16 September 2017

Emirates Special Meals and Catering Secrets - CABIN CREW LIFE

Emirates offers a selection of 19 special meals to suit special medical, dietary, and religious requirements. Find out what are the choices and what ingredients ...

hey guys I promise before I'm gonna tell

you a bit about general special meals and about their catering services in general catering is very important part of aviation business and quite interesting part of it as well there is a lot going on behind the scenes I've heard that quite many people believe that the food served on plane is not healthy because of the high amount of sodium added to it they say it's because when we are in the air and the pressure is lower than on the ground our ability to feel the taste decreases and that's why we need extra sodium to make the food taste normal is it true or is it false I asked the staff working in a company that supplies Airlines life in the red thomascook monarch and Thompson and if you'll stay with me to the end of this video you will know the answer there are certain regulations in companies that produce muse for airline catering can start preparing meals not longer than 24 hours before the flight all the meals that come from the aircraft doesn't matter if they were opened or not they all have to go to the bin and a lot of good food unfortunately is being wasted but it's also safety reasons there are separate rooms to

prepare meals for European airlines and there are separate rooms for Middle Eastern Airlines it's because food for Middle Eastern Airlines is hollow it means that it was prepared accordingly to Muslim customers meats and it cannot be other meals there are separate dishwashers for halal orders separate rooms and separate fridges to store challah meals also the employees who are packing halal meals are wearing different color of uniform personal aircraft like a320 catering company usually sends one lorry and one van with supplies for big aircraft like a380 it's for lorries for banks to additional people to arrange the seat pockets and one flight auditor on this picture of a galley you can see containers which usually contain dry stars so tea coffee sugar mela mines and toiletries these are the events where we hit the muse and these are the new cards each meal card has faced 439 new traits these are the bar parts soda and juices are kept in separate containers in the galley this is just for the alcohols catering company except meals provide also toiletries alcohols and duty-free

products which from also in metal containers like these Emirates offers a selection of 19 special meals to suit special medical dietary and religious requirements these special meals must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance of your flight some of them may not be available on short sectors however all of them are hollow there are 5 choices of religious meals one of them is a DML which stands for Asian vegetarian meal this meal is available for vegetarian passengers it is usually aromatic and spicy and incorporates Labour's from the Indian Continent it contains one or more of these ingredients all types of vegetables fresh fruit and milk products it does not contain any type of meat fish or eggs hn ml which skin do meal this meal is available for members of the hindu community who are not strictly vegetarian and its meat fish eggs and dairy products it contains one or more of these ingredients lab chicken fish eggs milk and diary products it does not contain b VJ m l which is vegetarian Jain meal this meal is for members of Jain community who are pure vegetarians it is prepared with a selection of

Indian condiments it contains one or more of these ingredients fresh fruit and stem vegetables that grow above the ground it does not contain animal products and byproducts and any root vegetables such as onions mushrooms ginger garlic potatoes carrots beets radishes etc M om L which is a Muslim meal all meals on Emirates flights are suitable for Muslims and are prepared in accordance with the halal method this meal type can only be ordered for passengers rooted on other airlines it contains one or more of these ingredients lamb chicken fish eggs vegetables fruit and dairy products it does not contain pork alcohol or non-halal repaired needs the kosher meal is the new prepared to comply with Jewish dietary requirements there is nine choices of medical and dietary meals one of them is LM L which is blend meal this meter is available for those who suffer from disorders of the stomach and digestive tract it contains one or more of these ingredients mashed potatoes fresh spinach softball eggs called meat toast milk and dairy products it does not contain baked or fried food garlic

