning it's a beautiful day to be

alive I'm so excited I'm always excited but I'm most expecially excited today because it's a full day of eating I love food you love food who doesn't love food you know I'm saying girl haven't done a full day of eating in quite a few months now it's the summertime so I mean more you know summery foods so it's also the weekend I'm here with Stefan so I'm going to be showing you what Stefan I will be eating this whole day kicking off breakfast with a breakfast egg scramble I'm also going to have some protein pancakes some cinnamon protein pancakes I hope that you guys enjoy today's video if you do please be sure to give it a thumbs up and never it's up subscribe so you never miss a foodie fit tip with wit again alright let's jump into this I'm hangry how about you babe we're hangry let's do this come on bro [Music] all right so I found a recipe online for cinnamon protein pancakes that I really wanted to try we always have the kodiak cakes but I'm trying to mix it up today you all say fortunately I already had all these ingredients so I think you'll have all these ingredients as well we're

gonna pop into a food processor mix it all up pop it on the griddle cinnamon protein pancakes all excited here's what we need for the breakfast I have 1/4 cup of any milk I have oat milk cuz that's my jam right now I have 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of stevia leaf extract 1/2 a cup of oats we have egg whites coconut flour Greek yogurt and one scoop of any vanilla protein I'll link this recipe below and also list all the measurements below to make this you know a little bit [Music] morning good morning beautiful how was your breakfast [Music] all right here's breakfast egg scramble I like to top my ex with ketchup I know some people think that's weird I think it's delicious so to stuff in two eggs and then half of the half of an avocado trying to get my healthy fats up I have a really hard time with foods that taste like protein you know when you mix protein in so let me give you a quick review of these pancakes whoo that aftertaste got me it was really good to let her taste all

right I'm gonna give it a seven out of ten cuz the aftertaste I can still taste the protein and I hate foods that taste like protein that's not bad there's good stuff in it gives it an eight point five eight point five you like it that much suspicious maybe just cuz I have a have an l1 so long all right guys I'm taking off on Tuesday for a week and a half that I'll come home for a few days and I'm gone for another week so it's like three weeks of traveling you know I'm saying girl that's crazy stop it doesn't match I didn't think I was gonna show you the sweatpants you know I'm having my best friends over tonight Ryan and Katie y'all know them well you don't know them because god respect their privacy I'm having them over tonight so I thought I would do a crockpot meal I used to do a ton of meal prep videos and in every single meal prep video I always have a crock pot meal because they're so stinking easy you've dumped a lot of ingredients into a crock pot and then you let it sit there you know it just it doesn't get easier than that so Stefan and I are gonna be gone all day so instead of

worrying about cooking when I get back from all my errands you know I gotta run some errands before I head out uptown I figured out flipsie on there quick little crock pot meal let it sit for six hours and then when I get back I'll have dinner ready for the fam I'm in crock pot I've been prepping a lot of my ingredients before we head to the gym you know Saturday's my favorite day it's the only day I get a workout with Stefan so it's fun you know it reminds me of the good old days when I first saw him in the gym of it who's that cutie God I'm gonna get my crock pot meal put together the recipe I'm a recipe gal you know add all ingredients to slow cooker and cook on high for three hours those are the instructions for low for five to six hours which is what I'm gonna do it's 12:30 right now so I'm gonna start this now so it'll be running around 6:30 sorry so I rinsed and drained 2 cups of red lentils and I were really doing these so these in here you have to rinse and drain lentils I'll never forget then I cut up one yellow onion

I was crying a little bit you know it's not like right you know someone's like don't cry Whitney I'm not crying it just burns my eyeballs huge difference you know and then we have a green bell pepper yellow bell pepper this is a plant-based recipe which is awesome I'm gonna show you how you can add a little more protein to it so then I sliced up some carrots mix three cloves of garlic oh girl I love garlic I got a garlic addiction Wow she looks beautiful this is looking great I'm gonna impress my friends tonight here's the rest of the spices ingredients you know the whole shebang a 28 ounce can of diced fire roasted tomatoes vegetable broth I think we need two tablespoons of tomato paste and then we have quite a few of spices I already had all these spices so I think you have these spices girl chili powder oregano paprika and ground cumin you know like my little spice thing is ready I'm ready these sweatpants are the new legacy sweatpants from dream jerk see ya whoa all right gonna finish this bad boy off here we'll just come back as two [Music]

let me show you how Indy sleep she's so stinkin cute you're not ready taking a nap hmm taking a little nap arou hmm I firmly believe that she thinks she's a cat I'm positive I'll tell my cats used to sleep on the couch it's grown-up you know kind of pull my hair back you know things were getting wild up in here okay I forgot to tell you what the heck and Bob I'm making how did I forget it this is a slow-cooker vegan red lentil chili delicious I don't know if it's delicious yes but I've never had a slow-cooker meal that's not delicious so just being officer this bad boy is good to go I'm gonna put it on low cook it for six hours the recipe says prep time 10 minutes about I'll tell you what it took me a lot longer than 10 minutes to be cutting all those vegetables you know so 12:45 this will be ready at 6:45 yeah I'm gonna go get ready for the gymnasium maybe have another snack before that kind of hungry again okay love you check in soon honestly you thought I was done right no I've decided to go ahead and add a can of chickpeas to the recipe listen we're going off the track here we're getting a while we're going crazy you know can of garbanzo beans just

