05 June 2019

Eating like FREELEE the VEGAN for day (but i love meat so this is a big yikes)

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oh okay so I think freely because she

has won two most drastic vegan diets I've ever seen in my entire life and I thought it would be really interesting to try it show it pros cons you know um I ate about 10 to sustain in one meal my favorite nutritionist on YouTube IV sharp did a video about how much sugar freely consumes in a day she's getting nine hundred and forty seven calories 230 grams of carbs and 178 grams of sugar no no no no freely don't do it so if extra free least diet because she has one of the most drastic vegan diets I've ever seen while still at the same time having one of the best bodies I've ever seen one of the most fit and like muscular so it thought it was very interesting to try to do this and see how I felt because this is drastically different from anything I ever eat I have never in my life I don't think consumed so much sugar even natural sugar in one sitting I mean I might be wrong like if you find something I'm eating candy online like yeah it's probably done it but I don't generally have this would jerk in a day and I'm pretty nervous I'm not gonna lie I think as a society we've been sort of conditioned to be a little bit afraid of

carbs and sugar so I understand her whole argument about not being afraid of them um but at the same time I then saw some videos of some people that have follow the freelee's diet that ended up getting gaining more weight while they were trying to lose weight I just watched through these video this morning I have nothing to wear cuz none of my clothes fit II I would call freely one of the most and see her advocates for veganism she really cares about the animals to an extent that most people can't fathom even the only way I can really understand veganism is if I look at my dog mochi and think of him like what I eat him know so why am i eating other animals I don't know um but then conversely on YouTube it's so fun to like watch YouTube because you see a lot of different ways of living and I think that's why I'm like trying this today because not only is there freely hooves ever never eats meat or anything and really believes in animals but there's also like this whole subset of youtubers now that's like carnivores and they only eat meat and raw meat like raw liver raw brain raw blood like I don't know I I'm

not trying that die ever in my life okay goodbye the one thing about Philly's die at that I don't think people will kind of drive me for not doing exactly is that um she lives in a tropical climate where it's easy for her to get a lot of these fruit sitting now she's even moved to the jungle I live in northern England okay there are no things growing here so all of these fruits are imported so does that change in the nutritional value of them I think so okay hi so I just got back from the shop you guys want a bit of real life you know cuz I make everything look so aesthetic but the truth is now my house is a mess at all times now I'm going to show you the stuff I got to eat for freely to eat for freely what so when you put groceries who were called add stuff I spent 14 pounds should you like freely for a day but I think the food will last me longer my review on as the bag described that's my review oh no get those duck periods out of here freely is actually the one that taught me that eggs were actually periods of animals I don't know I really don't understand I've got three bananas at home that are

kind of rotting already but freely would actually eat these I think because she says the more Brown there is on them the better they are for you and I saw one sketchy Instagram post that said that the brown parts actually prevent from cancer so since Instagram is a very verifiable and correct source I'm gonna go ahead and believe that so for fourteen pounds this is what your sweet potato wedge got mangoes package mangoes because they were out of regular tomatoes for tomato soup looks like a pretty simple tomato soup recipe and bananas sugar and potatoes now I thought these potatoes were for a few days they're just for one day okay so before we start making the banana smoothie I thought I would chitchat with you guys about me and like veganism etc etc so I was born in Bulgaria which is a small country right next to Greece and my grandparents actually lived on kind of like farms like they had cows and chickens and lambs and I kind of grew up around that I think we celebrated the fact that animals could give us sustenance like food my great-grandparents lived only off like their farm animal food like the milk

from the cows and the eggs from the chickens and things like that and the honey from the honey bee person I don't know the beekeeper misfire like why can't I think I know him by his first name I don't call him the beekeeper but that's kind of like I grew up around me and loving animals but also knowing that they are food kind of I don't know does that make sense like I'm trying to explain like why I eat me and like culturally I think you were kind of conditioned sorry what is this noise culturally we're kind of conditioned to eat me you know like for celebration is we would like roast lamb and Bulgaria and like take pictures next to of it and then like are the boys would go like hunting and they would catch like a wild boar or like which is kind of like a wild pig and then the women would cook that and we'd have that for dinner and then you know so it's kind of like ingrained in my culture a little bit to eat meat that's why I think I'm gonna title this video meat lover eats like freely the vegan for a day because it's like such a contrasting difference between the way I was taught to eat and how freely talks about it I got a Smeg

blender because every time I watch like an aesthetic British or like australian youtuber they always use these nice ass blenders and I've always wanted one and now that I YouTube and I'm gonna make videos every Monday Wednesday Friday I decided a little motivation [Music] so I took my new little baby for its first day at work today I had to blend up some bananas not really a hard job but I thought I would start him out easy he needs a name so freely eats ten bananas smoothie for breakfast what's a ton of banana smoothie it's ten bananas and water for breakfast that's it nothing special smells really like bananas yeah I guess I literally couldn't think of anything smarter to say so I sat down and I started on my quest to drink an entire blenders worth of bananas and water I've never even had like just plain banana juice so I sat down and started to consume an entire blender worth of bananas and water now I would normally only eat one banana in one sitting I've never eaten two bananas I don't even like bananas that much especially not warm bananas you can see my face getting

