27 August 2019

Every disease is based on diet *slavery is on food, along with the economy and environment pollution

what's going on I want to make a video

for him for the tube sub to the channel check out some other videos the cause of every disease is your diet all dis formas malfunctions retarded people all stem from the same thing what is that it's disease from the food UV does another way you can be damaged it's through environmental toxins or course a national a natural accident but of course you know if that happened and you experience that diet is everything and it is the key to everything you can survive you can deny it all you want but it's the truth it's the only thing that will heal you all problems start with dying you can talk about money the economy and capitalists delete Jews at the end of the day what it really comes down to the slavery or the economy the trap the mindset it all comes down to the food you eat this is the war we are having and this is the biggest war there whatever be always on food food is the number one thing and it's highly highly just and put onto the table under the rug in the closet food is everything anybody who has a sufficient eye we'd never go insane and if they did choose to go insane they would be in

control of it as the someone losing it we're always brought up in lies and while money may run the world what really matters is the food the whole every slavery all the slavery is on food it's always on food and it always will be because that's how it is if you feed people food they have performance and thoughts and get dumb numb and under control of somebody else if you listen to any war in any history book it's always the same thing what do they do to finally knock out the enemy they caught off their food supply they did it in every war that's probably the number one technique every disease so if someone's sleeping upstairs I forgot about that now speak is pretty long every disease starts with food environmental toxins only came into play when they want to poison you or people didn't know what they're doing but it's more so nowadays they're trying to poison you but the chemicals in the water the fluoride the toxins in the food the fake through the vaccines radiation medical procedures you can see where this is going I had the killer fly maybe it was a little moss that's all I say if you have

any problem look into your diet okay have a nice day if you have any video requests let me know