10 October 2019

Eating ONLY Our Favourite Food for 72 Hours! | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 7

In this episode, John, Chiara, Jeslene and Mandon attempt to eat only their favourite food for 72 hours. Watch till the end to see if their favourite food still remains ...

myself a lot to leave beautiful

I write one of them one of the things in the most three my lunchtime is like tide rises oh yeah a writer issue it is what it rises in only eat a couple of things every day for lunch shuttle fans black hair Kate all the duck rang seem like they ask you to [Music] could be my favorite food I just ended everything at Chinatown 10500 please go I think I found it are they I found it I think I'm writing about my wallet going to die I'm gonna practice all the $10 there so my so happy is this challenge made you see today I'm gonna try out this from me started like a long bow moon I'm aware of interest I don't like to try out us boss but I guess I have no choice okay we were trying to finish this rambling in my s fast as possible I've got an opinion or and see what I can do it that's not what he's planning right now but preventable chewiness is impossible ready for my key you can see this is a cheese sauce so it's kind of always a cream sauce not cheese sauce where's Karthik they ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine

okay co-star is now trying to buy dinner Nokia must be here by so out is it Hong Kong Rose me which is one of my favorite share of fun stalls [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] I realized I have to celebrate my sister's ability I thought you know and this is my do not believe I'm home so I am in this summary and salmon manned by go nuclear [Music] ladies and gentlemen salmon meant I call your key I've saved God bless your key me so I went for something more specialty it is called like chicken Chasseur ramen and I'm already had transfer from chicken before by loops quite dobra clean empty again we are at a fury which is like one of the best practice in Japan are I haven't come to moon on the try before I hope that it will be good in Singapore just like in Japan if they to again and guess what I'm eating for meetings so I have finished my ramen already this is SMPS

he gets laughs all right now after you drugged the top and therefore cocoa and then it stayed a creamy environment from the ramen stall according to this TSL article if a past ship European food you can get for super cheap and this is a new kiddy party I hope I learned butcher the name I love this channel so much mmm I'm gonna try this on the deepest oh no you don't know that so I'm checking with destiny my favorite article if we resurface I say Allen's house our services my favorite biotics is one job oh my favorite it was quite long in the kitchen but I managed to do something like this that's how it is I think one thing that did wrong was that cook that was for too long ready to become way too soggy yeah how many perfect she says a big loss um he said but maybe he like I do the rocky he was on between the every scene oh my goodness show us okay this is a tower of gnocchi for individual packs for my followers assemble manuel quirós [Music] so really import

they're gone kid [Music] [Applause] honestly the only thing that is spending me right now are these cheese tax off and then intense copyrights lunch I decide to be fancy new yorky yay whoo not a bit she looks pretty good by coming to eat something else like so my food is finally here it looks like this it's a cube inside small box and then the rest of it is the ramen nicely this is so cool where they separate the noodles and orderly off with the soup and a bottle hmm honest here I can tomorrow I was I see what these are after in my mansion what it go Emma is good give you a look at my new key that this is not about my face is not a face ramen here see I have finished my entire above the words and O'Malley already so I can do to Saturn and are above [Music] Goku and I'm so good at my last shower all fine meals for the week and we've got a man envy for three years I ever had my dinner is ready 11:36 p.m. I'm not gonna have for me

have a game between next couple years probably is goodbye nobody too much and not when you eat every single day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] after my first new eye the movement across my lead I immediately be great by the next day I love my favorite food you so much right they I have bought born to outside of the challenge I also bought ramen softer challenger the mysteries of I'm with my sponsor doing - charity oh I will I now blow Joshua's oh so and i put the cha she said even do i died she said to me oh so to sue caraway yeah like before [Music] probably is not food anymore I cannot I cannot look at for me the same way yes yes I can have it now if they it become like favorite plus you know that you need to pay extra subscription to like I love this picture unlock all the sleeve you tell me tell me like this what I've been wanting panda actually not and I feel that I having variety here are you made sure it's not only for this man I always say oh my gosh I can

eat it forever okay yeah I mean it forever but not consecutively every day every meal from the run store that I don't really like you all the time not something after all Devastator like no no no no no no no for me we meet again I'm requesting I'm sorry okay I'm sorry thank you for joining this episode of said if you are challenged if you like this video it was odd this over there and don't forget to Like share subscribe and leave in the comments below what your favorite food is [Music]