onions and spices dbl which stands for diabetic meal this is a low sugar mute for passengers suffering from diabetes this meal contains one or more of these ingredients low fat milk butter plain yogurt lean meats both potatoes vegetable and fresh fruit it does not contain any kind of sugar only certain permitted sugar substitutes may be used FP ml fruit platter this meal may be ordered for dietary reasons it may also be ordered by members of certain communities who eat only fruit while fasting it contains only seasonal fresh fruits but it doesn't contain any canned fruits G FML gluten free meal this meal is available for passengers for allergic or intolerant to gluten a protein of wheat barley oats or right it contains one or more of these ingredients direc products fresh vegetables salads fruit fish lean meat and rice it doesn't contain any bread subset pasta custard cakes chocolate rods or crackers ll ml which is low cholesterol or low fat meal this meal is available for passengers who need to minimize their intake of fatty foods it contains one or more of

these ingredients margarine cottage cheese egg whites burned rice potatoes lean meat fish whole-grain bread cereals and fresh fruit it doesn't contain any milk cream fat cheese egg yolks or meal let's ml loss of your meal this meal is for those who suffer from high blood pressure it contains one or more of these ingredients sub 3 margaery foods low in sodium content and fresh or frozen foods it doesn't contain any salty cheese sauces dressings cured and Bryant meals or canned food and LML none are cows meal this meal may be ordered for those who are allergic or intolerant to milk and milk products or those suffering from low lactose levels it contains one or more of these ingredients salads vegetables and other foods high in fiber pasta rice fish or meat it does not contain any milk and milk products sauces soft rolls croissant or chocolates VG ml vegetarian meal also known as vegan this meal is totally free of any animal products or byproducts such as eggs or direct products it contains one or more of these ingredients all types of vegetables and all kinds of fresh fruits

it does not contain any type of meat fish or animal products or byproducts unfortunately for those who have not n peanut allergies Emirate doesn't offer any new alternatives they cannot guarantee any of these meals to be free from nuts and they will not take responsibility to give you any of these so should bring your own food on board there is also five other special meals including CH ml child meal this meal may be ordered for children between the ages of two and twelve years old it contains one or more of its ingredients chicken fish fries pasta chocolate crisps crackers milk and dairy products and fruits and fruit juices a vegetarian child meal can also be provided BBM L which is baby meals a standard range of brands of baby noodles are available on Android flights however they encourage parents to create food familiar and prepared by their babies our vml grow vegetable meal this meal consists exclusively of raw vegetables and salad champagne this service is provided on all destinations except Saudi Arabia where alcohol is prohibited if you wish to celebrate any

anniversary or birthdays onboard of Emirates plane you can order a bottle of champagne however you have to remember that this is not included in price of your ticket so you have to pay some extra for cakes cakes for birthdays anniversaries and any other special occasions can be provided for a fee for more information on the ordering process and methods of payment you will have to contact nearest Emirates offices except special meals there's always two or three other regular choices of mutant work preparing and serving tasty food for a few hundred people above the clouds it's not an easy task because of food safety standards all the meals have to be cooked on ground there's a Buddhist fact blast chilled refrigerated and finally must survive reheating but of this would modify flavor even if it was served at the sea level time to review the answer do adhesion catering companies and extra salute to the meals and does lower pressure affect our sense of taste the truth is that the chef's that cook for the aviation catering company that supplies Emirates prepared this meal exactly the same way as they will be

served on ground there is nothing extra added to these meals to strengthen taste during flight and the same I heard from the companies who supplied Reiner and lt Polish Airlines however tons of other airlines like Singapore Airlines admit that they had some extra spices so their meals taste better during flight studies conducted in Germany by the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics test demonstrated that our sense of taste decreases by about 30% at high altitudes interestingly the study found that we take leave on our sweet and salty senses only sour bitter and spicy flavors are almost unaffected psychologists are now finding that even your ears can play a part in taste perception result of the test say that people eating to the sound of the love background noise rated food as less salty and less than people who are eating in silence in my case it doesn't really work this way as I very often take my own food on board the same food that I usually eat on ground so I've never really noticed this food to taste any different or weird on board so I think it's one of these questions without clear yes or no

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