03 February 2016

Ed Said | EdVentures in Healthy Eating - Citrus | MPB

Ed Said is a children's "edutainment" project developed and produced at Mississippi Public Broadcasting. Ed is a boy who loves to learn about being healthy ...

hey guys it's your pal ed said what do

you think we're talking about today that's right we're talking about citrus and my favorite treat to make with citrus is get your citrus aid here tasty refreshing citrus aid you know it come on over cool and tasty hi oh hi Ariana hi Harry L would you like to try some citrus ade today did you say I've never heard of that yeah isn't it using luminate that people sell that lemonade stands that's what I've always seen well you're right most time people have lemonade at lemonade stands but I love all the citrus fruits I couldn't choose just one and you know what when you mix them together they are really tasty I don't know sounds weird to me well check this out not only is it good it's good for you citrus fruits are chock full of vitamin C fiber and they help your immune system stay strong sounds good what I'll do you head in there let's see well there's there's orange juice and lime juice and lemon juice grapefruit juice and some sugar substitute to sweeten it up would you like a glass sure we'll help yourselves hmmm this is good let me spark your

interest and tell you what's the business everyone should know what this is it's a song about citrus all considered Citra everyone should know oranges lemons and limes kids or beans grapefruit Clementine is one I've never seen it's all citrus you know it's so nutritious it'll immune system delicious that's right it's all citrus yellow and green they are known for being sour but they taste great to me - your favorite you know it's so nutritious it'll boost your immune system so delicious yet citrus but also delicious pirate and vitamin C you say it with me now I think that sour or sweet citrus fruits are fun to eat I love this tasty vitamin boost this has been ed said with a message for your head there's no excuse put it to use by want to make your own citrus aid go to the recipe section of my website where Rebecca Turner will show us what we need to do