22 July 2019

Everyone Is You Pushed Out & Mental Diets

Everyone is you pushed out & mental diets are the 2 most important concepts that you need to understand and apply if you want to become a conscious creator.

hi everyone welcome back to the base

tier 5 channel in today's video I wanted to do part two of everybody is you pushed out because this is such an important concept while manifesting something specific you can truly understand this concept from neville goddard and apply it then you can really transform your life and the most manifestations happen in my life when I learned about this concept and really started to apply it to prove to myself that it works so neville goddard actually said in his lectures if you listen to them on youtube he said actually apply and practice what i'm telling you he said don't just believe me apply it and he says that in his books as well and that's the same for you guys so you're listening to a video on youtube you're listening to a podcast you're reading a book you need to apply what you learnt because there is no point of just watching video after video and absorbing all this content and absorbing all this knowledge if you're not going to apply it because if I tell you to know everyone is you pushed out if you change your thoughts about someone they'll change bla bla bla nothing's gonna change in your life

because you don't really believe it you kind of maybe believe it if it's someone you've been following or you trust but you need to apply it to prove it to yourself so it wasn't until I actually did the work and I changed the thoughts I had about specific people in my life and then saw the outter change in the manifestation so what I recommend if you are trying to improve any type of relationship it could be family friends or romantic is watch the thoughts that you're having about that person so let's say you're always saying that you have really bad communication with someone well the truth is everyone is you pushed out so if you keep saying you know me and this person have really bad communication then you're gonna continue to manifest that because we're focused on the problem so what you want to do again yes you're faking it until you make it so people love to be right and they always email me and they're like yeah but this is why I think this way this is the evidence I have to prove why we have bad communication and I'm not saying that you don't have bad communication I know that you have evidence what I'm saying

is that everyone is you push that so if you have evidence that something that you don't like the only one to blame is yourself so if you want to be a conscious creator and if you want to have everything that you want then you need to stop with the ego so your ego aside so again the concept is everybody is you pushed out your whole world is you pushed out so it's not just people and relationships it's also money the amount of money you have in your life your career every area of your life your health so if you're always saying with your mental diet which is the thoughts that you're feeding your mind if you're always saying you know I get sick so easily every time I go on a trip I get sick then every single time you go on a trip you're gonna get sick so it's basically everyone is you pushed out is the beliefs and a belief is a repetitive thought that you have about yourself about others so it's basically your thoughts that are manifesting what you see in the 3d world people specifically talk about everyone as you pushed out a lot of times they're talking about specific relationships for example neville goddard talked about a student

or someone that attended his lecture she was saying to Neville that her boss doesn't treat her right and she doesn't like him and all this kind of negative stuff and what he said to her was are you arguing with your boss in your mind so she said yes and she admitted that she was having these mental arguments with her boss in her mind and after never got her told her to change her mental conversations to essentially change her mental diet she then saw a reflection and a change in her box he started thinking thoughts that were in alignment with her desire of her boss treating her nicely and then once she did this it wasn't long after that she saw the results in the outer role so does not need to take long it can be very quick it could take a week it's it could take a few days could take two weeks it doesn't really matter how long it takes you just eat you persist in the assumption of what you want so if you are unhappy in the relationship romantically family friends that I want you to think about the thoughts and the conversations that you're having in your mind or with others because a lot of times people

that are unhappy at work in a relationship or with their boss they go home and they tell a friend or they tell a family member and they complain about why this person is so cruel and evil and why they treat them so bad and at the end of relationships a lot of people - they talk about the demise of the relationship how everything's getting bad communication arguments and they're so focused on the problem rather than the solution so everyone is you pushed out again is that those thoughts and those beliefs that you have about a specific person will be manifested so it all goes back to having a mental diet a mental diet and everyone is you pushed out are like the two things that are like the most important concepts I've ever learned when I started studying the law of attraction so having a good mental diet and only feeding your mind with good thoughts because everyone as you pushed out so be careful what you focus on be careful what you think about because that can be manifested in your 3d world so thank you guys so much for watching this video let me know if you have any other specific manifestation videos that you guys want me to film and

I will see you guys next time bye