progressively more and more upset as I'm sitting here and trying to finish this I feel heavy so now it's time to go do my workout I do something called bar which contrary to what you may think does not serve any drinks there especially not any alcoholic ones it's basically like this ballerina type dance muscle workout thing that I try to demonstrate here well I was gravy was the best bar I've ever seen guys my new super cute gym clothes they're sponsored from fabletics I don't really get how their set works before but now that I figured it out I've realized all their clothes are so affordable and like really good price you can get two pairs of leggings for $24 so let me just explain to you how it works because I'm dumb and I didn't get it and um let me help a sister out so what you do is you click the link down in the bio and you can take like this little quiz it's really short it's like a few questions don't worry it's not like that dramatic where you basically tell them your aesthetic in your vibe I like to wear my athletic wear not only to like Pilates and barre class and spin class but also like just out and about I like to work with my bag and my slip-on

yikes Krispy someone really needs a pedicure it's not me it's you I just think it's cute it's very relaxed so that's how I like to dress so though we're commence trip for you and if you become the VIP member everything on their website 50% off I know that's my face - if you're not ready to become a VIP member wait you can do is you can put in your email and then they'll email you stuff that I think you'll like and exclusive discounts - like if you're not ready yet but you might be if you like see a piece that you really like you can do that I'm gonna show you all my favorite stuff that I got today and if you want it I'll link it down in the description but if you do want it grab it right away because I know their stuff sells out really quickly like I went back to get another pair of these same leggings and like they were sold out so if you want something get it okay really quick the whole maybe I should let you see the ball so I would like to call this first outfit the lay walnuts outfit it's cute it's comfortable I can move in it it covers all my flops mops and I really like it this next one is called the I am

definitely not on my period outfit it's all white it holds me in holds the chimichangas in very nicely I even decided to show you guys a squat test because I was not letting any company get away without a proper squat test white leggings are the heart is to do a squat chest on and a pass so congratulations fabletics you have not won my random good dance skills the next thing I like is this convertible thing that transforms into so many things and I love transformers so this is wonderful for me the first thing you can do with it is just drape it around like a regular scarf but no one likes regular things right the next thing you can do is make it like an infinity scarf around your neck in case only your neck is cold but not your thing you can do with it is make into like a poncho situation which i think is really cute and like classy and it's like oh I'm gonna go have white wine at the beach after I just went on the run the next outfit is called the I'm blue da da dee da da da da da it's cute it's comfy I think it's really relaxed and it's like a cute Bob I look so put together this is so fake what is this my final outfit is called I'm a

cute sugar baby / housewife who goes on runs but doesn't actually sweat and is always ready for an afternoon rosae at the golf club I hope you like it thanks bye check it out or Svetlana will come and get your husband and become a housewife with him bye so thanks so much chief athletics for sponsoring this video and telling me that they're actually really affordable I just have to use their website correctly check it out link in the description leave a comment down below if you have any questions I'll help you out I hope I help a girl out or a boy or a dog or sheep or an alien anybody you can be anyone and where they've closed so when I got back from my worker class it was time for six mangoes um surprisingly I fell great I felt wonderful I thought all the carbs would make me feel sick but fruit carbs are not the same as like sugar carbs I actually thought really wonderful there was only one small problem this happened every 20 minutes surprisingly I had no trouble eating six mangos which is approximately the size of one small baby so now I'm worried about the fact that I can potentially eat an entire baby hey

Tina so for dinner I embarked on my quest to peel 1.5 kilograms of potatoes which is about three pounds now I don't know about you but I don't think I've ever eaten 3 pounds of potatoes in one sitting but I wouldn't put it past me because potatoes are my favourite fruit I love them so much I could eat them any fresh aim free perform so I didn't have my doubts about really being able to eat this much food until we got to dinnertime and this was a quantity I was supposed to be eating alongside soup I'm really really the potato girl she does not eat this I don't believe it anymore this is like everything was fine up until we got to this potato part no this is when I stopped believing it sorry freely to make the soup which is just Tomatoes canned tomatoes Italian seasoning and sugar now I'm really not quite good at making soup yet it's one of my like weak suits in the kitchen unlike everything else which is my strong suit obviously I'm the best chef probably on YouTube making the soup wasn't too difficult it was just four ingredients and then you had to blend it but only upside down I burnt some of the potatoes because with a no

oil it's so hard [Music] this looks like a normal portion right some chips french fries and some tomato soup well that's just a quarter of half of it so honestly I'm really happy with the sooner it's something my grandma would give me so I'm really excited to eat this soup with the fork oh my god I didn't guess no the soup was pretty interesting tasting I don't think I got the measurements quite correctly however I did almost finish all of the pounds of potatoes which is actually quite shocking and I didn't really feel sick which is actually a bigger upset to youtube then when James came back with his receipts video and all the taught he stands we're now shocked shook didn't shaken so overall I'm highly like that I'm stuttering because they cannot believe that this diet actually I feel great I feel fine I didn't wake up loaded the next day the only thing I have issue with is like how is it possible to eat 3,000 plus calories and not gain weight because from everything I've learned from science calories are the most important measure of like a person's weight although there are a lot

of other factors so I'm actually kind of confused if you guys have any explanation for this please let me know down in the comments let me know whose diet you want me to try next you're welcome and box [Music]