08 August 2018

Eating Healthy on a Budget The Plant Paradox Way


making a balance plant paradox approved meal doesn't have to be a lot of work and it doesn't mean buying tons of ingredients either in fact some of my favorite meals are super affordable and require less than five ingredients to make now I'm going to keep this video brief so I'm just going to give you an overview of each of these recipes but make sure to check out the description below for links to the complete recipes miracle noodles with pesto and broccoli this one's got just four ingredients but that doesn't mean it's boring in fact it's big on health and flavor all you need is some olive oil broccoli florets miracle noodles basil pesto and when combined you've got a filling meal loaded in some of the healthiest ingredients in the world not your cup of tea how about stir-fry shrimp with bok choy if you're a Chinese food lover this one's for you it's got the flavors of a classic stir-fry with none of the lectin heavy ingredients and with just five ingredients it's perfectly filling on its own but delicious over cauliflower rice as well all you need is some wild

shrimp sesame oil ginger garlic bok choy and it's another fast cooker ten minutes or less mmm how about a French omelet and salad when I travelled in France I noticed something eggs were served as much at lunch as at breakfast if not more and it makes sense eggs are filling their flavorful and they cook fast in fact a good omelet is one of my favorite weeknight dinners especially after a busy day on call and I'll tell you chefs that I know who are James Beard Award winners go for an omelet at night when they go home because it's so good so quick and so easy so all you need is omega 3 eggs or stirred eggs extra-virgin olive oil some arugula balsamic vinegar and sea salt nothing complements a rich omelet like a teeny slightly bitter salad I think you'll enjoy how simple this is to make any time of the day or night and who can resist my portobello mushroom pizza from the plant paradox this simple recipe is in my book and it's the perfect non pizza for those nights when you just crave pizza all you need is portobello mushroom caps some pesto olive oil buffalo mozzarella and some prosciutto I love that it cooks in less than 20

minutes and it's got the right balance of creaminess and saltiness to curve those pizza cravings plus it's just plain delicious if you want to see me make the portobello mushroom pizza from start to finish be sure to check out my full video in the description how about baked sweet potato with garlic and kale sweet potatoes are one of the more affordable options of resistant starches on the plant paradox plan and a small baked potato stuff with flavorful vegetables is an absolutely satisfying meal now all you need is a small sweet potato please don't buy a giant one you'll be baking it for half the day some olive oil kale garlic and sea salt just remember some of the sweet potatoes in the market today are huge so pick one that's about 6 ounces maximum or just cut the larger one in half and you'll serve to that's it 5 recipes each with 5 ingredients or fewer that cook fast so the next time you find yourself thinking I don't have time to eat healthy or I can't afford to eat healthy come back to one of these simple delicious meals your gut and your bank account well thank you and thank you for watching because I'm

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