22 July 2019

Eating out while on a diet| BED recovery

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hey guys these max welcome back to my

Channel today I'm going to tell you about something that happened like three days ago for I don't remember but basically I went out to it and I wanted to make this video because for a lot of people I would say the majority of people going out to it is just something fun that you do with your friends for me it was never it was never a problem until he became one when we are talking about I don't know maybe India's last year in this last past here I had some problems and I still do it and before I was definitely doing it too often now I try not to go to my phone's even if it happens like it's my binge go to so if I if you like the really strong urge to binge I go there but I even bench in like ya know like I think three days four or five I don't remember but the day I went out I didn't Beach I think it's five days if I'm not wrong like I still eat no fish here before well after 35 days but he was on a binge so I think I am five days free I will have to check my videos honestly because they help me to keep up with what I'm doing so they really do help me to get better so yeah my friends decided to I mean my friends and I have decided to go

to this place and like they wanted to do something like they want to eat out so I was like okay I could go to this place because I know that you have Elsi options so it's not like you are forced to get fries or like it's not like McDonald's is healthier so we went to this place which is very nice and we all got a some good tell you in Italian how it's called cuz I don't know how it's called English so it's a bruschetta I would say in English but in Italian it's Pro Skater which is basically bread which is it's kind of a pizza but it's not it's bread and then tomato sauce and different like things that you can put there and I got one with it you'll see the picture I got one with onions sausages and remember what else but yeah it wasn't it was like a medium fill me up but I didn't have their sense of I'm super full and it was nice cuz honestly when I overeat or when I am like binging I feel so full that it makes me sick I was fine after that I was just like I ate a normal meal out with friends no problem I didn't have anxiety I didn't have the urge to go to the bathroom and throwing up and it was AI didn't purged I it was totally fine

so I mean it went great because I'm still working on the protein like even if I don't be in sometimes I feel like I want to throw up but I've been like working on that I really don't want to do it so today went pretty well and yesterday too so I'm happy and we will be a good day I'm going to a water park with some friends I will definitely love that a little bit we make video so I thought it was going to be an interesting video you know how a person with a binge eating disorder like how he works you know when you have that to go out and for me of course is from my personal experience it worked out pretty well but yeah I have to say that I'm not at the beginning of this I had it for a while now so I feel like I'm getting better he also went like before I never had problems going to McDonald's with friends in there just because you know I just it just makes it almost I don't even think about it I'm just like we we are all eating an elfish yet so whatever but it definitely made me feel great that I didn't I didn't have anxiety or that didn't feel ashamed to eat in front of people because it's something that I really don't like but it's I feel like

that is slowly going away so I'm super happy about that so yeah short video guys I don't know how did yeah it's like four minutes I don't know I don't have my glasses but hope you guys like this video through the four minutes when it's going to be done below and yeah okay like this video subscribe see you tomorrow