rinse them I'm gonna add it to the crock pot meal only because red lentils get super mushy I want more texture to it you know so I'm gonna pop that in real quick you guys just finished up leg day not the best a girl oh I'm still not back in love with leg day but you know we'll get there one day I actually went ahead and purchased a protein shake from the gym now usually if I know I'm not going home after the gym I'll just bring a shaker bottle with a scoop of protein powder and then I'll just mix up water once I'm done with my workout shake it up drink it off I go but I completely forgot okay I don't know what's going on my brains not working today so fortunately my to sell these premier proteins 30 grams of protein 160 calories this flavor peaches in green it's so delicious okay so I'm gonna done that's really quick since we have a bunch of errands to run and then I actually think we're gonna go out to lunch today I hate eating out I usually never eat out but we just have too much stuff to do on this wonderful Saturday so I think really go grab some food if I do eat out

it's usually don't weekend you know that's when things get crazy around here I've said that eight times today where the gym I did go ahead and have a bowl of oatmeal not that nailh my normal bowl of oats mix it with some cinnamon and Straub's my favorite go-to I love oats before the gym it just gives me such good fuel I feel good I feel full I feel energized love my carbs before the gym especially on like day when I know it's gonna be more of a challenging workout and then finishing off with a protein shake I'm gonna down this in about two seconds cause it's so dang good we're gonna run some errands and then I'll check back in with you at lunch time it's a little bit after lunch I but you know with lunch okay seize it oh my goodness hi hi I miss you I miss you hi oh my goodness oh my goodness oh oh all right I've made it home Stefan had to go and run and help some of his friends move so we got lunch to go so I'm gonna eat that real quick all right so I found this new place they seem to have very healthy and delicious options so today I picked out roasted potatoes chickpea falafel never tried falafel before until last week when I went here listen we're

a little bit addicted okay it's pretty dang good and then for my last side I got some charred green beans has some walnuts in there I need to get a fork oh I got a fork losing my mind today and then of course my water I dropped my hydro flask on the street today so that was really Oh sad r.i.p hmm I love me some green beans you know mmm and some potatoes I find I need to eat out due to lack of preparedness you know I've had more time to go home after the gym I wonder how to eat out today but it's fine it's fine I just hate you spending more money eating out unless it's in it now you know I'm saying this is really looking good though gonna enjoy this meal I think I'll probably have a big bowl of greens before dinner then I've dinner and I can't wait to show you my dessert mm-hmm I can't wait you ready for dinner you ready can I have a sit good girl good girl enjoy so sweet good girl you ready for your dinner yes you ready yes a boy oh don't want it huh [Music] [Music]

all right so super simple snack that actually with all of this arugula is pretty filling arugula is my new obsession it's very earthy without being dirty you know I'm saying doesn't taste like dirt but it tastes like thirst so this has been my go-to summer salad at the moment I'm not really a salad gal but I crave this salad I have a ton of baby arugula on the bottom and then I get the bag of pecans and walnuts top of strawberries I shred a little bit of mozzarella cheese and then this is my new favorite it's from Bolthouse farms raspberry mellow vinaigrette dressing the macros on this bad boy are really good and I've noticed that a little goes a long way so I'll just use two tablespoons of this pop it onto the salad and off I go super easy snack to hold me over until dinner crockpot meal is completely finished it looks so good are you kidding me we're definitely gonna have an extra so super nice and convenient I can use as a meal prep throughout the week [Music] you just ate dinner you just a you're crazy are you so dinner is officially ready I

went ahead and added my chili on to a bed of rice just to give a few more carbs than for the day why the heck and Bob not you know I'm saying and then I don't want that other half of the half of the avocado that I had for breakfast to go to waste and Stefan hates avocado so I tossed that into here added a little bit cheese I wish more than anything I had some plain Greek yogurt left but I used the rest of it for the pancakes but plain Greek yogurt is such a bomb substitute for sour cream just has a lot more protein but I have neither of the above which is a shame but it's fine I'll survive don't you worry I love crock-pot meals for days like this where I'm running around I'm super busy I also think that they're an awesome meal prep meal there's a ton left so I can have this throughout the rest of the week I mean Stefan's gonna have to have it cuz I'm leavin but you know I'm saying I'm gonna enjoy this enjoy some time with some friends and I will check back in for dessert the best time of the day look I did my hair I brushed it Maria was looking a little crazy this morning

[Music] I'm so grateful for summer y'all it's 8:30 p.m. and look how light of this I'm watching the sunset and eating my dessert I'm a lover of all fruits except cantaloupe melon kiwi blueberries they're okay and on my favorite what else okay so I'm very picky effort so I just pick my favorites I have watermelon strawberries and cotton candy grapes it's also cotton candy grape season so don't miss out one I picked mine up at a local grocery store here called Hartman's I know Trader Joe's has them as well but I also know it's a battle to get them but if you can find them you should try them because when you crack into them they have just a little spurt of cotton candy I love adding just a dollop of Cool Whip this is Coco whip though it's coconut whip usually I use Cool Whip light oh so good but the Coco whip isn't very good as well Coco delicious miss I always have a sweet tooth after dinner doesn't matter what day time or season sweet tooth season is always in season so this is my favorite way to curb my sweet tooth instead of running over and having a full bag of chewy nerds or sour

watermelons with us to my liking right now that's pretty much it all right guys I'm going to enjoy this bowl of fruit probably gonna head to a movie soon just taking it easy having a relaxed evening I think I'm gonna take the peppers for a quick a walker ooh you know a little chicken nuggets they need to work out I love you guys so much I hope you enjoyed this video and until next time I will see you next time