24 September 2018

Effects of my OMAD Diet

I've been doing an OMAD diet for a few weeks now and a lot of people don't see the side effects or really how much food is eaten at time. Well let me show you!

Saturday morning feeling good feeling

great to look old now sheriff you start your little coat but I don't care in here grinding hope y'all have a lovely start to your weekend and if you end up get choice [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well guys that's about it for today after this I'm gonna go eat there's a changeover around 4:30 so we're gonna make some extra cash I'll be doing that showing y'all but it looks so good ran here and then get my cardio got straight into my leg workout hope y'all like that you know I'm trying to add in more stuff than just you know river training styles even though some people that might be a regular training style it's not too little training stuff for me but I actually like doing that stuff so incorporating both and really fine-tuning like what it is that's gonna be happening between those but doing abs now because I have a hit as in the past two days the dog woke up this morning and my ass look pretty great not gonna

lie and I guess there was a rest day so I was kind of skeptical about that but feeling good yeah so let's get to it got my egg whites with deli turkey in there a bunch of peppers onions mushrooms as the guys open up in there I've got some oatmeal instead of cereal with banana peanut butter my fruits some plain Greek yogurt with some dried fruit but I also got some the blueberries and mangoes and a little bit just a little bit of the dough maybe like 1/4 of a cup sorry so right got some vegan scrambled eggs curious to see how they taste some tofu with jalapenos on there some vegan sausage links some turkey more cars I got a big-ass salad with tuna on top but some chickpeas in there tomatoes so that's what I'm eating today that's my whole mouth it's gonna take me a minute that close it's gonna take me a minute I might go alive but I'm gonna enjoy it can't freakin wait it's been a minute since I'm at over two so what that being said I'll kill this smash this one first all right all right so I decided to go to the South first because there's the macro nutrition micronutrients I need

[Music] but it's okay okay so I'm about to try these vegan eggs I think they per se have tofu in them [Music] it's not horrible but it's very very very different I meet this obscure then I might come back to know it's just very thick okay so it's not enough to have the tofu right now just seeing where I'm at take a look over again about to dive into this oatmeal it's been a minute don't know I know I love oatmeal they don't have my favorite kind the maple brown brown sugar so what I did put some brown sugar and a little bit of sugar-free maple syrup in here and a little bit of milk got my bananas and peanut butter okay run by sir laughs in Berlin in the old man it would be good all right so finally done eating who finish the fruit except two pineapples because on mouth started though what does it call will I like the blisters and stuff yeah anyway so I'm as

a ticking off the pineapples for a while yes so very full got two hours until like changeover so what i'ma do heard overlays library there get my phone jars [Music] over there you two should go back home our publisher worked my hitta Cohen sysop today we shall see but still code No okay so decided I was gonna shut it off this is what I look like after I beat this is me like obviously pushing you out what kind of like relaxed happy feeling some kind of way [Music] bigger wondering so that's what I look like that's why I take full advantage of my mornings and afternoons you know after I just we're mad layers okay slight taste points so I left the library and I'm over I was starting to walk towards the Carrier Dome and people are just not going to the game like I wonder if it's just now starting yeah maybe I read The Times on which more than life that I probably did so well that case going on do it work got another gym session I plan on doing so I'll either do it now or I'll do it

later play man that's crazy oh that was a nice little swim I'm miss swimming so much I used to swim all the time back home a Florida what we do being at the beach aboard actually the first time I ever learned how to swim was on my own because my parents do me in the beach and I'd have a basically just like survive so but no for y'all who got thrown into the pool got a lucky I was dealing with the waves its hide but uh no feel good got a couple laps and my legs were like very like I just got out hitting them so we were definitely filling it after a while which is fine suck another workout going now about the dry off and get going we're really dry off but this cold outside might catch the bus just because I want to be sick but kick could play all right guys so got back to crib and took a shower and I have been doing some work doing some sketches for an event come and go this week on Friday I believe it is been looking up some you know references watching a movie and then I'm gonna do some reading it's currently 10 o'clock so read a chapter for the 48 laws of power do some touch-ups on some designs

of my own and I'm trying to get to bed by like 12 don't feel like taking any more coffee I've already got enough caffeine for today so I'm not gonna force myself to continue to forsake keep going dumb up right now but I know in the next two hours you know things can change so that being said i'ma call it a wrap I love y'all so much thank you all for rocking with me today like comment subscribe let me know you know your thoughts let me know some stuff you want to see even some breakdowns also was looking at some macro stuff so I can get into that tomorrow a little bit more because I got a little game plan so we shall see but what that bitch captain's out going to bed two hours down [Music]